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Praise for police investigation in Willem Kruger case

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    Nat Quinn
    Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and his legal team are full of praise for how the South African Police Service (Saps) have handled the Willem Kruger case so far.
    Their spokesperson, Barry Bateman, confirmed there was a meeting with Willem’s family on Friday.
    “The family formally asked us to assist with the investigation.”
    Investigation: Willem Kruger’s death
    Bateman says they “will offer support by opening our doors to the police and the National Prosecutions Authority if they require any of our expertise.”
    He said it is common knowledge that they have several former Scorpions, of which Adv. Gerrie Nel was one, in their midst, to share their knowledge to help with the investigation.
    Family satisfied with progress
    Bateman also praised the police, and particularly the investigating officer in the case, on behalf of the team for what they have done so far in their investigation into the case.
    “The family is satisfied with how they have investigated the case so far,” he said.
    He mentioned if there is no criminal prosecution in the case, they would support the family in conducting a formal investigation into the circumstances that led to his death.
    “We hope that we can support the family so that they can find closure with the passing of Mr. Kruger.”
    Was Kruger murdered?
    After the police spokesperson said experienced police dive teams had seen Willem’s bakkie in the Vaal River during their initial search, the question now is:

    If he was not in the river, where was he?

    This just sharpens speculation that has been circulating in the past few weeks that the “bakkie was stored somewhere” and later taken to the river.
    Was Willem Kruger’s body in the river?
    Since his body was found, South Africans have been combing through the facts of his mysterious death.
    Kruger disappeared after attending the bachelor’s party of his friend, Ghini Greyling, near the Henbase Lodge in Morgenzon, Mpumalanga.
    Certain key elements, however, had investigators stumped. Many questioned whether he drowned, or if he was murdered elsewhere before his body was taken to the Vaal River.
    One example cited by skeptics: His Hilux’s keys were found inside the vehicle, but the handbrake was up, and the automatic gear lever was in Park mode.


    Praise for police investigation in Willem Kruger case | The Citizen

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