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    Nat Quinn
    B r e g g i n Alerts

    Update: Peter R. Breggin MD and Family Survive COVID

    A Very Personal Account of One Family’s Battle With the COVID Bioweapon

    On April 11, 2023, Ginger Ross Breggin recorded a very personal account of her family’s battle with COVID. This special episode aired on America Out Loud, The Pulse, Thursday, April 13, 2023. Readers can listen to this special here.

    UPDATE: On April 11, 2023, Dr. Peter Breggin came home following five days in the hospital during which he was being treated for COVID pneumonia. In the last 40 years, the only time I have seen my husband look elderly or vulnerable was while he was sick with fever and pneumonia during his hospitalization.

    Even then, he was often the center of engagement, vitality, and good humor in a busy room.

    Living with my husband is an extraordinary experience filled with wisdom, intelligence, incisive analysis, synthesis, amazing insights and principled evaluations of our fields of interest. His heroic dedication, persistence and genius for identifying core issues threatening human dignity, human freedoms and threatening the most vulnerable among us is renowned. Dr. Breggin has testified over 100 times in court as a medical legal expert on behalf of vulnerable and injured adults and children.

    Dr. Breggin has been celebrated as The Conscience of Psychiatry for decades. As COVID and totalitarianism descended upon the world, I became aware that my husband has indeed been at the vanguard of fighting early experiments in transhumanism, eugenics, euthanasia, and medical totalitarianism all of his adult life often taking on the CIA, DOD, NIH and other agents and agencies of the Deep State both in the United States and internationally. His record of stopping oppressive government programs in psychiatry, psychosurgery, eugenics, racism, and transhumanism is unparalleled.

    Now home, Dr. Breggin is regaining his strength and vigor daily. He continues convalescing and experiencing improvement but is not yet able to resume his patient practice, his medical/legal practice, or his radio and TV shows and other media commitments. Everyone around him is working hard to slow him down. He continues to consult with a team of world class COVID physicians.

    We deeply appreciate all the prayers and concern and outpouring of love we are receiving. I am so grateful to have my family together again here in our home. My mother is fully recovered, and I am recovering and am so happy to be able to be able to care for my mother and for my husband. Every day is a miracle.

    We must now respond to the $25 million lawsuit brought by Robert Malone, MD which Malone waited for months to serve on Dr. Breggin after it was announced that he was seriously ill. For the first time in Dr. Breggin’s more than 68 years of medical and psychiatric reform work, Dr. Breggin is asking for financial donations to both defend himself and his wife and to further human freedom.

    The Official GiveSendGo Fundraising page for Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin.


    Dr. Breggin has never maligned anyone and has never before been accused of it. As a physician, scientist, scholar, medical legal expert, journal founder and journal editor, and journalist Dr. Breggin’s commitment to accuracy, human freedom, and truth is legendary. Dr. Malone’s eight-month-long threats against Dr. Breggin’s freedom of speech and financial security are a threat to everyone’s freedom of speech and financial security.

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