‘No truck, bus will be moving’ – EFF to rope in taxi associations for its national shutdown-MINUTES OF MEETING INCLUDED….

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    Nat Quinn
    The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it will rope in taxi drivers and vowed to shut down the country’s economy and transport system in March to demand reliable electricity and that President Cyril Ramaphosa resign.
    Party leader Julius Malema said the EFF won’t apply for permission to march on the day.
    “We won’t apply for nothing. We won’t apply for what is given to us by the constitution. It is our constitutional right to protest and we will protest on 20 March.
    “Just like Sharpville march, we are not scared of state power, you bring state power, we’ll give you the power of masses,” he told reporters on Sunday following the party’s plenum held in Ekurhuleni.
    SA will ‘come to a standstill’
    Malema said no train, bus or truck will be moving across the country. There will be no learning at schools lecturers and all major roads will be closed except for emergency services.
    Uncertainty at KZN coalition councils as EFF dumps IFP – report
    No factory, shop or major road will be open, he said.
    “No one will intimidate us. South Africa will come to a standstill. If Ramaphosa doesn’t resign on the day, we’ll announce after that, we don’t pre-empt anything. Why would you want to be president when dollars were found under your mattress?
    “No single train will move on national shutdown on March 20. We don’t want to see a single train, bus or truck. From Musina to Cape Town, nothing will move except emergency services, police and doctors,” said the firebrand leader.
    He added that trucks that transport minerals to Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal will come to a standstill on the day. The route has been marred by disruptions for months caused by local truck drivers and communities.
    “The trains and trucks, more particularly those that go to Richards Bay taking our minerals out of our country – on the 20th March, if you know what is good for you – park your trucks in your depots.”
    Beginning of ‘bringing down ANC and Ramaphosa
    Calling it the “mother of all shutdowns” Malema said South Africans will be free of the President and his party the African National Congress (ANC) after the stay away.
    According to Malema, “freedom is coming” after 20 March.
    “We are going to switch on the lights because we are going to remove the man who switches off the light. Our freedom was stolen by Ramaphosa and the ANC and it shall be returned to South Africans on March 20 2023. It is the beginning of bringing down ANC and Ramaphosa.
    “Whether Ramaphosa likes it or not, he is a mess for this country. It’s not me but a judge who said he has a case to answer for having undeclared dollars at his farm.
    “Zuma’s unrest [July 2021] will look like a mickey mouse. We are unstoppable, South Africa has been waiting for too long, and we are mobilising every corner of our country.
    “All wards, regions and provinces talk to communities, taxi associations, traditional leaders, shopowners and all progressive South Africans to come and join the mother of all shutdowns,” said Malema.
    At the main march in Gauteng, the party plans to hand over a memorandum of demands at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on the day.


    ‘No truck, bus will be moving’ – EFF to rope in taxi associations for its national shutdown | The Citizen


    Minutes of EFF meeting:
    29 January 2023
    #EFF Malema says all those whom weren’t elected at the PPA’s who led the party’s caucus at legislatures must resign immediately , so that newly elected chairs must be sworn in.
    #EFF Malema goes on too speak about the country’s electricity problem.” we will hold an energy symposium to come up with innovative ideas to add electricity to the grid”
    #EFF Malema: In the long run we must engage the Russian federation to build nuclear power stations on Build Operate and Transfer method [BOT].
    #EFF Malema:We have cut ties with the IFP, we will support all motions of no confidence against the IFP in all municipalities that we have voted with them.
    #EFF Malema: The IFP has adopted the arrogant posture of the racist DA.
    #EFF Malema; We will be taking MMC, Speakers and Mayor positions , so that we can demonstrate  how the EFF government would be and what we can do.
    # EFF Malema: The EFF will hold a national shutdown for the return of electricity and the resignation off Cyril Ramaphosa.
    # EFF Malema: all major roads, schools , factories, there will be no business operation of the 20th of March on the National Shutdown.
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