Farm attack

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    Nat Quinn

    Farm attack

    Report as received:

    Bishiopstowe farm area Pietermaritzburg.

    Security Info
    E18 (Tom Walker) had intruders in the yard around 03:00 alerted by sensors.
    He went out to investigate.
    He got close to where the fence had been cut where after he was shot at multiple times.
    He received a gunshot wound to the upper thigh.  Assistance was called for by Paula, neighbours and CWP security responded.
    Tom is stable and awaiting further medical treatment at hospital.

    Ambo took around 40min to arrive on scene from the 1st call. This is consistent with the response times we’ve had in the past.
    Go for medical training and make sure your kit is stocked.

    Thanks to the UAA members from afar for assisting by calling ambo and SAPS. Thanks to the guys who responded from far to assist with the search.

    Check your radios!
    2 mayday calls were transmitted with only 2 local farmers responding quickly.

    Do not go outside to investigate. Call and wait for security and your neighbours.

    I hope that this does not happen again, but recent history tells us to be sharp in the next few weeks.

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