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    Nat Quinn

    World Council for Health (WCH) Health & Science Lead Christof Plothe DO asked 36 questions at the recent #Geneva press conference on Human Rights and COVID-19:

    1- Why were we not told that the Covid 19 virus was patented by Moderna in 2018?

    2- Why did Moderna produce 100,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses in 2019 before the pandemic started?

    3- Why, against all scientific evidence, were lockdowns and masks used?

    4- Why were we not told that the ‘vaccine’ does not remain in the arm, but accumulates all over the body?

    5- Why was PCR testing recommended when it is not designed for diagnostic purposes?

    6- Why were the definitions of ‘vaccine’, and ‘herd immunity’ changed prior to the Covid-19 outbreak?

    7- Why was a pandemic declared when the case fatality rate was akin to ’flu?

    8- Why were tests on genotoxicity, teratogenicity, and carcinogenicity not carried out, and yet we were told the ‘vaccine’ was safe?

    9- Why was there no proper follow-up of all people injected when using a new gene therapy product?

    10- Why were doctors and the public not reminded regularly about the need to report adverse reactions to these new and experimental genetic ‘vaccines’?

    11- Why was a ‘vaccine’ recommended during an ongoing pandemic, which is contraindicated in vaccinology?

    12- Why was a ‘vaccine’ recommended for those who had superior natural immunity?

    13- Why was a novel gene therapy launched after three months, instead of the required ten years?

    14- Why were we not told that, in the Pfizer trial, more people died in the vaccinated group than in the control group?

    15- Why were we told that Covid injections were ‘safe and effective’ when the evidence did not substantiate this?

    16- Why were – and are – opposing voices from science and practicing medicine discredited, punished, and jailed?

    17- Why were doctors, for the first time in history, discouraged from treating a disease, and told to wait for a vaccine?

    18- Why was early treatment discouraged, whilst we know it is the most important tool to address any infectious disease?

    19- Why were effective and very safe medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin discredited and even prohibited?

    20- Why did the producers of the novel gene therapies not want their data to be published for 75 years?

    21- Why were Covid injections, masks and lockdowns recommended for children when it was known that they were not severely affected and did not spread Covid?

    22- Why were the Covid injections recommended in pregnancy, when over 80% of babies were lost in trials when women were vaccinated in the first trimester?

    23- Why was emergency approval guaranteed when over 2,000 people died within the first three months after vaccination roll-out?

    24- Why is there no scientific outcry after over 3,500 papers have been published demonstrating side effects of the Covid-19 injections?

    25- Why are conflicts of interest tolerated among medical authorities, with the FDA, EMA, and WHO being 80-90% funded by industry?

    26- Why was there no adequate education of doctors, patients, and the public, and thus no possibility of informed consent?

    27- Why and how were the media captured so that they pushed only one agenda worldwide?

    28- Why were and are effective treatment protocols, which have existed since 2020, banned and declared illegal?

    29- Why are we not told about the unnecessary deaths that were attributed to Covid but actually caused by iatrogenic measures (e.g. Midazolam, ventilation) carried out in early 2020?

    30- Why was the fundamental role of Vitamin D status, diet, and the microbiome not communicated, when these measures could have prevented almost 100% of Covid deaths?

    31- Why was and is a certain medical procedure forced upon people against their will, whilst the Nuremberg Declaration clearly opposes this?

    32- Why is gain of function research, like that relating to Covid-19, not banned worldwide?

    33- Why is an mRNA product still being used, when we know that mRNA is being incorporated into the human genome, and resulting in the production of other, unknown, proteins?

    34- Why has the failed mRNA concept not been stopped, when we know it increases the likelihood of the recipient getting Covid-19, thus demonstrating negative efficacy?

    35-Why do these products continue to be recommended, when at least 17 million people are believed to have died due to the injections?

    36-Why is there no investigation into excess deaths, and increases in rates of cancer and heart problems, etc., which started in 2021, not in 2020?

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