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    Nat Quinn

    A genocide is a genocide. Murder is murder. It should not, and should never make a discrepancy between two groups of people and their skin color. But in South Africa, it’s always been known for it’s vile, sick and degrading racism. But also has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Since the end of apartheid, the 1990’s were supposed to be colorful and cheerful, instead the post-apartheid era has made the country’s white population unsafe. The murder rate of whites has increased since then. Nobody will speak out against this because as usual, they’re scared of being labelled as racists. Because?

    Facts About Farm Attacks In South Africa - SAFISA
    The new genocide: South Africa’s white minority feels like, why, a minority! For every white cross, it symbolizes a life lost to murder. Image taken in Limpopo province.

    Plaasmoorde, Afrikaans for “farm murders”. This is a word all too familiar to the white Afrikaners, who are descended from the Dutch who first settled in the southern tip of the African continent in the 17th century. It was these people who were one of the first European settlers in Africa, never mind the Age of Discovery when the lands of Portugal first begun exploring the world. Then Columbus. Then the Dutch.

    Indeed from there on, they made this foreign land their home. They spent their lives living as recluses, cut off from the outside world, learning how to fend for themselves. They would certainly remind you of the Amish of today, as they too are geared around community. Around the beginning of the 20th century, the Boers were under siege. But that’s the thing. They have always been under siege. The British begun to move into South Africa in search of diamonds and minerals in which the Boers had actually owned, because they were there first. The British only owned most African colonies years later after the Dutch arrived. There has always been a narrative. A false one indeed, that the indigenous blacks were more anti-imperialist and the Boers weren’t?? Rubbish. The Boers fought the British off in two wars. But the second one echoes dark memories for them.

    The Irish, aware of the scuffle between the Boers and the British, sent volunteers to assist their allies who had established two republics in 1899 in which the British did not recognize. War broke out and the brave Irish, people like John MacBride fought tooth and nail with their fellow Boer commandos. The commandos, alongside their foreign volunteers, were armed with the latest German Mauser rifles and employed several guerrilla tactics against the British.

    Transvaal Brigade Flag | Ireland history, Irish history, Irish
    Standard of the Irish commandos. We fought bravely alongside our Boer allies.

    Unfortunately for them, the British had beaten them. But this was a defeat at a cost. The largest inaccuracy by today’s historians was that the German Nazis were the first to use concentration camps. False. Very false. It was the British Empire. So the next time you want to cite only the Jewish holocaust as the single biggest reference to concentration camps, let me tell you something, the Boers suffered a holocaust too. Women and children of the commandos were rounded up and put into them. Like this photo below. Look at it. Just look at it. The British being human rights defenders? Like the jackass, a characteristically pompous Englishman who of course, justifies the use of concentration camps. Who else? what a creep.

    Lizzie van Zyl - Wikipedia
    Lizzie van Zyl, a Boer victim of the first use of the British concentration camps. Of course to this day, the Brits deny it.

    The sign in the above first picture might look like as if it is emulating the Hollywood sign atop a dry desert hill, but unfortunately in South Africa, this is no call for entertainment. Murder is never entertaining as far as anyone is concerned. Since 1994, since the dismantling of apartheid, farm murders in South Africa have been on the rise, up to 2,000. The country has an overall population of around 56 million. But excluding the total, which presumably two-thirds is black, that number of white farmers killed in South Africa possibly may have moved up to 84 since 2017, according to AfriForum, an Afrikaner civil rights group, they dismissed claims from the nation’s biggest commercial farmers’ union, that the overall statistic since then was much lower, possibly 47 or less. Can the Boers really trust their government any longer?

    Since 2010, that number has increased to 57 in 2019, said AfriForum. 66% of the victims were mostly farm owners and their families. They also said that the Free State province had the highest murders out of any other province at 19%. The Free State was also coincidentally, the homeland for most of the Boers in 1899- they established one of their republics, the Orange Free State. The age groups of people murdered on farms is 60-79 at roughly 42%. If you don’t believe this, I suggest you go and take a look at these statistics provided.

    It’s certainly wrong. During the calendar year of 2017, there’s been 84 farm murders that we could verify and when we say we could verify, I mean we have a list and we have the names of the people actually who have been murdered. So, to say that there’s only been 47, I don’t know if it’s malicious or if it’s negligence or if there’s a problem with the process in collecting the data, there could be a variety of reasons why the number is wrong.

    Ernst Roets, CEO of AfriForum.

    In 2010, prominent Afrikaner extremist Eugene Terre’Blanche was brutally murdered on his own farm in Ventersdorp. He was brutally hacked to death by two men, who were workers of his. This became the spark that lit the fire. In the same year, the fascist leader of the ANC’s youth wing Julius Malema had incited violence against white South Africans by singing a song, in which the lyrics contained ‘Kill the Boer’. This led to Terre’Blanche’s own murder because the two troublemakers, once they heard the lyrics, went and committed the sin. Terre’Blanche had moderated his own stance on black South Africans in the later years of his life, contrasting with his time in the 1980’s when he ‘predicted’ a civil war, in fact a race war. But while in prison after assaulting a black worker, he became a born-again Christian. A turning point in anybody’s life. Sadly enough, death came to him, in the form of two unfortunate Zulus who were brainwashed by the spawn of Satan- Julius Malema.

    Eugene Terreblanche (386542672).jpg
    Eugene Terre’Blanche 1941-2010Lest we forget.

