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    Nat Quinn
    PDF Version: World Affairs Brief September 23, 2022
    MP3 Audio Version available Friday afternoon
    World Affairs Brief, September 23, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
    Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel
    Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
    This Week’s Analysis
    Are Biden and Putin Bluffing?
    Busing Wars
    “Special Master” Judge Already Skewering Trump
    Is the Pandemic Formally Over?
    More Proof of Vaccine Dangers
    News Shorts
    Preparedness Tip: Garlic “Anti-plague” Remedy
    Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin issued significant threats this week during speeches about the two
    big hotspots in foreign policy: Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively. Biden surprised the
    Washington establishment again by saying that US forces would defend Taiwan with military
    force in the event of a Chinese invasion and Putin restated in the strongest terms yet that he is
    willing to use nuclear weapons against the West if Putin perceives the West as threatening
    Russia. The big question is, is one or both bluffing? This week, I’ll analyze in detail why it’s
    likely they both are. If either made good on their threats, it would certainly usher in a nuclear
    third world war, which neither are prepared to confront at this time. Someday, however, Russia
    and China together will be ready to strike the West.
    Let’s look at the Biden claim first. Back in May of this year, during a visit to Tokyo, Biden was
    asked point-blank by a reporter if the US would respond militarily if China invaded. Biden
    responded in the affirmative. The White House immediately backpedaled saying the president
    surely meant to reiterate that the official policy of the United States is the “one china” policy
    whereby Taiwan is part of China but that reunification must happen peacefully.
    Now Biden has again stated, even more clearly, that the US would intervene if China invaded, as
    Reuters documents:
    U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese
    invasion, his most explicit statement on the issue, drawing an angry response from China
    that said it sent the wrong signal to those seeking an independent Taiwan.
    Asked in a CBS 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday whether U.S. forces would defend
    the democratically governed island claimed by China, he replied: “Yes, if in fact, there was
    an unprecedented attack.” Asked to clarify if he meant that unlike in Ukraine, U.S. forces –
    American men and women – would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, Biden
    replied: “Yes.”
    The CBS interview was just the latest time that Biden has appeared to go beyond
    long-standing stated U.S. policy on Taiwan, but his statement was clearer than previous ones
    about committing U.S. troops to the defend the island.The United States has long stuck to a
    policy of “strategic ambiguity” and not making clear whether it would respond militarily to
    an attack on Taiwan.
    It didn’t appear ambiguous to China who responded immediately saying it “deplores and firmly
    opposes” Biden’s Taiwan defense pledge, adding that it has lodged “stern representations” with
    Washington, as RT reported.
    Taipei, in turn, welcomed the US president’s remark, which it took as confirming
    Washington’s “rock-solid security commitment to Taiwan.”
    Biden, however, hastened to qualify his statement by claiming that the US is not encouraging
    Taiwan’s independence. “There’s a One China policy and Taiwan makes their own
    judgements on their independence,” the president added.
    The island has been de facto independent since 1949, after the losing side in the Chinese
    Civil War [after globalist George Marshall cut off military aid to the anti-communists to force
    that defeat] fled to Taiwan and set up its own administration there. While only a handful of
    nations have since recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country, Taipei has long enjoyed close,
    unofficial ties with the US, with the latter supplying weapons to the island.
    Meanwhile, on paper, Washington still adheres to the One-China principle, under which it
    formally recognizes only one Chinese government – in Beijing.
    But Biden allowing for Taiwan to determine to remain independent certainly adds ambiguity
    tothe situation. In response Biden’s globalist national security advisor Jake Sullivan made the
    strongest statements to correct the impression that the US would intervene in Taiwan with
    military force, as Fox News detailed:
    National security adviser Jake Sullivan walked back President Biden’s statement that the
    U.S. would deploy troops to defend Taiwan from China on Tuesday, saying Biden was
    answering a hypothetical and that there was no change in policy.
