Hitler Theosophy and the United Nations

Hitler’s ideas of a master race, of Eugenics, of inferior races came from the New Age teachings of Helena Blavatsky. She was a Mystic New Ager who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. She taught that Sanat Kumara “Lucifer” rules the world as an Ascendant master of wisdom and king over this world. Her doctrine was adopted by Hitler and the United Nations.

The Lucis Trust admits they were called Lucifer Trust and tries to paint Lucifer in a good light, who came to give us wisdom. This is from their website:


The support between the United Nations and the Lucis trust is clear

What kind of consulting goes one between the United Nations and this Luciferin organization? And why is the United Nations implementing the same Global governance doctrine found in Theosophy?

We were never taught this in high school, but one of Hitler’s favorite books was “The Secret Doctrine” by HP Blavatsky. A British historian and author writes:

“Among the books was one that Hitler often kept by his bedside, the occult standard “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helen P. Blavatsky. Hitler kept a copy . . . by his bedside, ever since being introduced to its teachings by Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer” (Gerald Suster, Adolf Hitler, The Occult Messiah, 1981).

Who was Dietrich Eckart? He was a leader in the Thule Society, a German secret society whose primary focus was a claim concerning the origins of the Aryan master race.

Prior to Hitler joining, the Society had been told in a séance that a “Lord Maitreya” (New Age World Savior) would soon make his appearance as a German messiah to lead the Aryan race to final victory over the Jews (Joseph J. Carr, “The Twisted Cross” pg. 110).

Hitler on his part, claimed to hear voices telling him that he was “selected by God to be Germany’s messiah.” He claims to have “established communication with Lucifer, from whom he openly coveted possession” (Constance Cumbey, “Secrets of the Rainbow” pg.101).


Blavatsky’s Theosophical Aryan Superiority adopted by Hitler.

So according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB), the Aryan race is intellectually superior to all other races. It possesses a sacred spark that the inferior races do not. She continues:

She said: “The intellectual difference between the Aryan and other civilized nations and such savages…. The ‘sacred spark’ is missing in them and it is they who are the only inferior races on the globe, now happily – owing to the wise adjustment of nature which ever works in that direction – fast dying out. Verily mankind is ‘of one blood,’ but not of the same essence.”

“Thus will mankind, race after race, perform its appointed cycle-pilgrimage. Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle; while a series of other less favoured groups — the failures of nature — will, like some individual men, vanish from the human family without even leaving a trace behind” (Vol 2, pg. 446).


Now in today’s mainstream public discourse, this kind of language is straight up racist and therefore incendiary. Normally the purveyors of such foolish and hateful notions are quickly censured, punished and cast aside to the margins of society to socially languish with folk from the KKK and apartheid South Africa.
So tell me why we should give Madame Blavatsky a pass for her deeply offensive, heretical and incendiary race theories? Hitler clearly adopted her teachings…

“Hitler’s racial ideology stemmed from what he called “the basic principle of the blood.” This meant that the blood of every person and every race contained the soul of a person and likewise the soul of his race, the Volk. Hitler believed that the Aryan race, to which all “true” Germans belonged, was the race whose blood (soul) was of the highest degree. God Himself had, in fact, created the Aryans as the most perfect men, both physically and spiritually.4Since the blood (soul) of the Aryans contained specific spiritual energies, the “cultural energies” or “racial primal elements,”5 as Hitler often called them, the Aryans supplied the culture that creates the beauty and dignity of higher humanity.


So the idea of race superiority is rooted in Theosophy, so why does this racist Theosophy society have consulting influence over the UNITED NATIONS?
Now that you understand the United Nations is Theosophical organization which holds the same doctrine as Hitler, their racist resolutions and condemnation against Jews/Israel become clear. This is why they have a laser eyed focus on Israel, to the exclusion of the atrocities in other nations.

Theosophy and the Root Race doctrine is the bedrock of the UN and is also being deceptively reworked into Trans-humanism and human genetic upgrades. The Superior man of Arianism is once again rearing its ugly head, this time in a more palatable form of upgrading mankind’s DNA via genetic enhancement or man-machine merger. So that we end up with the so called “superior” and the inferior races once again. And the United Nations is the one pushing these global laws to create a superior race.


According to the Theosophical society, Sanat Kamara (Lucifer) himself was an evolved being who reached the level of a god (possibly through science) and reached enlightenment and was sent to earth to guide mankind’s physical evolutionary cycles toward the same ultimate enlightenment and transformation of the body into higher forms of existence, as he himself has already achieved.
Now we see why the United Nations is allowing this satanic modification of human animals and plant DNA, its not for the public good but to fulfill their Theosophy Luciferin goals of corrupting all God’s creation, in accordance with Blavatsky’s doctrine of race evolution.

