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‘Willem Kruger planted in river’, claims social media group

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    Nat Quinn

    Social media users have been combing through the facts surrounding the death of Willem Kruger, a 29-year-old farmer from Grobersdal, Limpopo, who disappeared in November 2022.

    Kruger disappeared near the Henbase Lodge in Morgenzon, Mpumalanga, after attending the bachelor’s party of his friend, Ghini Greyling.

    Willem Kruger’s disappearance
    Nine days after Kruger went missing, divers found his body in a white Toyota Hilux Dakar, in the Vaal River on 22 November.

    Doubts around investigation
    Certain key elements, however, have investigators stumped. The question remains: Did Willem Kruger drown?

    The Hilux’s keys were found inside the vehicle, but the handbrake was up, and the automatic gear lever was in Park mode.

    Netizens have taken to groups on Facebook in an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding Willem Kruger’s death.

    Stag party fight
    Some members of the Baklei vir Boere Facebook group claim a fight broke out at the bachelor’s party. The same members believe Kruger’s body was “planted in his bakkie, in the water”.

    Some members of the groups TrotsAfrikaans and Baklei Vir Boere also believe foul play was at foot, with one person stating anonymously:

    It’s because [Willem] stood up for justice that night. Vehicle found in ‘Park’. Come on, the key wasn’t even in the ignition”.
    The same netizen claimed the guilty party hid Kruger’s body for a week before finally pushing the Hilux into the Vaal River.

    ‘Willem’s blood calls out to you’
    In what appears to be response to Kruger’s alleged murder, the user says: “Jou bakkie wat moer toe gestamp is word weggesteek op jou plaas. Jy gaan aan met jou lewe, cover op vir jou bloed, want jou bloedjies is mos dikker as water… Willem se bloed roep uit jou blerrie Kain”.

    Translation: Your vehicle, which has been smashed to pieces, is hidden on your farm. You go on with your life, cover up for your blood, because your blood is thicker than water… Willem’s blood calls out to you, your damn Cain.”

    Another netizen said the bartender was allegedly paid off. He also claimed the owner of Henbase Lodge “is buddies with the groom’s father”.

    Henbase Lodge‘s statement
    The owner of the Henbase Lodge denies cover-up allegations in Willem Kruger’s death. The lodge issued a statement on Tuesday, saying it could not respond to any queries “not substantiated by facts”.

    “Henbase Lodge remains committed to honesty and transparency and will not at any time be involved in any cover-up or bribery, and unfortunately cannot respond to sensational reporting.”

    Kruger’s father, Tian Kruger, said the Rapport’s allegations “did not come from us”. He didn’t elaborate on the investigation.

    The same Facebook user claims an eyewitness – a senior woman who stayed at the lodge in Mpumalanga – saw everything.

    He said money talks but the truth always has a way of coming out.

    Shots fired
    Shots were fired the night Kruger went missing, according to an admin in the Baklei vir Boere group. However, Kruger wasn’t wounded in the firefight.

    The admin added:

    “There was a fight, and we are keeping everyone informed about the ‘suspicion’ that he was later planted in the water in his bakkie. Mind you, only a (very strong) suspicion.

    “This suspicion is currently still being investigated. So far it is clear that Kruger did not drive into the river himself. But it’s not confirmed yet, that’s just what everything points to. You can also quote us.

    “Our information is 100% accurate and comes from the right sources. We only share if we are 100% sure of our facts. We also see no connection between Jan Hendrik Bower and Willem Kruger’s family, apart from the maiden name of his mother.”


    ‘Willem Kruger planted in river’, claims social media group (citizen.co.za)




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