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    Nat Quinn
    “The Whites of South Africa today may have the guts and they may be willing to go to war, but they have it all wrong. They think they would be going up against a conventional enemy in a fair fight where the rules would apply as expected in conventional warfare. Unfortunately this is not the case and they would be killed like flies, unless they learn to understand and adapt accordingly to meet the requirements for this challenge.
    Africans do not abide by rules; they do not fight conventional warfare. In a fight whites would take a gun and shoot their enemy, but Africans do not, they surprise you in an ambush, they then tie you up, then they rape your wife and daughters many, many times over-and-over in-front of your eyes and then they slowly trample and kick and hit them to death, then they start stabbing them, over-and-over again-and-again then they rape and sodomise them again while they’re bleeding and screaming themselves to death, then they would string your beautiful young daughter up against a wall, by her feet and slit open her stomach and pull out her gut alive, then while they are dying they start hitting you with knob-kieries and sticks, then they would stone you then they would stab you and cut you open with knives, then they would rape you, sodomise you while you’re dying then they would chop you up alive with pangas and then if they feel like it they would shoot you in the knees and then in the hips after they had kicked you and jumped on you and then they leave you and your family to die a slow and horrible death. To round it off they would cut out your heart and liver, sometimes even while you’re alive and have it for dinner. This is not a fair fight, this is not a simple gunfight or one-on-one hand-to-hand combat. They are like pack-animals, they never come one-by-one, because they are too cowardly for that, they are a gutless breed that always come in numbers in packs like wild dogs, which is not a fair fight. They will break you, they will devour your soul, they will break your spirit. They would catch one of you, pull a tyre over your shoulders, fill it with petrol and light you up so that all your soldier friends can watch you being burned to death and make sure everyone can and hear you screaming for help and pleading for mercy. They are not your standard proud conventional enemy; they do not have rules, while you do. They do not have remorse, while you do. They are inhumane and do not have a conscience, while you do. They are rapists by nature and you are not, they are cannibals by nature and you are not … That is why the largely Christian convert white South Africans would lose it in a straight-forward fight against Africans.
    Every murderer admits that only their first murder was a challenge, but once they had crossed that obstacle of the initial murder, it is easy to kill again and again and again.
    Moral whites do not have the ability to fight the Africans according to their own rules, because their conscience and religious convictions would not allow them to do so. Whites would be fools for thinking they would be fighting a fair fight. They think that by going to a shooting range and shooting at stationary targets, being fit and learning about conventional warfare they would be well trained, ready and prepared to face this enemy in a fair fight. Unfortunately this is not a fair fight, it has never been a fair fight and it never will be a fair fight.
    If you want to fight, first study your enemy, study the way he thinks, understand his behaviour and his survival mechanisms, but never underestimate your enemy and least of all never go up against an enemy that does not fight according to the rules you expect him to follow, because you will lose.”
    source:Lufuno Funey Gogoro, Azanian Freedom Fighter.
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