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    Nat Quinn
    Children Don’t need Covid vaccines
    The DOHs decision to make Covid vaccines available to children aged 5 to 11 is absolutely shocking, given that
    1)Covid is over
    2) these jabs are ineffective against a highly mutated strain, Omicron
    3) the current strain is mild but highly infectious, needing no intervention
    4) 90% of the children have natural immunity
    5) There is a high risk of myocarditis in children taking these vaccines based on a study in Thailand
    6) children have a 100% recovery rate with no hospitalisation or complications from Covid
    7) One has to jab 220,000 individuals to avoid one hospital admission,
    8) there is excellent treatments for covid and its complications
    9) These jabs are not fully tested especially for children
    9) Proper informed consent is not being done at vsccination sites, many of which, are not properly equipped for adverse events
    10) The jab results in an autoimmune response in the organs, so they are not safe for children with an autoimmune disorder
    11) Children with a compromised immune system will not be able to produce adequate immunity to the jab
    12) Leading infectious disease specialists, like , Dr Paul Offit, have come out in the open saying that they refuse to give their children boosters because of the risk of myocarditis
    12) WHO scientist, paediatrician, Dr Somaya Swaminathan said that there is no data that healthy children need to be vaccinated
    13) the jab can and does lead to VAIDS
    14) There is no compensation for jab victims if patients can’t prove cause.
    15) The contents of vaccines have not been divulged by the manufacturers
    15) Independent researchers from many laboratories have discovered that the vials contain graphene oxide and lipid nanoparticles, both of which are highly toxic
    16) The vaccine spreads throughout the body and leads to and autoimmunity reaction wherever the spike lands
    17) the antibodies for these vaccines is almost zero after 8 months, requiring boosters every three months
    18) repeated boosters can lead to immune fatigue and render individuals incapable of protecting themselves from common infections like shingles
    19) in females the Vaccines often land in the ovaries and can cause menstrual irregularities and render them fertile.
    20) Pfizer admitted that only 50% of their vials have the intact mRNA vaccine, meaning that 50% of the people receiving the jab, are receiving a dud, toxic jab
    21) The CEO of the CDC stated that the vaccinated and those with natural immunity are equally protected
    22) both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated can spread the virus equally, according to the CEO of the CDC
    23) The spokesperson for pfizer admitted to the EU parliament did not test the jab for transference because they were traveling at the “speed of science”(sic).
    24) Fauci admitted recently, after insisting on masking and boosters that the current mRNA vaccines did not give lasting protection
    25) The Joint Committee for Vaccine Intervention (UK) strongly recommended that children not be given the covid Vaccine because of the low complications and high level of natural immunity.
    Whilst these vaccines/jabs are being made available there must be full disclosure about the benefits, side effects and the right to refuse, in accordance with the Bill of rights of South Africa, the NUREMBERG code and children’s rights act.
    After all that we know about these vaccines, the question is what is the rationale for Dr Nicholas Crisp to promote these vaccines for children 5-11.
    It is sincerely hoped that common sense will prevail and if it doesn’t, parents will ensure that they make the right decision to protect their children.
    Dr E V Rapiti
    Cape Town
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