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SONA 2023: Only the Private Sector can dig us out of this hole.-NEASA

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    Nat Quinn

    SONA 2023

    by Gerhard Papenfus

    A bad tree cannot bear good fruit. The nature of the tree is therefore indicated by the quality of the fruit.

    Failing conditions, in almost every respect, are abundant proof that the ANC is, by its very nature, ‘bad’. The ANC is South Africa’s disaster. Their declaration of a state of disaster, which they caused, is an indictment of themselves.

    The same team who systematically, over many years, caused the disaster, will be the team in charge of the recovery. The same ideology, the same hostility towards real private enterprise, the same craving for self-enrichment, will still be prevalent in the team. Unless that changes, recovery will remain a struggle. After years of disappointment, we will be naive to give them, once again, the benefit of the doubt. Can a leopard change its spots, or a tiger its stripes?
    Success in what lies ahead will be determined by the extent that the real private sector, not those carrying political favour, is unchained to do what only the real private sector can do.
    In all of this, civil society will have to be vigilant to prevent uncontrolled spending, potentially enabled by the state of disaster, from taking place.

    On a positive note, the private sector, in fact all South Africans, stand ready to contribute to anything positive that comes out of this.


    Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA).
    For more information:
    NEASA Media Department
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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