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Farm attacks and murders on the rise – ‘TLU SA supports Firearms Guardian initiative’

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    Nat Quinn

    With farm attacks and murders on the rise and farmers increasingly reliant on themselves for their, their families’ and farm workers’ safety, now is the time to look to the benefits of Firearms Guardian – South Africa’s first legal insurance for legal firearms owners.

    “TLU SA fully supports this initiative and encourages our members to join it,” says Mr Henry Geldenhuys, TLU SA President.

    “We know that farmers are dependent on themselves to ensure their safety. We cannot rely on the police or the government. However, we also see how big the problems are that someone must deal with if he/she had to use a firearm. Firearms Guardian brings peace of mind and protects the law-abiding citizen if he/she had to use a weapon.”

    Firearms Guardian is the answer to questions such as:

    Have you ever wondered about the legal assistance you may need if you protect your and your family’s lives or your farm/property by using your firearm?
    Ever thought about what it would be like to have a team of skilled legal practitioners at your and your family’s disposal 24/7, day and night?

    The insurance protects you when you, as a licensed firearms owner, protect yourself and your family.

    Firearms Guardian is a unique short-term insurance package for firearms owners. It provides coverage against legal fees and liability claims arising from self-defence, shooting accidents, criminal prosecution, hunting trips gone awry, sports shooting accidents, and many more.


    Comprehensive legal and liability coverage for you and your family.
    Cover includes prosecution in case of self-defence with a firearm, prosecution brought in terms of the Firearms Control Act, the unplanned discharge of a firearm, hunting accidents, sport shooting, firearms training, civil claims in respect of the use of a firearm, and so much more.
    Legal assistance up to and including R300 000 per case / per claim.
    Liability covers up to and including R300 000 per year for damage caused using a firearm.
    Nationwide legal assistance by more than 2,500 leading lawyers and advocates (legal practitioners).
    Legal practitioners who are available 24 hours a day.
    Legal practitioners are employed in their field of expertise
    We only use practicing legal practitioners with more than 10 years’ experience – no paralegals.
    Legal representation in the Magistrate’s and High Court.
    You are entitled to legal advice from the start of your policy.
    A waiting period of three months applies to legal representation in the Court and liability claims.
    Matters and problems that already exist at the start of the policy are excluded.
    No excess or hidden costs if you claim, just the monthly premium.


    A Firearms Guardian policy provides protection to you as a licensed firearm owner and your family against costs in respect of legal assistance, which includes legal representation, as well as liability claims arising from your ownership, possession, and use of your licensed firearm.

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