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The Big Reveal-All that is hidden, will be revealed. In this instance, Disney reveals the true identity of Santa Clause.

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    Nat Quinn
     A scene from Walt Disney’s new Christmas series is causing controversy. The controversial scene depicts children collectively holding up letters that read “We Love You Satan.” While the scene is probably just a play on the word “Santa,” the “joke” didn’t go over well with many parents.
    This is because parents are now wise to Disney’s left-wing political agendas, their subliminal messages, and grooming of children. In the scene, children were used as props to promote Satan to innocent minds. The “We Love You Satan” scene is not a great joke for a Christmas show, especially when Christmas is supposed to be all about Jesus Christ.
    “We Love You Satan” scene in Santa Clauses causes backlash
    Santa Clauses is a new children’s series on Disney +. The show is a continuation of the original Santa Clause film, starring Tim Allen. The new series depicts Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) as an aging Santa Clause, who realizes he can’t be Santa forever. Calvin goes on a mission to find a suitable replacement Santa, while getting his family ready for a new adventure in life, south of the pole. While some commentators claim the “We Love You Satan” scene was for comedic effect, others see the scene as part of a satanic agenda to discredit the true meaning of Christmas, and to instill dark thoughts into children’s minds.
    New Disney show for kids and “We love you Satan”. They don’t hide they agenda anymore. pic.twitter.com/i3wDPTnYVO
    — max123 (@max123_eth) November 28, 2022
    Disney was recently exposed for supporting transgenderism indoctrination in schools
    According to the New York Times, Disney has “racked up $1.5 billion in losses” in its direct-to-consumer unit. Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek was recently demoted and replaced with former CEO Bob Iger. The company suffered major losses after Disney publicly supported the teaching of homosexuality and transgenderism in elementary classrooms. Disney went all in with the sexualization of elementary curriculum, promoting gay sex, cross sex hormones, and genital mutilation of children. Disney also pays their employees to abuse their own children with “gender affirming” procedures that hormonally castrate their endocrine system, leading to mastectomies and genital mutilation surgeries that leave individuals scarred for life.
    Disney, which markets directly to children and families, foolishly opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill in 2022. Disney and the left-wing media trivialized the bill and dubbed it the “Don’t Say Gay” law, even though the law bolstered parental rights and fights any attempts to sexualize children and groom them for self-destruction. This bill took on the perverted transgender agenda in schools and banned the indoctrination of homosexuality and transgenderism in K-3rd grade. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who won a historic re-election in November, stood up to Disney and said Disney bought into “false narratives” about the bill.
    “You have companies like Disney that are gonna say and criticize parents’ rights, they’re gonna criticize the fact that we don’t want transgenderism in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms,” DeSantis said.
    In response to Disney’s woke agenda, Florida’s Republican-led legislature crafted a bill to revoke Disney’s special “self-governing” privileges in the state. These special privileges were granted many years ago. The privileges allowed the company to corruptly reap millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, while they quashed the competition in their space. This law, signed by Governor DeSantis in late April, will restore fair market practices and require Disney to pay tens of millions of dollars more each year.
    Disney’s latest ploy will either be disregarded as a dumb joke or it will be rejected outright by parents who don’t find it very funny that “We Love Satan” is in children’s Christmas shows.

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    Disney’s new Christmas series depicts children holding up signs that say, “We Love You Satan” – NaturalNews.com

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