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    Linda Pollard takes on Salim Abdool Karim at the launch of his book, “Standing Up For Science”.

    Professor Karim,

    I am also here this evening to stand up for science. As a scentist you are of course aware that consensus is anathema to scientific progress. All scientists agree only when those who do not are censored. What you have left is either propaganda or dogma. We would still be languishing in the Dark Ages with Galileo under lockdown muttering that the earth revolved around the sun if the tyrants had their way. Veteran of the struggle, Jay Naidoo, wrote:

    Suppression of freedom of speech is a path to tyranny. It injures and kills.

    In 2021 The Guardian published an article in which they called you the “Dr Fauci of South Africa”. Not a very flattering comparison, I would posit: he is an arrogant narcissist with huge conflict of interest, who said “I am the Science” – the most anti-science statement imaginable.

    Having followed only brilliant scientists with integrity, I know that the Professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, Carl Heneghan, has called mask-wearing junk science, and the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, Professors Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Medical School, Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University, and Jay Battacharya of Stanford University recommended focused protection. They were correct: a fact now acknowledged even by mainstream media.

    Lockdowns were catastrophic for the poorm just like the masks and experimental mRNA gene therapy (the so-called “vaccines”). They did not stop any viral spread and saw the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the already rich. Vaccine mandates were what Professor Tim Noakes has called one of the worst medical crimes in human history. Jay Naidoo has also written that the New Apartheid and suppression of freedom of speech is even worse than the Nats in its determination to take our lives.

    The good people of this country, tens of millions of them, who have suffered at the hands of your public health policy are not scientists, nor are they conspiracy theorists, but through bitter experience, they know a con when they see one.

    In PANDA’s three-part series titled Professor Karim and the web of lockdown contradiction and untruths, subtitled His Life and Work under the religious mantle of science, one of the comments below the Substack says it all:

    It’s as plain as day. These people have been bought and merely following orders despite their inner beliefs. I wonder in their quiet moments, in the middle of the night how they must truly feel. Ashamed I hope.

    So as I look you in the eye dear Professor Karim, my question is this: are you following the science or simply following the money?

    I hereby present you this certificate from the red list – your own special red dot. You are surrounded by all your funders (16 of them) forming a nice wreath of prosperity and fame.

    What about you, Exclusive Books? Why don’t you have a copy on your shelves of “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global war on Democracy and Public Health”?

    It’s meticulously referenced, five-stars from over 24,000 readers. Number One on Amazon and a NYT; Wall Street Journal; USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly national best-seller. Over one million copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author? Could it be because you are owned by Global Capital? Shame on you, too.

    Instead, you are promoting the personal hagiography of the man who caused so much misery in our country. The World’s Economic Fascists, Undoing Nations and World Homicide Organisation should all be disbanded forthwith.

    Professor John Ioannides, one of the most esteemed and frequently-cited academics in the world has said:

    There was a clash between two schools of thought: authoritarian public health vs science and science lost.

    If you really think we are all going to agree to lockdowns, the wearing of masks and mandatory vaccination in the absence of any scentific data you are living in your own bubble of hubris.

    We, the people, are not stupid.



    SOURCE:Linda Pollard – 1 September 2023 — The Red List SA

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