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Pitbull breeder fined after seven-year-long saga

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    Nat Quinn

    The NSPCA has welcomed the fine imposed on a Roodepoort pitbull breeder seven years after it laid charges of animal cruelty against him.

    Nazareth Appelsamy, Manager of Special Investigations, said breeder Gershwin Perreira was found guilty of 59 counts of animal cruelty.

    He said the saga against him began in August 2016 when the NSPCA and the SAPS conducted a joint operation to rescue 16 dogs in his possession.

    “During the operation, the animals were found to be in compromised conditions, with evidence of severe scarring indicative of cruelty,” he said.

    Appelsamy said they, along with the Roodepoort SPCA, and the police worked tirelessly to ensure that the animals were removed safely and that criminal charges were laid against the breeder.

    He said the Roodepoort Regional Court recently handed down a sentence of R8000 or four years of imprisonment, with half of the sentence suspended for a period of five years.

    This is provided that Perreira does not commit further crimes against animals, during the period of suspension.

    He was also declared unfit to own or be in charge of any dog for a period of five years.

    “We have fought relentlessly for justice in this case, and justice has finally prevailed,” said Inspector Michael Allen of the Roodepoort SPCA. The collaboration between the NSPCA, Roodepoort SPCA, and SAPS has been instrumental in securing this conviction,” Appelsamy said.

    The NSPCA also commended the courts for persevering and ensuring that no matter how long it takes justice does prevail.

    “We hope that this conviction sends a strong message to those abusing animals,” he said.

    “There isn’t a national law that regulates the breeding of animals in the country. Yes, there are towns that enforce municipal by-laws that dictate the number of animals that can be owned in a residential area, there is no national law when it comes to the breeding of animals.”

    “I think the judgment will send a strong message to breeders out that to make sure that animals are not compromised, they are not living in compromised conditions,” he said.


    source:Pitbull breeder fined after seven-year-long saga (algoafm.co.za)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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