Farm attack Lammermoor Mudersdrift, what really happened, I was there

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    Nat Quinn

    Three guys attacked me in my house.

    I woke up on the couch and they were already past my security gate.

    I went to the window and knock and hid behind a piece of curtain, the idiot put his face right up and I smashed the window almost grabbing him as I felt his shirt and saw the gun, I went to the hallway and switched all the lights off, they started vigorously beating the door.

    I waited, had nothing in my house, in storage only been living there 2 months.

    As soon as the 1st guys stepped through their hole, I rushed him and grabbed the gun.

    We wrestled for it and he head butted me with the top of his head and hew went down and I had the gun, I tried it on him and klik klik, then I cocked it and tried it on the 2nd guy just stepped in the door and klik klik, I panicked and couldn’t realize it’s empty.

    I wrestled 2x of them in my lounge and after 4 shots of a crowbar to the head I had the gun again and tried it again and klik klik, the 2nd guy at this time hit me 4 more times on the head and I saw gap and ran to my room where I could have them 1 on 1 in the doorway again and buy more time. I closed the door behind me and heard them suffering as they took tv laptop and imac….3rd guys was in and out the door the whole time just waiting.

    When I came out they were gone and called for help on a security group in the area.

    Muldersdrift police 1st on scene and felt relieved when a weapon for the good guys was on scene, ambulance er24 from fourways life excellent guys who took good care of me.

    OliveDale netcare for stapling my head up.

    Thanks you for allowing me to share my story. And I feel for anyone who had to find their loved ones, head smashed in on the floor… pure evil.

    3x attackers, young at least 10years younger than me, I’m 36.


    Stay safe out there, I placed myself in a k*k situation and lucky to be alive, as are my 3x attackers, they were rookies and I wanted so bad for the gun to work…


    Lessons learnt….


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