The idea of a Master race (Eugenics, Transhumanism, Gmo), the annihilation of the weak and inferior (by Abortion, Euthanasia), the “truth” in all Religions (interfaith), Earth Cycles (Climate change) all find its fountain head in the esoteric writings of Helena Blavatsky and the teaching she received from her Ascendant masters (Demons).

The Climate Lies of Theosophy

We also find the one world government and climate warnings are prevalent throughout the books of Mediums, Mystics and Ufo Abductees, showing this is a major doctrine being forced on humanity in the last days directly from the Demonic world. Climate change is part of Satan’s New Age religion, people just do not realize the source of it is Luciferin Theosophy and the Global Cycles of destruction for each root race, taught by Blavatsky and her successors like Alice Bailey.

But there are no cycles leading to cataclysm for races who existed hundreds of thousand of year ago, rather there was only one cataclysmic judgement in Noah’s day for the same evil deeds these New Agers of the United Nations are now pretending will save us from destruction. They are the very cause of the coming judgement, for corrupting God’s creation and creating lawlessness laws against God (promoting abortion, fornication, Gay marriage etc), just as the fallen angels did in Noah day.

Higher Evolved Races of Theosophy

They want us to believe in Aliens and higher evolved races (human and alien) instead of God and instead Satan and his abominable Nephilim offspring (in Genesis 6), which he created by corrupting of God’s creation.


They want to ascribe all the miracles in the Bible to these higher evolved intelligences rather than God. Blavatsky has a common theme in her writings about how religions only have a “diffused understanding,” meaning that only in the unity of all religions (interfaith) can the truth be understood, that we are all equal and all our gods were really these higher evolved beings and not gods at all.
This is the Doctrine of demons sweeping the globe right now and being supported by the disclosure of UFO footage in main stream media and the mass indoctrination of Hollywood and its interplanetary alien councils. New Agers are shaping the narrative using blockbuster movies, because they actually believe in this Galactic federation of Planets and want you to believe also, so they present it all as fiction (for now) to make it plausible, in the future. This is why Klaus Schwab dresses like Spaceman, he believes he is part of this Galactic federation of Planets fulfilling their will on earth.

The same Esoteric Mystic doctrine being taught by New Agers, Mediums, Abductees, by demonic fallen angels and their demonic Nephilim/Aliens offspring, is their final attempt to destroy all faith in the Biblical God, by pretending to be these evolved super races in charge of mankind’s evolution, (Youtube is full of these messages from Aliens and Ascendant masters) as they brainwash our leaders with their climate change garbage, all in an attempt to set up the laws of their New World Order, which directly attacks the Bible and Christianity (LGBT laws, Hate Speech laws, Parental laws, etc) silencing Christians and directing all to put their faith these higher evolved beings (aliens) and science for immortality instead of Jesus.

Blavatsky’s work was continued by other New Agers such as Alice Bailey and her “Ascendant Master” named Djwhal Khul. Read her 10 point plan to destroy Judeo-Christianity through Global laws of United Nations. The Kings of the earth are literally taking their stand against God and Christ just as Psalm 2 warned. As the United Nations seeks to implement this Luciferin socialist world order (GREAT RESET) and destroy all remnants of Judeo-Christian world.

Sanat Kumara was mentioned briefly by the theosophist Helena Blavatsky. She claimed he belonged to a group of beings, the “Lords of the Flame”, whom Christian tradition has presented as Lucifer and the fallen angels.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanat_Kumara

They call him the Rainbow Serpent, the Peacock angel, Osiris, Enki, Masau’u and the King of the world. But his real name is Satan the deceiver of the whole world.

United Nations Sustainable development Goals

Blavatsky’s Theosophy is directly responsible for the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs and Agenda 2030) currently being implemented by the United Nations around the world to fulfil Blavatsky’s doctrine of transforming the world and humanity into its next phase of evolution, called the 6th root race. Theosophy is the same doctrine Hitler adopted and now has been rolled out globally under a different guise of a global brotherhood, of social and climate ethics.