    Sure, Terre’Blanche was a troublemaker in those days, but like all God-fearing Afrikaners, he atoned for his sins; this new troublemaker and an even worse one than Robert Mugabe (burn in hell Bob!), Malema is wreaking havoc across the land. This new blight of a creature is carrying out a genocide against a minority, because, and wait for it- whites are racist! “They stole our land !” “Kill! Kill!” A silly excuse by a silly man who is copying the tactics of nobody else, but Adolf Hitler.

    On the other side, I suppose there is a justified anger from blacks. Realistically, apartheid created the problems most landless blacks face. The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa had introduced a scheme which would compensate black South Africans their land which was confiscated by the white government. The compensation program first coined by Nelson Mandela in 1994 planned to redistribute land by 30%. It’s only 10% so far. But the unjustified stance taken by Malema and his EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) cronies is to seize land from the rural dwelling whites. Even though the government are committed as ever, they still fall silent on the constant shedding of the blood of Afrikaners. Ramaphosa must act on this, otherwise he’ll give power to the reverse racists. Otherwise, he’s got blood on his hands.

    South Africa has a complicated history. Since 1651, the more Boers moved in, the less bantustans there have been since 1994.

    That leaves him with a problem. Many whites already bought their land and have been grazing and cultivating the soil that they’ve lived on for centuries. Besides, the Boers were like nomads in bygone days. Their only form of transport were horses and ox wagons. They had moved inland in search of a home. And that explains why central South Africa is where Afrikaners mostly inhabit. If Ramaphosa is serious about redistributing land to impoverished black people, then he needs to make sure that the Boers are left undisturbed.

    27 Voortrekkers ideas | african history, south african, africa
    The Boers never needed to reinvent the wheel; they invented the ox wagon.

    Boer means farmer in both Afrikaans and Dutch. They have their own Protestant Christian religion, speak their own tongue, and assert a strong European identity in southern Africa. They’re also a discriminated minority. I believe they are so. I mean look at them ! They are being Oreo’d left, right and center ! The cancel culture warriors do a good job calling everyone and everything racist, including the Boers and their own language; a white supremacist dialect of European colonial and capitalist heritage they say. So? It’s a language. And every culture has it’s own way of life. A way of language. Like me, an Irish person who likes to speak my own Gaelic language. What’s wrong with that? If my government decided to ban Irish from universities because it’s either culturally inappropriate, or out of touch with the times, I’d be angry. With a vengeance. So are the Afrikaans-speaking people. In their country, you’ve got a choice: be African or be nothing. Speak English or speak nothing. Speak Zulu, Xhosa or speak nothing. The most heavily discriminated people in South Africa right now are the Africans of Dutch descent.

    I wish the world would listen more to their plea. Like, Russia under Putin is now allowing refugee status for the Boers. Australian politicians, such as Peter Dutton, who is serving under the Morrison government, when he was Minister for Home Affairs, listened to the Boers and their cry for help and has demanded refugee status for them. And one lefty loon by the name of Richard DiNatale has therefore accused Dutton of being ‘racist’. I guess it is now racist to help people of the same skin color according to DiNatale, who apparently, is of Italian descent. Australia would be ideal for the Boers because the land is the same in South Africa, same climate; it’s lurid and adapt for the cattle grazing season. But only temporary refugee status. There’s a lot of things they have in common by the way. Even the Boers live or have lived for ages in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile. Not foundered, no?

    I would certainly argue for the re-establishment of the two Boer republics as they were in 1899 to 1902, when the British confiscated the two states. The South African Republic and the Orange Free State were argued, by and large, for their re-establishment by Terre’Blanche. And why? Because the more native bantustans are eroded, then that leaves both peoples with a problem. The two states should only, only be re-established for the Boers, by the Boers. In fact, it de facto is already happening. The Afrikaans-speaking town in Northern Cape provides shelter and accommodation to those people. It’s essentially a white-only town, but more importantly, an Afrikaans speaking town.

    Map of the first Boer Republics, out of which the Transvaal en Orange  Vrystaat were the most influential Repu… | African history, Alternate  history, Historical maps
    Map of the then two Boer republics. The re-establishment would nurture and create less tension between the Boers and the native Africans.

    Many people, not just in Australia, are echoing what Moses once said, “Let my people go.” Well, this certainly applies to the Boers. Like the oppressed Hebrews, God is on their side as much as he was with them. Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and even Katie Hopkins (my personal favorite) have spoken about the Boers and their plight.

    And no, it’s not part of the ‘white genocide conspiracy theory’ or something ludicrous like that. People’s lives are being played with fire. This is a human rights issue that’s been going on for years. Why is nobody else speaking out against this ethnic cleansing ? You know, The more the world falls silent on the ever more increasing killing of decent, kind and Christian people, I’m afraid they are no better. Ireland, the most humanitarian country anybody can think of, I believe, should allow the Boers to apply for refugee status. We helped them in their struggle against British rule in their country. We should help them in return as they once begged us to help them.

    The hypocrisy from the ‘anti-racists’ will certainly not help. I honestly thought tolerance and equality, even justice, was part of the values they embody. Not anymore.

    Help the Boer. Save the Boer. They are human beings, not animals. But at the moment, they’re being driven off their land like cattle. They are, once like Mandela and his people were, the silent majority.

    Thomas M. Prior is a writer and political commentator.


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