    No, it wasn’t a hypothetical question. It was a straightforward “if China attacks how will the US
    respond?” A hypothetical would begin with something like, “Let’s suppose that…” You can take
    an “if” statement as hypothetical but clearly the question to Biden was not and Biden didn’t
    regard it as such. Sullivan knows that and was clearly aiming to walk back Biden’s statement of
    support.  All this confirms that the globalists controlling Biden have no intention of allowing a
    military intervention on behalf of Taiwan
    Sullivan made the statement during a Tuesday press briefing at the White House, where a
    reporter pushed him to explain Biden’s comments, that the U.S. would defend Taiwan from
    China in the event of an “unprecedented attack.”
    The U.S. has not previously made such promises regarding Taiwan, and Sullivan stated that
    Biden’s statement was not to be taken as a policy change. “As the president said in his
    interview on ‘60 Minutes,’ we continue to stand behind the ‘One China’ policy,” Sullivan
    said. “When the president of the United States wants to announce a policy change, he will do
    so. He has not done so.”
    No, Biden did NOT say “we continue to stand by the One China policy. He merely said, “There’s
    a One China policy” but left the door open when he said, “and Taiwan makes their own
    judgements on their independence.”
    “[Biden] stands behind the historic U.S. policy toward Taiwan that has existed through
    Democrat and Republican administrations and has helped keep peace and stability across
    the Taiwan Strait for decades,” he continued.
    No, the permissive “One China” policy has not kept the peace at all. It has encouraged China to
    build up its naval and missile forces all around Taiwan in preparation for this attack. Just because
    the facade of peace hasn’t been broken yet doesn’t mean China isn’t clearly getting ready to
    make war on Taiwan.
    If you listen to the press conference in the Fox link above, you will hear the reporter challenge
    Sullivan’s downplaying of the remark by asking if Biden’s remarks were meant to provide a sort
    of deterrence to China. Sullivan evaded the question by simply repeating Biden’s commitment
    to the One China policy.
    Jake Sullivan is Biden’s main Foreign Policy handler, and he has the typical background of any
    lawyer climbing the globalist leadership ladder: According to his Wiki: “Sullivan won a Rhodes
    Scholarship to attend Magdalen College, Oxford, where he studied international relations… He
    also worked for Brookings Institution president Strobe Talbott at the Yale Center for the Study
    of Globalization.”
    I do think there is a deterrence effect in Biden’s remark, even though I doubt he or his handlers
    planned it that way. China has long had tacit and secret assurances by various globalists in the
    State Department that the US will not intervene militarily to protect Taiwan, and removed US
    troops years ago, but China can no longer be sure the US will stand back and let Taiwan fall.
    Biden’s off-the-cuff support for Taiwan may have undermined China’s confidence in US
    permissiveness. The policy of “strategic ambiguity” put forth by the globalists to induce China to
    go to war may now work against their subtle provocations.
    If the US did not intervene to help Taiwan, the American public would surely see the
    contradiction in America giving billions in military aid to Ukraine, and not doing anything to
    save Taiwan, which has much closer economic ties to the US than Ukraine. -Think computer
    chips and thousands of other products.
    On the other hand, Biden is a pure puppet of the globalists that control his administration, and I
    don’t believe any of them would allow Biden to give the order to intervene militarily should
    China attack. Any US intervention would likely precipitate a nuclear world war because North
    Korea has warned on more than one occasion explicitly that it will attack US and Korean forces
    if the US does intervene—and that would expand the Taiwan intervention into a new Korean war
    which could easily turn nuclear, since China is bound to NK by treaty.
    In the end, I can only conclude Biden’s threat of US military intervention in Taiwan is a bluff or
    more probably an off-script mis-statement. If it isn’t, US military intervention to save Taiwan
    won’t be contained to Taiwan only. Biden’s unscripted remarks may have unwittingly had the
    benefit of delaying the attack and giving Taiwan more time to prepare. But that strike will still
    come, so the Taiwanese should not be lulled into any false sense of security.
