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Proposal for joint Zuma-Zille presidency

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    Nat Quinn

    Proposal for joint Zuma-Zille presidency


    A number of people in the MK Party and the DA have proposed a joint presidency between Helen Zille and Jacob Zuma after the May election, according to reports.

    Senior leaders in both parties have reportedly engaged in talks about entering a coalition after the election to help keep the ANC out. It is reliably understood that a key proposal is that Zille and Zuma would share presidential duties.

    The joint grouping is informally being called ‘Zille-Zuma: To Orderly Politics’ (ZZ Top).

    Payola Oldsfir, a spokesperson for the grouping, said the thinking was that many people believed Helen Zille was the best president South Africa had never had, while Jacob Zuma was the worst president the country had ever had. Combining the talents of the two in a joint presidency would mean business carrying on pretty much as usual, if the two co-governed, which would guarantee stability.

    It was unclear if ZZ Top would be touring the country.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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