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    Nat Quinn

    The Joseph Movement | Combatting Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation



    About the Directors

    Tershia de Klerk

    Founder & Managing Director

    Tershia de Klerk (née Breytenbach), is the Founder and Managing Director of The Joseph Movement NPC, following her position as Chief Operating Officer of STOP Trafficking Of People NPC. She is a Member of the National Freedom Network and continues building relationships and collaborating with various network partners – anti-Human Trafficking NPOs, Companies, Media and Government bodies.

    Her late husband fell victim to the debilitating effects of Pornography addiction and he eventually took his own life. Her personal experiences and passion to expose these issues has been driving her in combatting exploitation of people’s vulnerabilities. She is very passionate about combatting Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

    She studied Psychology and is currently furthering her Criminology studies. She has gained experience in both the corporate and Non-profit arena. Her passion for speaking up for the vulnerable, grew within her 15 years working with Non-profit organisations, Christian organisations, Mission organisations, as well as Social and Political Awareness organisations.

    Her experience ranges from Business Management and Marketing, to Events Co-ordination and Awareness, as well as Operations Management.

    She has been involved as a Team Leader at multiple Missionary Training programmes and has done extensive work in developing and translating Educational and Discipleship resources.

    She was Spokesperson for a Pro-life and Freedom Awareness organisations, and continues to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves – She is currently the main Spokesperson for The Joseph Movement. She has first-hand experience of exploitation in the modelling and advertising industry.

    Suezell de Kock

    Founder & Financial/Outreach Director

    Suezell de Kock heads up the Finance & Outreach Departments.

    She gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 7 and knew that she will be in ministry one day, for Him. She studied and then lead a Bible School. Following that she went into Missionary work in Africa for 5 years, where she not only saw brokenness and poverty, but also how God brings freedom.

    She is also an Accountant with a  Bcompt-degree in Accounting Science and is currently busy finalising her Theology studies.

    Suezell was part of a Ministry Team and lead the Prophetic department of a local church. Suezell also spends a lot of her time counselling people, from all walks of life, to help them break free from past trauma and bondage.

    Simone Simon

    Events Director

    Simone Simon, the woman with the voice of an angel and a heart of pure love and compassion.

    She is an entrepreneur and runs her own wellness business, Life Long Body. Her unique business focuses on balancing the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of individuals.

    She is a qualified Pastor, as well as the Chairlady of Mighty Women Global and an Ambassador for Arms of Mercy.

    One of her main goals is to inspire people to live healthy and be the best they can be. Simone is also a music artist and motivational speaker, who has lead worship and ministered in Europe, Israel and all over South Africa, including rural communities.

    She believes in “setting the captives free”.

    Colin Newman


    Colin Newman has vast experience, of over 12 years, as a leader within the Non-profit arena. He has managed a Mission House, as well as the Operations of it’s various ministries and NPO’s.

    He has been part of core leadership, guiding and managing many Leadership training courses, Conferences, and Missionary training courses. He has also been a community leader for many years.

    Colin has a strong Vision to open a Safe House, and long-term rehabilitation facility, for Human Trafficking survivors in South Africa.

    Johanita Jordaan


    Johanita Jordaan is the Co-founder of The Joseph Movement. Her passion for combatting Human Trafficking started a few years ago, when she watched the “Nefarious – Merchant of Souls” movie. It gripped her heart deeply and caused her to pray and mourn for months, asking God to have mercy on the children being Trafficked, especially those being Trafficked by their own parents. A friend shared a song with her – “Do Something” by Matthew West. In the song he sings about shouting at God and asking Him “why don’t You do something?” and then God responds in the song: “I did, I created You.”  This is when she realised: I need to Do Something – and she will.

    A personal experience with the sex industry and a loved one being caught up in porn addiction, created a passion within her to combat sexual exploitation.

    Johanita was a Volunteer at Stop Trafficking of People NPC and then advanced to being offered a part-time position.

    She practiced Judo for 11 years & Jiujitsu for 2 years, and completed a Close Protection Officer course. She then began doing in-depth research on the Criminal Mind & Self-Defense. Johanita wrote & designed a very useful Self-Defense Training Manual for women. While running her own self-defense business, she faced a situation where she was almost killed – this made her realise that it is more the Theory behind the self-defense that saves your life as a woman, and not only the physical capabilities.

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