    Putin’s Nuclear Threat
    Putin has made several veiled threats about nuclear weapons before, but now he and his puppet
    politician Dmitry Medvedev (who used to alternate with Putin as president in order to keep Putin
    from going past the term limitations) are both threatening the use of nuclear force in a recent
    Dmitry Medvedev says, Russia will defend occupied areas of Ukraine with nukes, that
    includes the largest bombs and hypersonic weapons fired at the West. This comes after Putin
    made fresh atomic threats to world leaders over the war. Russia has been forced to mobilize
    its military reserves after humiliating defeats in Ukraine.
    Putin’s speech was his strongest pronouncement so far, saying “It’s no bluff.” But few in Russia
    believe him as the Daily Mail noted:
    Former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has claimed Vladimir Putin’s threat to use
    nuclear weapons in Ukraine is a ‘bluff’ and predicted the collapse of his regime within two
    years… It comes after Putin threatened Kyiv and the West that he won’t hesitate to use
    nuclear weapons to protect Russian territory, as Moscow prepares to annex Ukrainian
    territory via sham referendums.
    The referendums were a sham because all the pro-Ukraine citizens have been driven out of the
    Donbass during the Russian occupation. But saying that the Putin regime will collapse is wishful
    thinking. Putin is not a democratically elected leader. When the Communists faked their own
    demise in 1989/90, the party went partially underground but still controls all the major opposition
    parties including Putin’s United Party. There is no way Putin is going to be ousted even if the
    majority of people turn against him—unless Putin’s growing health problems become
    Russia is no longer controlled by the former Communist bosses who controlled Gorbachev and
    the Politburo during the Perestroika initiative (to make the West believe the Soviets were
    moderating). Those hidden Communist leaders came out in the open and became all the original
    oligarchs with Boris Berezovsky at their head as the Chairman of the Commonwealth of
    Independent States (CIS). As evidence that Putin owed his rise to Berezovsky, Putin met five
    times with Berezovsky at his Spanish villa in the year before he assumed the presidency when
    Boris Yeltsin, the drunk “president” had finally ceased being useful to the conspiracy.
    But after a few years in power, Putin took absolute power of the new Russia when he had
    Berezovsky killed in London, and the other oligarchs either jailed or exiled. Putin then allowed
    his own team of younger wealthy oligarchs to rise to power, with a promise of protection in
    exchange for what was rumored to be a deal for 4% of their annual profits, making Putin the
    wealthiest man in the world, secretly. That golden palace in Sochi is his.
    Other analysts in the UK also think Putin is bluffing.
    While he has issued apocalyptic threats against the West before, Putin’s thinly veiled
    warnings in a rare national address Wednesday signaled that he was willing to raise the risk
    of nuclear conflict to avoid an embarrassing military defeat.
    The Russian leader accused the United States and its allies of “nuclear blackmail” and said
    without elaborating that high-ranking officials from NATO states had made statements about
    the possibility of “using nuclear weapons of mass destruction against Russia.”
    Then he delivered a notable reminder: “If the territorial integrity of our country is
    threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our
    people,” Putin said, an apparent reference to Moscow’s sizable nuclear arsenal.“It’s not a
    bluff,” he added.
    “I think it signals that he wants people to think he would risk nuclear war,” Phillips
    O’Brien, a professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. “I
    don’t think it means he is any more likely to do it than he was yesterday.”
    In his speech in February announcing the start of what the Kremlin calls its “special military
    operation” in Ukraine, Putin warned that anyone who dared to intervene would face the full
    force of Russia’s nuclear arsenal. This time, however, he faces a different reality: His army
    has experienced humiliating setbacks, his troops are demoralized and depleted, and he’s
    facing rare criticism at home.
    Desperate for a victory, the Russian leader allied his nuclear threats and call-up of reservists
    to a plan to annex occupied territory in Ukraine’s east and south.
    “He is doubling down politically because he is losing militarily,” said Michael Clarke,
    professor of war studies at King’s College London. “Creating more ‘Russian’ territory is an
    attempt to scare the West because Russian nuclear doctrine has always maintained that
    nuclear weapons would only be used in defense of Russia directly. He says, ‘This is not a
    bluff,’ which shows that it is.”
