In South Africa. Taking tremendous risks in a country where murder is seen as a solution rather than a crime.

Home Forums THE ATTACKS AND MURDERS ON OUR SOUTH AFRICAN FARMERS. In South Africa. Taking tremendous risks in a country where murder is seen as a solution rather than a crime.

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    Nat Quinn

    In South Africa. Taking tremendous risks in a country where murder is seen as a solution rather than a crime.

    In this extract from the easy to read 70 page book titled “Plaasmoorde The Killing Fields” – by Katie Hopkins. A policeman speaks out, as his part for doing the right thing, he said it is important to speak the truths of the South African police that nobody wants to talk about.

    He talks about instances where police weapons have been used in the farm attacks in exchange for a cut of the money, whether paid by the syndicate bosses or stolen from the white families.

    There still exists some good police men in South Africa, there are also a great many of corrupt officers willing to take money in exchange for weapons or for just turning a blind eye.

    He also explains how police officers will regularly provide a safe house for the money taken during “cash-in-transit heists (robberies) a crime epidemic in its own right and in which armored vehicles are hijacked, or security guards robbed while carrying cash to their vehicle. Clearly, therefore one of the last places victims will go to looking for assistance in such cases is to police officers; even reporting such crimes let alone expecting police to recover millions in stolen Rand (currency) is naïve. The policeman also details specific example where dockets and records have not just been lost, but destroyed on purpose.

    If he (the suspect) is a brother then he will be let go, he said and refers to the general climate of acceptance. When asked what it means to be a brother, whether that’s a phrase used to describe other black people, or others from the same community? He replied No a brother is being a supporter of the African National Congress (ANC) or the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). He reminds Katie that this is a problem which extends across black and white police officers; he trusts the high ranking white police officers least of all.

    It is a curious thing sitting listening to a gentleman telling you that the police are complicit in farm attacks. Katie continues to write … There are also truths that she does not want to necessarily hear. There is something soul destroying about hearing that the very people who are supposed to protect and safeguard them are the ones who are perpetuating the slaughter of whites on the ground. And there is something deeply troubling about listening to him tell me that the police are equipping farm attackers, especially when I have sat with victims who tell me that as soon as the attackers left , they phoned the police for help. The police are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    At the current rate of attrition there will be no more farmers in South Africa in 2 years.

    For the first time in modern history South Africa is an importer of food.

    The current economic situation confirms that South Africa is officially in recession, the agricultural sector in particular has shrunk by at least 24%. The figures are stark and are surely the inevitable consequence of the governments threat to enact land expropriation without compensation, on top of farm attacks happening on a weekly basis .

    Zimbabwe , formerly known as Rhodesia set an alarming precedent when Mugabe used the similar pattern of murdering white farmers and appropriating their land. Rhodesia was known as the breadbasket of Africa today homesteads have been ripped apart. Zimbabwe today has become dependent on foreign aid for food. History is about to repeat itself and this time in South Africa. Soon European and American leaders will be asked to send foreign aid to help South Africa feed itself. And the same leaders will no doubt comply, overlooking the fact that they sat on their hands and watched as farmers were brutally butchered from the land. No doubt Bob Geldof will organize another celebrity singsong!

    One thing has become very clear; Politicians and corrupt police officers are in bed with the farm attackers on the ground. They are creating the environment where they feel they have support for their murderous actions at worst providing weapons and stashing stolen cash.

    The 2 main political parties in South Africa supported by black South Africans are the African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) … they support the singing of their favourite anti-white racially enthused song titled “Kill the Boer, Kill the white man” at their political rallies and gatherings and in parliament recently Leader of the EFF, Julius Malema made a throat slitting gesture when he talked about removing whites from power.

    The ANC to the rest of the world might be the friendly happy smile and face of power in South Africa with a polite man wearing a smart suit for President, Cyril Ramaphosa who shakes hands of world leaders but… my view is the EFF are effectively the ANC’s terrorist arm. It is the ANC political party policy to pursue land expropriation without compensation but the incitement of hate-fuelled violence, retribution and revenge on the ground delivered by the dancing, chanting, singing leaders of the EFF.

    Removing whites from the land is seen as accepted policy and police can curry favour by facilitating attacks on the ground.

    When you talk to the Boer, the white South Africans about the future most shake their heads, unable to imagine one. Many talk about their willingness to make a final stand. Others are making plans.

    “All the Cruel and Brutal Things … Even genocide starts with the humiliation of one individual or one group of people.”

    Extract from the book “Plaasmoorde – The Killing Fields” – written by Katie Hopkins.

    Available on Line in Paperback at most good book retailers. Amazon

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