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South Africa, the first country premised on ‘critical race theory,’ is now imploding

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    Nat Quinn
    South Africa, which once boasted a world-class economy and research class capable of building a handful of nuclear bombs under the radar, is now imploding, thanks to the overt racism that is premised within “critical race theory.”
    As reported by Revolver News, following the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma, supporters of the former president took to the streets under the guise of protesting, but in reality, their actions were motivated by looting and destruction. The official death toll has already exceeded several dozen, and given the high levels of violence in South Africa, with an average of 57 murders per day, the true number of fatalities may never be accurately determined.
    Rioters have been looting shops and even entire shopping malls, leaving behind a trail of destruction. They have also resorted to stealing livestock when other goods are no longer available. In some cases, when the loot is too heavy to carry by hand, they have reportedly used forklifts to transport the stolen items, the outlet reported.
    The report noted further:
    The meltdown in South Africa isn’t a natural disaster or a random fluke. It’s a choice. South Africa was the first modern nation to be refounded on the anti-white principles of critical race theory, and now it is reaping the whirlwind of that choice. 
    South Africa did everything that is being done in America right now. As a hyperdiverse multiethnic, multilingual society, South Africa has followed almost every prescription embraced by the globalist ruling class.
    The current wave of violence in South Africa is not just about riots, as its implications will continue long after the chaos has subsided. There is a looming sense of despair and pessimism because there is no indication that the end of this wave of violence will bring about an opportunity for recovery and rebuilding, Revolver News noted further.
    Instead, there is a growing feeling that it’s only a matter of time until the next wave of violence hits. This cycle of burning, looting, and killing threatens to create a continuous pattern of destruction and instability, leaving the citizens of South Africa with little to look forward to beyond the next bout of unrest.
    The report noted further that South Africa is currently facing a sense of impending doom as the country grapples with a range of long-standing issues that have been ignored for years. The optimism that peaked during the 2010 World Cup has dissipated, and the country is now plagued by routine and severe water crises, despite being warned about failing water infrastructure for years. Rolling blackouts, which began in 2007, continue to be a persistent issue that the government admits will likely persist for at least the next five years, but some experts believe that the situation could extend even further into the future.
    South Africa’s status as the “economic superpower” of Sub-Saharan Africa is being threatened by a significant and increasing brain drain. Many people who have the option to leave are choosing to do so. The country’s murder rate is shockingly high, with over four percent of all deaths being attributed to homicides, and the rate of violent crime continues to rise. This trend is not only a reflection of the present but also the expectation of what is to come, as many South Africans are concerned about the future of their country and the escalating cycle of violence and unrest, Revolver News noted further.
    South Africa’s dominant political party, the African National Congress, has faced accusations of corruption and inefficacy. However, their most dangerous rival is one of the most radical political parties in the world, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The EFF’s platform includes the seizure of white-owned land without compensation, nationalization of the banking and mining sectors, and a doubling of welfare payments, the report noted.
    What is particularly concerning is that the EFF’s platform is not an outlier in South African politics but rather the natural endpoint of the country’s post-apartheid ideology. For decades, the South African economy has been shaped by a policy called Broad Based Black Economic Employment (BBBEE). Despite its name, BBBEE achieves “equity” through the same tactics being demanded by activists in the United States, said the report.
    The ideological damage being caused to countries all over the planet is going to lead to a colossal collapse of civilization. Count on it.


    South Africa, the first country premised on ‘critical race theory,’ is now imploding – NaturalNews.com

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