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Farm Attacks: Most murder victims are above 60 and vulnerable

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    Nat Quinn

    The civil rights organisationĀ AfriForumĀ says most of the victims of farm murders are over 60 years old and physically vulnerable.


    In 2022, 62% of farm murder victims were male, compared to 28% of female victims. In most cases, female victims were either family members of farmers or farmworkers. Afriforum says these stats are according to theĀ South African Police Service.


    Johan NortjƩ, the researcher at AfriForum, says there is no decline in the brutality of farm murders and attacks. Image: AfroForum


    The oldest farm murder victim was 89 years old, and the youngest was only 17 years old.

    AfriForum says most victims (52%) are over 60, which supports the belief that victims of farm murders are more physically vulnerable.

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    The oldest murder victim was an 89-year-old woman, Elizabeth Lee, from the farm Breeland. A 15-year-old suspect bludgeoned her to death with a chair. He then hid in a cupboard.

    Rhudie Binta was only the youngest victim at 17 years old, and he was ā€œbrutally shot and killed on a Free State Farm in July with his mother and five other female victims.


    Farm murders victims vulnerable
    Framers in the Western Cape have been assisted with a crime dashboard to report incidents. Photo: @KoepelStereo / Twitter

    Of all farm murder victims, 38% are classified as farmers since they either followed this vocation or were retired while still living on their farms.

    Farmworkers comprised 20% (n=10) of all murder victims. Owners made up 8% of all cases. In 8% of cases, the occupation or profession of the murder victim could not be confirmed.


    Altogether 10, 40% of incidents involved only one victim, 43% involved two victims, and 12% of incidents three victims. Only 2% of incidents involved six and more victims.


    SOURCE:The eldest farm murder victim was aged 86 and vulnerable (thesouthafrican.com)

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