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CW.329.VIKING BOER – CHINA WATCH –CHINA Collapses – Snow Storm


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    CW.329.VIKING BOER – CHINA WATCH –CHINA Collapses – Snow Storm
    CHINA Collapses! Streets Frozen, Snow Storm, Strong Winds Hit Heilongjiang | Natural Disasters

    Dec 1, 2023 HOA KỲ
    CHINA Collapses! Streets Frozen, Snow Storm, Strong Winds Hit Heilongjiang | Natural Disasters

    As China grapples with an extraordinary cold snap, temperatures are plummeting below minus 50 degrees Celsius, marking a historic low in the nation’s climatic records.
    This natural disasters is not just a meteorological anomaly but a stark reminder of the extreme weather patterns that can arise.
    Mohe, often referred to as China’s “North Pole Town,” finds itself at the epicenter of this natural disasters, grappling with the fierce embrace of super-strong polar air.
    In Heilongjiang province, the northernmost part of China, the early winter season intensifies, bearing the full brunt of this natural disasters.
    Daily life and transportation, particularly in cities like Harbin, are in disarray due to this natural disasters.
    The China Meteorological Administration has issued warnings that the northeast region will endure sub-zero temperatures this week, a testament to the eastward and southward movement of this chilling natural disasters.
    In an astonishing display of the cold’s severity, a piece of A4 paper turns rigid in seconds, sharp enough to slice through a banana, a vivid illustration of this natural disasters might.
    Shandong province, too, witnesses an unusual natural disasters with heavy snowfall blanketing the region.
    Tourists and locals are advised to take extreme caution, as this natural disasters reduces visibility, heightening the risk of traffic accidents.
    This natural disasters has unleashed its first major snowstorm of the year, disrupting flights, halting trains, and shutting down schools and roads across northeastern China.
    Regions in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, and Jilin are bracing for over 30 cm of snow, a clear indication of this natural disasters intensity.
    The juxtaposition of clear skies and heavy snowfall is expected to lead to a drastic temperature drop, a unique characteristic of this natural disasters.
    CHINA is paralyzed! Snow Storm Freezes Cities, Traffic Jams, Schools Closed, Beijing is chaotic

    Dec 15, 2023 HOA KỲ
    CHINA is paralyzed! Snow Storm Freezes Cities, Traffic Jams, Schools Closed, Beijing is chaotic

    In the heart of winter 2023, Beijing witnessed a mesmerizing transformation on December 11th.
    As night enveloped the city, it became a stage for a captivating performance of nature’s might – a continuous cascade of snowflakes heralding the season’s first major snowfall.
    This event was not just a climatic shift, but a powerful reminder of the unpredictable nature of natural disasters.
    As the first light of dawn pierced the sky, it revealed a breathtaking scene.
    Beijing, cloaked in pristine white, resembled a scene from a fairytale. The Forbidden City, an emblem of historical grandeur, now donned a snowy attire, enhancing its majestic allure.
    This natural spectacle, a rare occurrence in the bustling metropolis, was not just a visual feast but also an exhibition of the awe-inspiring power of natural disasters.
    Citizens, enamored by the beauty, thronged to witness and capture this enchanting moment.
    The snow-covered Forbidden City stood as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature’s fury and beauty, a balance often disrupted by natural disasters.
    However, this beautiful veneer belied the challenges wrought by such natural events.
    The early onset of winter in Beijing brought with it not just a drop in temperature but also a significant alteration in daily life, a stark reminder of how natural disasters can swiftly change our reality.
    Monday’s heavy snowfall, a direct consequence of these natural disasters, resulted in widespread disruptions.
    Roads were blanketed in snow, public transport ground to a halt, affecting not only Beijing but also other regions in China.

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