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Putin needs to broaden his war … but where and how? What if the Russians light fires in Africa or elsewhere?-HISTORY REVIEWED-JAN LAMPRECHT

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    Nat Quinn
    I’m looking at the Ukraine war and the offensive that Putin has been preparing. I’ve seen several different analyses of what will happen. I have explained what I think will happen. The most positive and interesting analysis was from a Lt Colonel in the Polish military who estimated that the Russians could seizeĀ Eastern Ukraine – Donbas basically and that at their peak their troops will be advancingĀ at a rate of 10 Km per day. That would be pretty fast. We will NOT be seeing what we saw last year, no matter how strong Putin is.
    The British have now said they will give Ukraine aircraft. They seem to be backtracking on it now.
    When I look at this war, the logical place for Putin to put his energy lies in fighting in Ukraine. I think Putin has tried hard to get Belarus to join the war, but neither the leader, nor the people seem keen at all on this. So the Belarus angle seems like it will flop.
    There is a problem with how hard Putin can push in the Ukraine. So since he is, in fact, fighting the USA, UK, NATO, etc – it makes sense that he needs to inflict some pain elsewhere. Forget all the nuclear stuff. That will NOT happen. The Russians will not do that.
    For the first time, I’ve now seen information that China is supplying Putin with weaponry and parts. So that brings us back to the old Communist alliance. And this is something I’ve watched for long and people always claim the old communist alliance from the Cold War is dead. But it ISN’T. And all those nations can be revived. Among them are Iran, Cuba and North Korea. But there are others too. Cuba has always remained tight with Russia and Africa.
    But, the world is a big place and Russia has all kinds of non-White friends in many places including lots of Black nations in Africa and including the ruling Blacks in South Africa.
    Recently the Jewish hag Yellen came to Africa on a sudden, quick trip. I discovered that Yellen was in Africa in order to tell the Blacks to NOT support Russia. That’s what she was here for.
    But there are Blacks everywhere in Africa including the vast majority of Blacks in South Africa and they are allies of the Russians.
    All that Putin has to do, AT LITTLE COST, is to give money, weapons, or military support to someone somewhere in Africa or Asia or some other part of the world and he can begin lighting another fire.
    This silly retarded Chinese balloon, along with these weird objects they’re shooting down over Alaska. Is this some kind of new front? Are the Chinese trying to do something in support of Russia? I don’t know.
    But we must keep our eyes open for PUTIN OPENING A NEW FRONT.
    If Putin is struggling in Ukraine, the simplest solution is to return to a HOT “Cold” WAR. That’s the simplest solution. That can give America a lot of problems.
    Whenever I look at this war, I’m telling you, Putin must be WANTING LIKE CRAZY to LIGHT NEW FIRES ELSEWHERE as his method of countering the way the West is just pumping in the weapons to Ukraine. This would make military sense, and if you can light fires in the right place you can cause lots of problems. And America is everywhere in the world. Almost anything would irritate America.
    The correct country to push forward would be CHINA. China is big enough, not to defeat the USA but to cause a lot of TROUBLE to the USA.
    I think Putin would be a fool to NOT light fires. He could light them anywhere. Africa is a very easy place to light fires.
    Putin could even look at stirring up racial trouble in South Africa and arm Blacks to kill Whites – but in a more professional and serious war. President Nixon pointed out in his book THE REAL WAR, that Russia wants a RACE WAR in South Africa. We Whites in South Africa could be a target for Putin. It would not be that easy. But it’s possible.
    Putin could support other Blacks in Africa to fight or overthrow Black nations or leaders who are Pro-America or Pro-Europe. That would also be easy. That would be simple.
    The problem with Africa is that this is the one continent that America HATES dealing with and it steers clear of this continent like crazy. It could be a good place, and an easy place to light fires that have meaning. The Russians could use Third Party Blacks to seize mines and rich areas.
    Putin could look at other parts of the world. We don’t know what festering sores there are. I have heard that Putin might even have been in Angola, which is where South Africa and the Russians fought intensely. So he would know what possibilities there are. There are lots of Blacks in Africa who are pro-Russia. Big time.
    I think a return to a COLD WAR, which is HEATED UP, like it was in the 1960s-1980s is the real answer for Putin. It will be cheap and easy and cause real headaches for the USA with it’s fragile global situation.
    I want to watch the China stuff. If China is starting to move in support of Putin that would be interesting.
    I don’t have a problem with the Cold War. For us in Africa the Cold War was a real war and it was hot for us.
    I think that this is a valid, simple and practical way for Putin to hit back at the West, especially the USA and Britain. They are using the Ukrainians as proxies, so Putin can turn to Blacks, Asians and South Americans and Latin Americans to find proxies there to burn America especially.
    The Ukraine War might become bigger in that way … starting perhaps with terrorism and assassination and then starting to burn out of control. This would be WELL WITHIN THE MEANS OF RUSSIA. And if Russia and China work TOGETHER, then there is a lot of the Third World where they can do things.
    This war for Putin is an EXISTENTIAL WAR. For him, this is CRITICAL. There is every ounce of motivation for Putin to do this.
    That is how this Ukraine War could become a wider war by starting other smallers wars.
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