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    Q&A.016.THE BIBLE – DIVORCE & REMARRIAGE – PART 2 [Q & A by 11 Videos]


    Biblical (or not) exceptions to the “don’t separate” and “don’t divorce” rules.


    Allow me to say three things to those who would want to push back against my views here.
    1) This is a somewhat rushed summary of my teaching on the topic which can be found here in the playlist [X 11 Videos] below with great detail. These videos represent a long, careful case for each point I have made.

    2) If you disagree then please consider responding not only with your own arguments but with fair handling of my arguments.
    Very often I see responses that simply ignore all I’ve said, and the evidence, and Scripture that I have used to establish my case.

    3) Let’s remember what it means to be part of the body of Christ.
    We will one day be worshipping God, in glory, with full joy and fellowship together.


    PART 1

    Answering Your Questions and Push-Back on My Divorce and Remarriage Teaching

    1. 0:00 Intro and explanation
    2. 1:56 In Jeremiah, God divorced Israel but didn’t marry someone else – he offered them restoration! Doesn’t this undermine your case for remarriage?
    3. 6:08 If a person who illegitimately divorced their spouse is unmarried and repentant and if their former spouse has remarried, may that person marry someone else?
    4. 9:04 If the punishment for adultery was death under the law then how can adultery be a cause for divorce?
    5. 19:49 Is addiction to porn considered sexual immorality and therefore, grounds for divorce?
    6. 22:54 Does the requirement for leaders to be the “husband of one wife” mean that a divorced man can’t be a pastor?
    7. 44:20 What do you do when a spouse wants to separate but not divorce, leaving you in limbo?
    8. 50:33 What about domestic abuse such as verbal/spiritual abuse?
    9. 55:42 If a person becomes a Christian after an invalid divorce, and reconciliation is not an option (former spouse is remarried), is that person free to remarry?
    10. 57:42 Mike, you’re saying marriage isn’t really for life. Two don’t become one flesh?
    11. 1:00:06 If adultery justifies divorce and the man who divorces his wife commits adultery then why is the innocent woman in Luke 16 vs. 18 not allowed to get remarried?
    12. 1:06:28 What’s with the jar of gummy bears in the background?
    13. 1:07:14 What about the mass divorce that God commanded in Ezra and Nehemiah?
    …….. Conclusion of Pt. 1 …….

    PART 2

    If You Sleep With Someone Are You Biblically Married?

    If sex doesn’t equal marriage then what does?
    We will take a look at a number of biblical passages to find the answer to this question.
    The bottom line is that sex does join you to a person in a very intimate way, but this alone does not constitute a marriage.
    Marriage is more than sex and it takes more to be truly married than to just start sleeping with someone.


    PART 3

    Are Divorced People Free to Marry Another Biblically?

    It may seem peculiar but I think that this solves a riddle about why scripture speaks the way it does on the topic of divorce.
    Jesus acknowledged divorce but taught that it didn’t always free you from your moral obligation to your prior spouse.
    Paul, in 1 Cor 7, taught that a divorced couple was really divorced but still obliged to get back together or stay unmarried.
    In my view, this view comes naturally from taking the Bible at face value in its teaching on divorce and remarriage.
    If you want to understand better what ends your moral obligation to a prior spouse then please watch the BIG video (the 1st one in the playlist below) which also has time stamps to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


    PART 4

    Why God Allowed Divorce in The Bible

    What did Jesus mean by “because of your hardness of hearts Moses permitted you to divorce your wives”?
    Does this mean you can get a divorce if your heart is hard?
    Does it mean you can get a divorce if your spouse has a hard heart?
    Does it mean that divorce was regulated with protections for human rights because people’s hearts are so hard they are going to divorce anyways?
    Yeah, it’s the third one.


    PART 5

    A Total Distortion of Jesus On Divorce (13-minute vid)

    I went down a rabbit hole of research to find out how some people have taken Jesus’ teaching on divorce to mean the opposite of what it seems like He was saying.
    The issue is whether there is a special definition of “put away” as compared to “writ of divorce”.
    On this peculiar view “put away” is taken to mean “send away a spouse without a divorce certificate”, which means that if you are “put away” you are still married.
    On the other hand, a “writ of divorce” (or certificate of divorce) is taken to refer to an actual divorce with a divorce paper.
    Here’s why this view is wrong.