    Russia’s reaction to Putin’s Mobilization Order
    Putin issued an order to call up reserves for the fight in Ukraine came at low-point in the fight. In
    the first place, it’s a stark reminder to most Russians that the war in Ukraine is not going well,
    but with this limited call-up, more military-age men now face death in Ukraine, and whatever
    little popular support for the war before, is quickly evaporating. The Daily Mail documents many
    are rushing to get out while they can:
    Thousands of desperate Russians are scrambling to flee the country to dodge Putin’s
    mobilisation, as miles-long queues form to escape into border countries. Men of fighting age
    are racing to avoid a potential call-up after Putin ordered Moscow’s first mobilisation since
    World War Two, with plans to immediately start conscripting some 300,000 troops to fight
    on the frontline.
    Many flights were sold out yesterday amid the panic, while others appeared to resort to
    drastic tactics to avoid the conscription, with Google searches for ‘how to break an arm at
    home’ – skyrocketing hours after Putin’s speech.
    The call-up could be much larger. Part of the mobilization order released to the media was
    blacked out according to one source. “A censored paragraph in the order actually says 1 million
    will be called up, a source close to president has said.” That doesn’t speak well for how the
    Russian military views the situation in Ukraine. Most of those being called up first are from the
    areas closest to Ukraine, but it still takes time to integrate them into units and restore their
    military training.
    The also pointed out that Putin’s mobilization order appears to violate Russian law.
    That may be why Putin is attempting to annex the Donbass so that he can claim Ukraine is
    now attacking Russia itself:
    Mobilization, or ‘mobilizatsiya’ in Russian, is a relatively well-defined set of authorities that
    are ostensibly regulated by Russian law. A key aspect of the legal parameters is the need for
    Russia to be in a formal state of war for mobilization to be declared, hence the need for a
    pretext given the current unprovoked war on Ukraine. Officially declaring occupied areas to
    be Russian territory would allow the Kremlin to claim, regardless of the facts, that its soil is
    under attack from Ukrainian forces.Currently, the Russian government describes what it is
    carrying out in Ukraine as a “special military operation.”
    The Military Reality of Using Nuclear Weapons:
    A lot of people are rattled by Putin’s claim that “This is not a bluff.” But the military reality of
    nuclear war is that the side that starts out small with nuclear weapons, will bear the brunt of the
    counterattack. Any use of nuclear weapons will precipitate a massive response by the other side
    because if you don’t you invite a larger response by the enemy in return.
    Russia with its recent show of conventional military weakness is in no position to consolidate
    any gains by destroying some or even most of the West’s military bases. It can’t occupy even a
    small portion of Ukraine, let alone all of Europe and the USA. If you can’t consolidate and
    occupy, the West can eventually rebuild its military might and fight.
    That’s why I continue to tell readers that Russia has to wait until China is ready in order to try
    and decapitate Western military power, and that can only be done with a massive nuclear first
    strike on military facilities and missile silos. Forget about hitting cities. Our enemies don’t have
    enough weapons to hit all the military targets (some requiring 2-3 warheads each for hardened
    targets like missile silos), let alone hundreds of cities.
    Then there is also the issue of maintaining one’s nuclear stockpile. Nuclear warheads are
    expensive and complex to maintain. Tritium triggers have to be constantly renewed or
    refurbished. Stupidly, the US built a state-of-the-art nuclear refurbishing facility for the Russians
    after the phony fall, and the Russians immediately locked US inspectors out of the facility so they
    could not verify if the Russians were recycling old warheads into nuclear fuel as they promised or
    whether they were refurbishing the warheads.
    In fact, we don’t know how many warheads the Russians have nor the Chinese. The intelligence
    community is simply guessing. So, I’m not minimizing the threat of nuclear war, only saying that
    we can’t trust disarmament treaties or what the Russians say. They’ve lied about every treaty they
    ever signed.
