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    Nat Quinn
    A few remarks by Dr. Michael Yeadon:
    1. It’s FAKE. It’s immunologically impossible to have a pandemic of a severe respiratory illness. If you accept the disease model they’re using, then the more severe the illness, the more quickly the infected person, if they’re susceptible, becomes symptomatic. It’s only then that the person might transmit to other susceptible person, but by then, they’re sick and at home. Not mixing with others. Chain terminated. Drops R naught.
    By contrast, common cold type illnesses can whizz around the world & nobody cares.
    Which in part explains why we’ve never had a pandemic of a severe respiratory illness.
    Covid was faked at worst (my opinion, supported by the deaths epidemiology) and at the very least exaggerated.
    The 1918-19 “Spanish Flu” was also grossly exaggerated. The numbers who perished were far fewer than are now claimed. Contemporaneous documents just a few years later don’t even mention it. Not consistent with “the worst pandemic since medieval times”.
    2. I know of no conceivable respiratory pathogen that preferentially makes “young people” ill, not the frail elderly. Sure, there are some illnesses that are particularly cruel on tiny babies and frail tots. Young adults are like cockroaches when it comes to respiratory illnesses. I don’t believe the frail elderly could be spared and there are ALWAYS way more frail in the elderly population than in the young and fit (immunocompetent) population.
    The entire scenario is FAKE
    Now, it’s their money, if they want to simulate bizarre, unlikely-to-implausible scenarios. But let’s not kid ourselves. Gates is a thoroughly evil person who’s dedicated a substantial chunk of his life making other people’s lives between difficult & hell, and killing off a fair few while he was at it. He has no redeeming qualities. If he was a slip in the shower and brain himself on the bath taps, the world would be better off from that moment.
    These events serve several purposes, I believe:
    3. It signals to his fraudulent pandemic partners that they’re going to do this whole charade again. Even if covid-19 was exactly as per the mendacious narrative, what are the chances that we’d have another one, even before the present “pandemic” is petering out? It’s so implausible that I don’t understand why masses even of non-experts aren’t saying “Hang on a minute…”.
    I’ve read that mass murderers in the mould of the perpetrators feel obligated to warn their victims about what their intentions are. Georgia Guidestones is one example. “Event 201” (2019) is another. Fauci’s absurd statements, on camera, that the Trump administration would definitely face an infectious disease crisis. The long list of military / academic / NGOs & philanthropic contributors to the many pandemic simulations that have been run out of the US since the late-1990s.
    Gates’ personal warning, again on camera, while sitting next to Melinda Gates, to the effect “the next pandemic, they’ll notice that for sure” (followed by both of them giving a smug look). Finally, Gates again telling us what we had to have in place “ahead of the pandemic 2; I call this one pandemic 1…”
    You don’t need to be Inspector Morse to regard this pattern of behavior as strongly indicative of very worrying intentions.

    4. We’re not going to be given any respite. Recognize things are never going back to the old normal. They don’t need to go to hell in a handcart, but they certainly will if most people who realise that crooks have taken over the world choose to look the other way, as soon as the leading edge of “the next pandemic” arrives.

    Please: I ask you to recognise from your heart that your reactions, attitudes, what you say and do, and more importantly, what you won’t do, that’s going to govern how this turns out.
    I’m a mild-mannered person. But I tell you this: for some rare individuals, a Mussolini-style fate would evoke an involuntary cheer.
    Best wishes


    Dr. Michael Yeadon: They’re at It Again. Planning a FAKE Pandemic. Enabled by Untrustworthy PCR (substack.com)

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