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Ramaphosa explains about allegations of conflict within the Presidency

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    Nat Quinn
    The Presidency noted media reports on the positions of some of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s advisors. Regarding the individuals about whom information was sought:
    1. Ms Trudi Makhaya
    Ms Trudi Makhaya completed her five-year term of office and left her post as economic adviser to President Cyril Ramaphosa on 30 April 2023.
    Since her appointment in April 2018, Makhaya has helped craft the administration’s major economic policy initiatives on structural reform, post-pandemic economic recovery and the just transition. She led the technical management committee that interacted with investors and coordinated the country’s flagship investment meeting, the South African Investment Conference. Makhaya has served as South Africa’s G2019 Sherpa since 20.
    President Cyril Ramaphosa thanked Makhaya for her contribution over the past five years.
    The President is in the process of appointing a new economic adviser.
    2. Ms Maropene Ramokgopa
    Ms Maropene Ramokgopa served as International Advisor to President Ramaphosa until her election as the Second Deputy Secretary-General of the African National Congress in December 2022. She subsequently became a Member of Parliament and was appointed Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
    3. Mr Bejani Chauke
    Mr Bejani Chauke left his position as political adviser to President Cyril Ramaphosa in February 2023. He continues to serve the Presidency as a special envoy for strategic relations and investment in a voluntary capacity.
    4. Adv Nokukhanya Jele
    Adv Nokukhanya Jele is the legal advisor to President Ramaphosa.
    Adv Jele has been appointed as Free Staff Type 2 at the United Nations, supporting Adv Mojanku Gumbi in her role as Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Racism. This level of appointment serves as a donation or secondment of the South African Government to the United Nations of Adv Jele’s time as an expert in the relevant fieldwork required. It is limited to one day per week until December 2023. It is common global practice for countries to second their staff at the United Nations. Seconding carries no cost to the Presidency. She continues to fulfil her role as Legal Advisor to the President.
    5. Mr Steyn Speed
    Mr Steyn Speed is the political adviser to the President.
    Due to family obligations, he is based abroad for a temporary period while still fulfilling his role as an advisor.
    Allegations of conflict within the Presidency
    The Presidency also noted baseless allegations of a conflict between Director General in the Presidency, Ms Phindile Baleni, and the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, Ms Roshene Singh. The two officials enjoy a positive, constructive and warm working relationship.
    The presidency similarly rejected claims that Ms Baleni was considering leaving her post as director-general. Ms Baleni recently extended her contract by another five years and indicated her firm intention to serve out her contract period.



    source:Ramaphosa explains about allegations of conflict within the Presidency (afrinuus.com)

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