    Of course, I think the US has more weapons than they admit to as well, likely including space-based interceptors that are top secret. The only reason we suspect the US has military technology
    in space is because Gen. Mattis hinted at a Booze Allen Investor Day in 2018 that, “US spending
    on Space Command is huge and what we see allocated in the budget to Space Command is but a
    small fraction of what we are really spending there!” All the spy satellites and GPS and
    communication satellites are on the budget, so I deduce the rest could only mean space-based
    What role might PDD-60 play in all this? This still secret Presidential Decision Directive in 1997
    revamped our nuclear war fighting doctrine from one of winning a nuclear war by “launching on
    warning,” to absorbing a nuclear first strike —and then retaliating afterward (with whatever we
    have left). The answer is: neither the Russians and Chinese believe it. They think it’s a trick. In
    short, the threat of retaliation is still a massive deterrent, and so Putin launching a limited nuclear
    missile strike at the West is fraught with danger for most of his arsenal.
    What about limited tactical nuclear strike on some military facility in Ukraine? Yes, it would do
    more damage than a conventional weapon, but it would take multiple tactical nukes to neuter the
    Ukrainian military. So one wouldn’t do the job and many tactical nukes would enliven the entire
    Western world against Russia. They would clearly see it as an existential threat, and so would the
    Western leaders would be forced to respond, and now the reverse nuclear requirements are in
    play for the West. If they retaliate, they have to hit all of Russia’s nuclear weapons at once, or
    any that remain would allow Putin to start launching at the West. Russia has an advantage in that
    it has many road mobile missiles that can’t be targeted by the West easily. All US missiles,
    except submarine-launched missiles are in fixed silos and easily targeted. The only advantage to
    our silos is that they are hardened, Russia will have to use up their larger warheads or expend
    more than one smaller warhead on each of the 400 plus silos to ensure a kill. Our submarine-launched missiles don’t have warheads big enough to strike hardened targets.
    But in the big picture, there is no such thing as a limited nuclear strike. Any use of nuclear
    weapons will quickly escalate into a full launch by one side or the other. We are talking major
    devastation here to military targets. And even worse, any first strike attack will be a massive all-out nuclear attack on US and NATO military forces.
    Since that guarantees WWIII, I, along with most military analysts, believe that won’t come until
    there’s a much larger provocation than the war in Ukraine. Notice as well that even Putin
    conditioned his threat on an actual attack on Russia itself—which the West is careful not to do.
    As pointed out earlier, this may be the reason why Putin is trying to annex the Donbass.
    Even if Putin decides to launch against the West, British nuclear war expert Mark Almond says
    the West will know about it through our satellite eavesdropping:
    The good news is that Putin can’t start World War III by simply jabbing a red button on his
    desk in the Kremlin. If he decides to launch an attack, the order has to go through at least
    three layers of checks put in place to prevent the accidental or unauthorised launch of
    nuclear missiles.
    Before reaching the nuclear silos, mobile launch sites and submarines, his command would
    go via three men: Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov
    and the head of the Russian nuclear rocket forces, Sergei Karakayev. Even after travelling
    down this chain of command, the launches would not follow instantly.
    Unless there has been a change in the standard protocols since Russia invaded Ukraine,
    there would be a 20-minute gap between each transmission from the ‘nuclear football’ [the
    Cheget] containing the codes required to transmit the launch order and targeting
    information, to allow the nuclear troops to verify that it is genuinely authorised.
    What we don’t know is if Russia’s aged atomic warheads still work. While Russia has tested
    the missiles that would carry the nuclear warheads, test-ban treaties mean neither America
    nor Russia has actually detonated a nuclear weapon for decades.
    Given the sophistication of our security services’ eavesdropping capabilities, no Russian
    nuclear attack would come out of the blue. To launch thousands of missiles and bombers will
    require a blizzard of electronic orders and these would be intercepted by the West’s spooks.
