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    We Tried To Warn You and Now It’s Here.. message strange truth world news current events november 2022 today this week this month motivation WEF So this is PE and Mark who became president, CEO of Nokia in 2020, and he recently appeared in one of Wes Blue Rooms. He told an audience member that he believes by the rollout of six G, which they apparently plan to be doing around 2030. The smartphones people are walking around with in their hands right now will be obsolete. And these devices will instead be built directly into people’s bodies. And before I make the actual point that I came on here to make, can I just, I really wish that all of these people would stop acting like this is just the next logical step for this technology. What other technology is that? The next logical step ever? It’s not like they came out with a microwave oven, and then the next logical step was put it directly in your mouth so we could cook the food while you eat it. Or, wow, bicycles are really great. Give places really fast. Next logical step, can I attach that to my ass? Just right to me? All the time? All the time. I want the bicycle to be part of my ass so that I don’t have to ever be separate from it. I want it to just be right up in there. This. The next logical step is put it in your body. It’s, I feel like that’s silly the way that they talk about this. Like we’re all just supposed to know that and accept that and think that that’s normal to do. It’s, if you really just step outside of it for a second is if you were, you know, an alien from outer space or something, and one of the comic books that passes is a history channel show. These days we became human and you saw. You would be thinking that’s, that’s a really bad move. Maybe you should take a step back and tone down the hubris a few thousand notches and maybe consider that that’s, there’s some ramifications there that you might not seem to get if many of these things will be built directly into our, our, our buddies that dude’s face after he answers the question. Wow. To that. But look at this lady following it up real quick. And one of the, um, important statements we, I think made at our most recent developers conference is that we believe that one of the big advantages of augmented reality is actually solving problems here on earth. And it will be things like having glasses and being able to translate as you speak with glasses. And those are very close holograms. Holograms will be, she’s like, dude, You’re not supposed to go straight to telling them they’re putting in the brain. We gotta put on their face first. They have to wear it on their body and get used to that first. You’re skipping a whole step here in the plan. What the hell? Holograms will be very, very high, high quality. In the era of six 60, I’ve already seen 5G based hologram. Uh, demonstrations. They already work. But then with the next generation technology, I mean, we could be having, having this meeting so that in reality we would be sitting in different parts of the world
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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