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VERY IMPORTANT: Putin’s China strategy – Expanding the Ukraine War to Asia/America-HISTORY REVIEWED-JAN LAMPRECHT

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    Nat Quinn
    Today I spent quite a lot of time doing some serious digging and I uncovered some excellent material relating to Russia and China. Some of the information has been around for 6 months now and I’ve only stumbled upon it now.
    I was pleased to see how one Professor who had also been Australia’s top spy on Russia told the story of how the West for DECADES OVERESTIMATED the strength of the Russians. He then gave his assessment that the West is overestimating the Chinese as well!
    He had written in 2016 warning that Russia would be back.
    A brief summary of what I’ve come across is this:-
    The Liberal World Order is collapsing. We’re back to REAL WORLD POLITICS. This is fabulous. This is where Whites are at their best. 30 Years of Liberalism/Globalism has come to an end and it’s collapsing, and now Russia is the first and main challenger.
    For DECADES there was an endless discussion with a lot of flip-flopping around in the West as to whether Russia and China are actual ALLIES. There is NO QUESTION that they are full military allies right now.
    Now for the kicker. The Russians have NOT been sharing their BEST WEAPONS with the Chinese in the past. However, about 6 months ago, the West began seeing the BEST Russian technology reaching China. The Russians gave the Chinese their best fighter plane. The dumb Chinese also could not build really good jet engines. The Chinese tried to actually BUY a factory in Ukraine which had such technology but the USA stopped it.
    What many people don’t seem to realise is that even in Hitler’s time, Kyiv had massive industries. That is why Hitler redirected Guderian’s Tank forces to Kiev. He wanted to seize it’s big industries.
    In the time of the USSR, Ukraine had *LOTS* of industry, including holding 1,900 nuclear ballistic missiles which America helped to remove.
    The bottom line is that the Russians are now giving their BEST WEAPONS and BEST TECHNOLOGY to the dumb Chinese Communist retards.
    Also, the dumb Chinese retards have very little battle experience. So as the Russians are learning from their many faults, all their battlefield lessons are being passed on to the idiotic Chinese.
    As I wrote the other day: Putin would be an idiot to not expand his war to other places since he has many allies across the world. Well, China is clearly at the top of his list.
    Also since he is cooperating with Iran and building their drones in Russia now, you can rest assured those weapons will be improved.
    It is a FACT, that the COLD WAR between the West and the East is back WITH A VENGEANCE. The prediction is that the new Cold War will be MUCH HOTTER than the one that we had in the 1970s, etc.
    I will be keeping an eye open for Russian activity in Africa. I’m not worried about the Chinese retards. I want to watch what the Blacks do, including in South Africa.
    It may be that Russian allies will become more aggressive including: Iran and North Korea.
    But China seems to be the biggest beneficiary. The Russians are actually giving them stuff that they previously held back on for decades.
    So tie this up with all these Chinese balloons, etc … and now it makes sense why the US Military sees a conflict coming with China perhaps as early as 2025.
    The American strategy, however, in order to remain THE GLOBAL POWER, is to smash regional powers IN THEIR REGION. That means that the fight between Russia and America and China and America will take place in their respective regions. America’s goal is to break China in Asia and hem it in. And Ukraine is the proxy for smashing Russia in its own territory.
    So both America and Europe will be safe. The real fight will take place far from where Whites live.
    Keep watching China. We’ll see what the Chinese retards do once the Russians beef them up and get them to be more aggressive to America.
    Putin will keep fighting on regardless of the casualties.
    I don’t see China as a big deal. The Chinese will be broken easily. But the Chinese will become a much greater nuisance now thanks to Russia.
    I think it is only a matter of time before we begin to see Russian activity in Africa, and especially in South Africa. I’ll keep an eye on things here. The Blacks love the Russians and all the Blacks are Communists anyway and the USSR/Russia was their prime supplier of weapons.
    The next 10 years are going to be very interesting. But I don’t see any existential threats for Whites in America or Europe. And I think Europe can emerge from this much stronger.
    I think as the years go by, you’ll see a LOT of Russian men being killed.
    Putin wants to bring back the USSR. The USA won’t allow that. And Putin won’t be able to crush the Europeans.
    I think ten years from now Europe will be much more militarised and much stronger. All Whites will be much more militarized and it will be good and healthy for us. Putin will struggle. But he has enough power to cause a lot of nonsense on several continents.
    Personally, I’m happy the Cold War is back. And clearly, all the old Communist allies are sticking together.
    I’m happiest about the collapse of Liberalism and Globalism. Whites function at their best in REALITY and this is where Putin has brought us. It’s back to REALPOLITIK and that is wonderful.
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