BROTHERHOOD and respect for other beliefs (like interfaith) is a common theme in the United Nations which comes directly from the Theosophical doctrine of THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD of ascendant masters (Demons)

This painting entitled Brotherhood was given to the United Nations depicting mankind holding hands around the Flame, which stated before, Sanat Kumara and his group of beings, are known as “Lords of the Flame”

The Coming of the false Messiah

These New Agers who control the United Nations are now waiting for this false Messiah “Lord of the World” and “Master of Wisdom” “Lord of the Flame” “King of the world” to appear from Shamballa in the astral plane to usher mankind into their next phase of human enlightenment and evolution, whether by transhumanism, (merging of man and machine) or altering the DNA of species (GMOs) to force our evolution into a “New Age” the 6th root race.

The United Nations Mediation room shows just how NEW AGE they really are, with their 6 ton black stone altar (like the Black Kaaba) to an interfaith god of many names (Lucifer). The Meditation rooms seems to be a copy of the Kaaba, which also explains why Allah has no name, because Muhammad combined all the arabian false gods into one nameless Allah (Lucifer)


Quran 38:5) Yusuf Ali: “Has he made the gods (allinto one Allah? Truly this is a wonderful thing!”

And this is also what the New Agers are doing with their interfaith movement. combining all gods into one, because they believe they are all talking about Sanat Karama, this evolved being, who revealed himself through different religions and cultures and had many different names. And while its true that Satan created all the false religions of the world and is indeed the head of them, the God of the Bible stands apart, but both Muhammad and the New Agers want to lump the God of the Bible together with Lucifer to create a global unity of belief.

Freemasons advocate the same idea of merging all religions in one using symbolism and a generic prayer to a common unnamed god (Lucifer). Pushing the same doctrine as Islam and the New Age, so its no surprise that their Hall has the same Block Altar found in the New Age mediation room.

The Initiation

In Theosophy there are nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through…. It is believed that when souls have advanced to the fourth level of initiation, they have reached enlightenment and have no further need to reincarnate. At the fifth level of initiation and beyond, souls have the opportunity to become members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This concept was developed by both C. W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey beginning in the 1920s.

According to C.W. Leadbeater, Initiation is a process by which “we try to develop ourselves not that we may become great and wise, but that we may have the power and knowledge to work for humanity to the best effect.”[1]

Now you can see how this fits into the beliefs of the United Nations claiming to work for humanity.

According to Alice A. Bailey, Initiation is the “process of undergoing an expansion [toward higher levels] of consciousness
So not only is it about “globalist betterment” but attaining higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment, by some means.

They talk about initiation being required to enter this next phase of human evolution (no doubt by accepting the Mark of the Beast) which may be a DNA alteration or RFID Tatoo/Digital ID related. And now that we know Hitler was involved in Theosophy his marking of Jews with star symbols and numbers, fits the idea that he thought of himself as a New Age Messiah (or rather false Messiah who marks people as found in the book of Revelation 13:18)

The idea underlying Initiation and taking the Mark of the King, being to change you into something other than human – Transhuman, so that you belong to the Beast and not God, having changed your image into Non-Human, so that you become unsavable by Jesus and not part of God’s creation.


The 6th Root Race

The following is a quote from the Theosophical society on their plans to upgrade man. You should be able to see the Luciferin Theosophy is identical to the Fourth industrial revolution promoted by Yuval Noah Harari and the WEF. If you don’t know what he taught read these articles.



“Faith in the sixth root race are now beginning to emerge.….In the sixth root race …will come an appropriate recovery of psychic and mystical capacities, the necessary tools for truly profound understanding of ourselves and of that which is beyond ourselves.

First let us consider future scenarios from the scientific sphere. The distinguished physicist and master of scientific speculation Freeman Dyson has suggested, in Imagined Worlds, an awesome list of awaiting technological revolutions. From our point of view, these will be material concomitants and expressions of the changing consciousness and spirituality of the sixth root race. First, genetic engineering, already commenced but still at a very crude level, within two or three centuries will produce biological entities virtually on demand, including Jurassic Park animals, plus new and improved human bodies, to reflect the undogmatic plasticity of sixth-root-race consciousness.
One of the most dramatic prospects awaiting us in biological engineering will call for new thought patterns and new religious concepts. Sooner than we now think, it may be possible to reverse the aging process through cellular modification or transplants and so create immunity to most of the ailments from which we die. This would result in very long life spans of hundreds or even thousands of years, indeed perhaps virtual immortality.
One can only begin to conjecture what kind of effect this development would have on the world’s religions, since they now exist in large part as guides for how to live within a very limited span of years and in the face of mortality, and include strong elements of hope and fear regarding the afterlife. Remove the specter of the man with the scythe more or less indefinitely and, if religion as we know it does not simply wither away, other features of faith than those centering around death will no doubt gain prominence, ones that some of us might consider healthier concerns: community, ethics, and the spiritual quality of life.
But even virtual immortality is as nothing compared to the prospects lurking within the emerging science of neurotechnology. The premier art of that field, splicing biological beings with computerized intelligence (miniaturized and flexible far beyond present capability), will then be ready to equip the new man and woman with remarkable combinations of human mind and artificial intelligence. Dyson among others has suggested that before long we may be able to download data and ideas directly from computers to our brains, and from brains to databases. Perhaps the computers themselves would be organic and, as it were, grafted-on brain-enhancing body parts.
Then as the third radical development after virtual immortality and neuro-computer linkages, it will be possible to transmit data by what Dyson calls radio telepathy, “brain waves” or neuron charges translated by a small implanted sender into radio waves that could be picked up by a computer receiver or by another brain. Radio telepathy will allow all these enhanced minds to be directly linked like computer arrays on the level of memory, thought, and will. This vast human computer array could be moving into place by the end of the next millennium, in a thousand years or less.