    In addition, spy satellite images of the concrete and steel covers of the huge underground
    nuclear storage bunkers being pulled back, submarines putting to sea and Russian strategic
    bombers rolling out on to runways would all give us advance warning of an offensive.
    Indeed, it would be reasonable to assume that we in the West will have, if not the ten-minute
    warning of popular cliche, perhaps up to an hour in which to prepare.
    But unless Putin is suicidal, the threat of a devastating atomic strike-back should make
    anyone in the Kremlin think twice about attacking the UK, meaning mutiny among his inner
    circle would be entirely possible.Nonetheless, we can’t trust Putin’s promises. We should
    take his threats seriously.
    Summary: And so we should take Putin seriously. Even though I don’t believe Putin will launch
    his nukes over his threats about Ukraine, Russia and China will surely someday attack the West
    with nuclear weapons. That’s why I’ve been pressing my readers for so long to prepare for
    nuclear war and the massive social unrest that will follow the EMP strike which will precede it. It
    is survivable but not if you don’t prepare. You still have some time, but the window of
    preparation is getting shorter every year you wait—and disrupted supply chains are not going to
    make it any easier.
    And, for those of you who keeping arguing about whether we should be in Ukraine or not, spend
    your energy instead on preparing for the larger war because it’s coming, and it won’t be deterred
    or postponed by letting Russia win in Ukraine.
    The Bogus Rand Report
    Many conservatives opposed to the Ukraine war bought into a forged report claiming to be from
    the Pentagon-connected Rand Corporation. It’s a completely bogus report on its face, which
    Rand correctly labels as a forgery: But there are many false claims in the bogus report that
    confirm it’s not from mainstream Rand. Redpill conservatives had to swallow a lot of bunk to
    believe this:
    It appears that RAND has predicted that the United States economy is on the brink of
    collapse. Rising debt and uncontrolled printing of cash as a result of the economic downturn
    brought on by the plandemic, has brought the United States to a precarious position. They
    predict the continued deterioration of the economy will likely lead to the defeat of the
    Democrat party in both Congress and the Senate, opening the door to an impeachment of Joe
    Biden in the next session of Congress.
    The Executive Summary begins with the title: “Weakening Germany, strengthening the US”,
    with the ultimate goal being the infusion of cash into the banking system by European and
    NATO aligned nations.
    First, to believe that Republicans are in a political position to impeach Biden is lunacy. Second,
    weakening Germany by starting the war in Ukraine to induce sanctions against Russia, who cuts
    of natural gas to Germany is a bridge to far to swallow. Every EU nation, including Germany is
    already dependent on secret bank bailouts from the US Fed, and causing Germany to collapse
    doesn’t increase funds into the USA, the only source of Western bailouts in the entire EU.
    The governors of Texas and Florida continue to rile Democrats in Blue states by busing illegal
    aliens Biden refuses to halt into Washington DC, Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard to let liberals
    have a taste of what they are responsible for. Martha’s Vineyard residents think they turned the
    tables on Florida Gov. DeSantis by saying they’ve been “enriched” by the 50 illegal aliens who
    arrived on two flights from Florida this week.
    But that seems to be hypocritical given that all 50 were swiftly deported to a military base less
    than 48 hours after arriving. Martha’s Vineyard didn’t feel they had the facilities to take care of
    the illegals. Officials in the city declared a “humanitarian crisis” and Gov. Charlie Baker (R)
    deported the new arrivals to Joint Base Cape Cod. How do they think Texas and Florida feel,
    beset upon by hundreds of thousands of illegals?
    Immigration Leftists have conjured up a lawsuit against Florida’s governor claiming the illegals
    were trapped into a “premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme.” They claimed as well that
    they were promised employment, housing and educational opportunities. Some said they were
    told falsely that they were flying to DC or Boston when they were headed for Martha’s Vineyard.
    Gov. DeSantis responded with a copy of the release Florida had each immigrant sign agreeing to
    the transfer which mentioned none of those things. Now they are fighting over the translation of
    the language, whether or not it is accurate.
