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    Nat Quinn

    Dr Malhotra is a conventionally trained practitioner (like myself) but
    sadly, failed to look beyond the obvious and penetrate the globalist-deployed deception which is allopathic medicine (artificial / pseudo-medicine) and was consequently deceived regarding the claimed Covid-19 pandemic. At the time (2020) when Dr Malhotra was propagating
    the Covid-19 narrative and encouraging people to take the covid
    injections, selling their claimed benefits, I was requesting information
    from the chief trial investigator and his team in this country (RSA)
    regarding the contents of the covid ‘vaccine’ vials and was also
    informing people that there is no evidence for the existence of a virus
    called Sars-CoV2 and that Covid-19 is a deception, a major strategic
    move towards global technocracy and transhumanism. I informed
    people that Covid-19 is a major move towards global totalitarianism
    and depopulation. I also published two letters calling for a stop to the
    rollout of the covid vaccination program. The first was published in
    January of 2021 and the second in August of that year. Sadly, millions
    have been killed and billions injured since the roll out began, Dr
    Malhotra’s father himself being a victim of these bioweapons. Unless
    people, and especially doctors, understand the dark forces at work in
    the world, their agenda, strategies and goals, many millions more, even
    billions, will be maimed and killed in the coming months and years.
    And I also informed people that the covid vaccines are not vaccines, but
    bioweapons of mass destruction developed to track, control, render ill
    and kill multitudes. I named them the ‘Mother of all Vaccines’ (MOAV).
    Contrast this with what most conventional doctors, including Dr
    Malhotra were telling people about these injections.
    Dr Faiez Kirsten 2022-09-27

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