    PART 6

    Does “Always Forgive” Mean You Can NEVER Divorce?

    While the Bible teaches that some divorces are justified some people think that the command to “forgive… as God in Christ forgave you” requires us to NEVER divorce because we must forgive even those offenses that would normally justify a divorce.
    This a challenging question and I hope that my answer helps!


    PART 7

    What if Your Spouse Squanders All The Money?

    Some tough situations have us asking whether a divorce can be justified for things not clearly mentioned in scripture.
    Not only do I give my best answer to the question of divorce for a spouse habitually draining the bank account, but I also hope that this answer will help you work through other tough questions like this one.
    I think the principles here apply very broadly.


    PART 8

    Why Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce Was So Shocking That the Disciples Wanted to Give up on Marriage.

    Any correct interpretation of Jesus’ teaching on divorce needs to account for the fact that the disciples were so shocked by Jesus that they said it was better to just stay single.
    In this video, I try to explain how I account for the shock of the disciples with my view of Jesus’ teaching on divorce and remarriage.


    PART 9

    Am I Motivating People to Commit Adultery So They Can Divorce?

    This is a common and terrible tactic in trying to get away from an interpretation you don’t like.
    I’m not surprised to see this come up in the comments section of my video but I am surprised to see respectful and thoughtful men like Gordon Wenham using this sort of nonsense in print.
    The objection goes as follows; “When you say that adultery is justification for divorce you actually encourage people to go out and commit adultery so they can have a justified divorce”.

    PART 10

    Answering 4 Final Questions on Divorce and Remarriage

    Expand for time stamps.
    I’m almost done with all my videos on this topic and boy is my brain tired!
    Seriously though, this study has been very rewarding personally and the feedback I have received from many of you, saying that this teaching series has really impacted your lives in positive ways, has been the absolute highlight.

    0:00 quick stuff
    0:48 Was Jesus really just talking about Herod when he mentioned divorce?
    7:47 Does the OT prove that remarriage after divorce was normally allowed?
    11:44 Does Deuteronomy 24 teach that 2nd marriages are invalid?
    16:57 Deut 24 forbids remarrying a former spouse. Is that binding on us today?

    PART 11

    If A Polygamist Gets Saved Should They Get Divorced?

    This question is NOT just hypothetical.
    Missionaries in Africa asked me to answer this and I don’t think the application will be limited to them for too long.
    It seems to me that the moral slip-slide of our culture is heading toward a time when more and more of us will be confronted with the topic of polygamy.

    This is one of the final videos in the series I have done on divorce and remarriage.





    The questions below will be answered in future videos on this channel.

    14. When are two people considered “married” in God’s eyes? Is living and sleeping together enough?
    15. What if a polygamist gives his life to Christ? Do they stay married to all their wives?
    16. Can you please elaborate on what is meant by “still being morally obligated” after a divorce?
    17. Can you explain what Jesus meant by “because of the hardness of your hearts” and comment on Roman Catholic annulment?
    18. Some teach that the key to understanding the Bible is knowing the difference between “putting away” and “writ of divorce”. What’s up with that?
    19. Is it not one of the highest laws to forgive? Doesn’t Jesus say to forgive 70 times 7? If Jesus forgives Israel (see Romans 11), shouldn’t we, in our marriages, be forgiving all the time and never divorce?
    20. What about a spouse who keeps draining the bank account and refuses to stop?
    21. You have said adultery, abandonment, and abuse (lots of ways out of a marriage) are exceptions to divorce and remarrying – why would the disciples be shocked in Matthew 19 if that’s what Jesus truly meant?
    22. If you can justify divorce with adultery then why not just go commit adultery to get out of a marriage as some people have?
    23. Is it possible that Jesus was just talking about king Herod and we’ve misunderstood?
    24. Since priests are forbidden from marrying a divorced woman does this mean it was allowed for everyone else under the O.T. Law?
    25. Could Deut. 24 really be showing us that second marriages are invalid and adulterous, which is why she can’t go back to her first husband?
    26. Given Deut. 24, should we also say today that remarrying an ex-spouse who you filed a certificate of divorce for is also not allowed?
    27. Can I tell you whether to divorce or not?
    28. Why I’m concerned about saying “abuse” justifies divorce.
    29. Should ANY second marriage be broken up?
    30. Have I changed my mind about my teaching?


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