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    Nat Quinn
    B r e g g i n Alerts

    The Declaration of North America Feeds the Globalists New World Order to End US Sovereignty

    by Peter R. Breggin MD

    Published first on AmericaOutLoud.com

    On January 10, 2023, the Declaration of North America (DNA)1 was issued by the three presidents of North America: by Joe Biden, a puppet of the globalists who is destroying the integrity and sovereignty of the United States in the interest of the globalists and Xi Jinping; by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another treacherous stand-in for the global gods; and the President of Mexico, Obrador, a third puppet of the international Cartels and their globalist allies, including Communist China.

    No Wall, No America

    One of the most telling sections of the agreement for the “New North America” (our words) is their attitudes to migration. Basically, the three presidents want what sounds like unlimited migration, and of course, most of it will be clamoring to come to the U.S….Continue reading here.

    ReFounding America: TV


    A Nurse, A Scandal, and Project Veritas– Doing What’s Right–Living More Freely!

    Critical care nurse Jodi O’Malley wanted to take care of her patients and when the hospital said “No, you have to follow rules,” she was not cowed. She saw too many patients with “vaccine” injuries that weren’t being properly treated or reported. She had a friend who died soon after a vaccination.

    So, Jodi secretly recorded a conversation between a doctor and some staff talking about their frustration at not being able to conduct themselves honorably, and sent it to Project Veritas. She did what the overwhelming numbers of health professionals remain afraid to do—and her life changed dramatically.

    She began to make a real difference. She is here to tell us that listening to God and what you know is right may seem hazardous, and bad things can happen to you; but it can lead to satisfactions and rewards that make the world a new, wonderful, and exciting arena. You can live more freely, knowing you are doing what is right.

    Listening to Jodi O’Malley is inspiring and hopeful.


    View the interview here.

    ReFounding America: TV


    A Great Medical Freedom Fighter Takes Us to the Frontlines

    Physician Samuel Sigoloff, DO refused the genetic vaccines pushed on everyone in the military, and remains in the service trying to win justice for himself and others.

    Meanwhile, his research has uncovered what he calls one of the greatest frauds in history, the army’s manipulation of their DMED database on active-duty military to make the pseudo-vaccines seem less dangerous.

    Disabling illnesses multiplied due to these toxins, including stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, and the military is now hiding or destroying the data.

    Dr. Sigoloff demonstrates in his life what all honorable physicians should be doing.  One of his goals is “Making courage more contagious than fear.”

    You will enjoy meeting the great physician and I guarantee you will learn remarkable new facts from him, much as I do from my interviews with him.

    View the interview here.

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