Radio telepathy could be achieved either through tiny transmitters placed in the brain or through the genetic engineering of cerebral biology to electrify, computerize, and “radioize” the human brain, on the model of the electric organs that already exist in electric eels and electric catfish. It would then permit the direct communication of signals and information from one brain to another, and no doubt also from associated computerized databases. Books, videos, spoken language, and other primitive means of transmitting information through verbal symbols encoded on paper or film or in combinations of sound waves, and received by means of the senses, will then be as outdated as those bards who, before the invention of writing, had to commit vast amounts of tribal lore to memory.

Radio telepathy, whether from data bases to brain or from brain to brain, would certainly be as revolutionary an advance in communication, and even in the human meaning of knowledge, as was the invention of writing, which those powerful new information engines will displace. It would deliver to us a world as different from the age of literacy as that age was from the preliterate stone-age world that went before. At best, reading, writing, and speaking would now be used only for historical, recreational, or aesthetic purposes. Another thought: it might also be possible by this means, Dyson suggests, to connect with the minds of other species and for the first time to know directly the subjective world of a cat, a dog, an eagle, or a dolphin.”

The 7th Root Race

“From here only a small step will carry us to the most revolutionary development of all, one that we might wish to term the seventh root race. The next stage, though dramatic and irreversible, would be comparatively easy after radio telepathy, and probably would not be long resisted, though it would mean nothing less than changing human beings as we know ourselves into something that is not merely another species, or another genera, but virtually a whole new order of life.
For a thousand years from now or perhaps sooner, undoubtedly it will be possible to unite those radio telepathically implanted brains into great arrays of tens, hundreds, even thousands of units capable of problem-solving and achievement not to mention pleasure on an unimaginable scale. But within a collective like this, one imagines the individual, and with it individual consciousness, fading and failing in the face of the vastly larger collective mind’s power.

One can project vast disquietude by humans in the immediate face of this prospect, but it would not be resisted long. The newest and most powerful technology never is, and the competitive edge going to those accessing large-array brains would make this neurological leap imperative for the rest. Nonetheless this awesome change in human nature would clearly overturn all existing institutions. The profoundest challenge of this eventuality, as in the case of biological individual immortality, would be to religion, whatever form it has taken a millennium from now. For religion as we know it depends fundamentally on the idea of the responsible individual self, and the self would now be shown to be outdated, a puny instrument in the eyes of something immensely greater.

As you can see their plan to destroy Christianity is clear, by forcing us to compromise with other religions in interfaith dialog, and to corrupt man’s image (which is God’s image) using science, eventually eliminating Christianity (and religion) altogether (which seems akin to the Beast throwing Babylon’s religions off his back in Revelation 17:16).
And by New Agers (and freemasons) pretending they have the esoteric secret truth about all religions, they are thus forcing religions to reinterpret their belief in the light of their Satanic New Age ideas about reality, which is doctrine based solely on Esoteric teachings from mediums and contract with fake Aliens. This is why the Bible warned us to have no contact with mediums and mystics in Leviticus 19:31.

There is indeed a common thread Satan wove through all his false religions, using common symbolism (stars, sun, rainbow serpent, peacock etc), this plays without doubt into his end game, if indeed his end game involves convincing the world all religions are equal and have the same source of superior race involvement, for his final attack on God.

Here is a free book by a Constance E .Cumbey, about the New Age Movement’s plans, which she exposes, and we are seeing carried out on global scale by the United Nations (while its an old book its still relevant)

Hidden Dangers of the rainbow is an old book that lays out the New Age Agenda very well