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    Nat Quinn
    ONE FOR FARMERS is a collective mind of all concerned farmers with a global vision who wants to take responsibility and create one of the leading non-governmental, non-profit organizations with the vision and the mission to create a sustainable change needed FOR A BETTER SOUTH AFRICA!
    We are here to be part of the solution to:
    • Empower women and girls together with men and boys.
    • Do researches and implement projects with all other Farmers locally and globally.
    • End poverty by creating opportunities for livelihoods encourage and contribute to entrepreneurship opportunities.
    • Support and strengthen the most vulnerable Farming communities.
    • Protect and advocate for those who are in need.
    • Contribute to the efforts of making sure that Farmers is in contact with Neighbors and response units for rapid help when needed.
    • Work for the most sustainable solutions for a better environment against crime.
    • Supporters of human rights in every spectrum of life.
    • Offer strategies and implement projects for better integration safety and security
    • Create awareness and fight against farm attacks and theft.
    And be the ones who make sure we do all these by working as a team with all other Provincial Farm Communities.


    SOURCE:ONE FOR FARMERS – South Africa Today

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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