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    Nat Quinn

    Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge is a delectable treat that will remind you of your favorite ice cream flavor! This mint chocolate chip fudge is the perfect blend of mint and chocolate, with a creamy texture that makes a tasty treat.


    We all know that fudge is a luxurious treat no matter how you make it, but this Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge puts the rest to shame. Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge is absolutely delectable and will melt in your mouth. It doesn’t just taste amazing, it looks incredible too, with its exquisite minty green hue.

    This Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge is perfect for the holidays, whether that’s Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or both! Or just make it as a special treat for your friends and family throughout the year. However you make it, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

    Best of all, Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge is incredibly easy to mix up, with only 6 ingredients! So put down the ice cream scoop and tingle your tastebuds with this tasty Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge!


    • Chocolate chips – white chocolate chips
    • Sweetened condensed milk
    • Peppermint extract – or mint extract
    • Vanilla extract
    • Food coloring – gel-based green food coloring
    • Chocolate chips – mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge is easy to make, but you will need to pay close attention to the temperatures of your mixture. You want to make sure that your fudge mixture has cooled to room temperature before adding your mini chocolate chips. Heat will cause your mini chocolate chips to melt. Freezing your mini chocolate chips will also help them not to melt as you add them.

    This Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge recipe calls for mini chocolate chips. The mini part is important as regular-sized chocolate chips overcrowd the fudge. Feel free to substitute mini semi-sweet chocolate chips with mini dark chocolate chips, or Andes Baking Chips.

    A helpful tip to cut your Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge after chilling is to score a grid on top of your fudge before you put it in the refrigerator. Then use an extra sharp knife that you’ve dipped in water between slices to create clean cuts as you serve this delightful dessert.


    FIRST STEP: Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and set aside.

    SECOND STEP: Place mini chocolate chips in the freezer to chill while preparing other ingredients.

    THIRD STEP: Place the white chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in a microwave-safe bowl.

    FOURTH STEP: Heat mixture, 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each interval. Heat for a total of 1½ minutes.

    FIFTH STEP: Stir until the chocolate is completely melted.

    SIXTH STEP: Stir in extracts and food coloring. Stir until the color is uniform.

    SEVENTH STEP: Set fudge mixture aside, stirring every 5 minutes, until room temperature. The mixture may begin to crust over the top as it cools but will stir back into a smooth mixture. Cool until you can no longer feel any warmth whatsoever in the fudge, about 20 minutes.

    EIGHTH STEP: When the fudge mixture is cool, quickly fold in most of the semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, reserving a couple of tablespoons to sprinkle over the top. Fold the mixture just enough to distribute the chocolate chips and then immediately pour it into the prepared loaf pan. Sprinkle the reserved chips over the top.

    NINTH STEP: Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

    TENTH STEP: Lift the fudge from the pan by the parchment paper. Cut into pieces and serve.

    Can I freeze this chocolate chip mint fudge?

    This minty fudge can be stored in an airtight container for up to three months in the freezer.

    Does the chocolate mint fudge need to be refrigerated?

    This easy recipe does need to be refrigerated. Chocolate mint fudge will get too soft sitting on the counter.

    How do I slice chilled fudge easily?

    To easily slice the fudge, dip a large sharp flat knife in boiling water, dry it completely and cut one long slice. The heat will help the blade to glide through.


    IN THE FRIDGE: Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

    IN THE FREEZER: Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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