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SA billionaire Rob Hersov labels Malema an ‘opportunist’, says ANC will lose power in 2024

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    Nat Quinn

    The outspoken billionaire also made a bold statement about the governing ANC, saying it will lose power in the 2024 elections.

    Speaking on Friday to Macgyver Mukwevho on Podcast and chill with MacG, the outspoken businessman did not hold back on his opinions of the EFF leader, saying he doesn’t think Malema believes what he says.

    “Julius takes positions because they’re the only positions left in the political spectrum. The EFF will destroy this country faster than the communists, and Julius Malema will never get into power because the average South Africans are not stupid.

    “The average South African is a churchgoing, conservative and good person that wants the same thing that everyone wants, which includes a better life for their children, dignity and getting a job. They don’t want disruptions and the chaos the EFF will bring,” said Hersov.

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    Hersov was adamant the ANC will be voted out of power in the next national elections in 2024.

    He further said of the ANC: “Anyone who said the ANC didn’t love this country is lying; the ANC loved this country, but the current government doesn’t love the country and we need to get rid of those old men.

    “Cyril Ramaphosa’s problem is that he promises everything to everyone and fails to deliver.”

    Hersov also weighed in on recent talks about load shedding, saying of the Eskom board of directors: “There are no engineers there, they are all cadres like ANC appointees, and they don’t know what they are doing.

    “They don’t even understand that you need energetic people… because they are appointing ANC loyalists on the board so that they can earn money.

    “[Former Cabinet minister and politician] Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi is on the board… a member of the Communist Party and she was part of the government organisation that did this cadre deployment, where incompetent people were put in positions of power so they could steal and or divert money,” he said.

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    SA billionaire Rob Hersov labels Malema an ‘opportunist’, says ANC will lose power in 2024 (iol.co.za)

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