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    Nat Quinn
    A boy was playing outside and he was building cottages for himself and making roads so he could ride his buggies on them. In the process, there was a very large rock that was in his way, and he tried everything to get the rock moved. He pulled it, he pushed it, he went to get his little bike and tied a rope around it and tried to pull it away like that, but all to no avail. The sweat drained him, and he sat down despondently next to his father, who was sitting under a tree on a bench, watching this whole thing. His father looked at him fondly and asked him, “Boetman have you tried everything now?” Very indignantly, he said to his father: “Daddy saw how hard I struggled, I’m so tired now and the rock doesn’t move”.
    His father gently stroked his cup, and said to him, “But you haven’t tried everything”. Boetman jumped up and said, “But daddy saw how I was struggling” And then his father replied in a soft voice, “No my son, you haven’t tried everything because you haven’t asked me yet”.
    Lord how often do we have this awful rock in our way, and nothing we do or say moves it, and if we then descend on a pile and we want to cry with despondency, you ask so gently: “My child, have you asked me “We admit today that we are only trying in our own strength, and if nothing wants to work, then we go to you as a last ditch effort.
    Lord, from this day forward, I undertake to sit down first at Your Feet, then I have no need to exhaust my own powers in this way. Amen.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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