    Next, DeSantis targeted Biden’s beach home in Delaware with a flight of migrants. According to
    the Daily Mail, “The plane is the same one used to transport 50 illegal immigrants to Marthas’
    Vineyard with no warning last week. Republicans have stepped up their attacks on the Biden
    administration as they try to make immigration the theme of November’s midterm elections.”
    Texas governor Abbott says he will keep busing illegal immigrants out of his state until the
    Biden administration stops allowing this defacto open border policy. That won’t happen in my
    opinion. When Biden was a candidate, he even called on asylum seekers to surge the border.
    Texas Lt. Governor Patrick said, “Texas is now spending around $4 billion a year on border
    security, while normally the state spends around $400 million. “This is a financial burden on us.
    But more importantly, it’s an invasion of our state,” he said per the Epoch Times. Illegals have
    even been bused near VP Harris’s DC residence.
    As I said last week, Trump was foolish to agree to a FISA court Deep State judge to arbitrate
    between his lawyers and the DOJ over the classified documents found in the raid on his Mar-a-Lago Florida residence. In every single controversy the judge is making it impossible to restrict
    the government’s access.
    1. Judge Raymond Dearie says he doesn’t want to see any of the classified records. Trump’s
    attorneys have tried in vain to see the documents the government claims they have, so they can
    tell what they are, and if Trump remembers declassifying them. According to the Epoch Times,
    the judge said,
    “If I can make my judgments without—I don’t want to see the material—it’s presumably
    sensitive material. If I can make my recommendation to Judge Cannon, right or wrong,
    without exposing myself or you to that material, I will do it. On the other hand, if I can’t, we
    have to take another alternative.”
    The judge has clearly conjured up a reason to not make a judgment on the material. If the judge
    doesn’t allow them into the courtroom, Trump’s lawyers, even though they have security
    clearances will be blocked from seeing what the government has.
    The government is saying that the lawyer’s being cleared is not the issue but they are being
    denied because of a “lack of need to know.” Don’t need to know? How else are they going to
    defend the president if they are denied access?
    The U.S. government says it took 103 documents marked classified from Mar-a-Lago in
    August, along with over 11,000 non-classified documents. The government is trying to shield
    the documents from Trump’s lawyers and Dearie, while Trump’s team says it wants to see
    the papers.
    “I believe we have a need to know, absolutely,” James Trusty, one of Trump’s attorneys, told
    Dearie during the hearing. He said that issues surrounding the lawsuit Trump filed against
    the government cannot be fully addressed without having “some access” to the materials.
    Cannon ordered Dearie to review “all of the materials” seized by the FBI and to ensure that
    the latest inventory disclosed by the government is accurate, among other duties.
    Dearie is distorting this order by interpreting what Cannon asked him as “address the
    classification status of the seized documents.” and not the content. You don’t need a special
    master to determine the classification stamps.
    2. On Tuesday Judge Dearie repeatedly asked Trump’s lawyers to prove the former president
    declassified the documents stored at Mar-a-Lago. The judge kept pushing Trump’s lawyers for
    not being able to back up the former president’s claim that he declassified the highly sensitive
    national security-related records discovered in his residence.
    That’s impossible on two counts: 1) without seeing the documents the FBI took in the raid, and
    2) Trump had absolute authority to declassify anything he wanted to without written
    authorization—because he is the ultimate authority while president.
    President Trump last month described the declassification process in a statement to John
    Solomon of Just The News.
    “He had a standing order that documents removed from the Oval Office and taken into the
    residence were deemed to be declassified,” Trump’s office said in a statement to Just The
    News. “The power to classify and declassify documents rests solely with the President of the
    United States. The idea that some paper-pushing bureaucrat, with classification authority
    delegated BY THE PRESIDENT, needs to approve of declassification is absurd.” [Gateway
    3. Judge Dearie gave Trump lawyers a September 30 deadline to prove the FBI planted evidence
    during the Mar-a-lago raid. That’s something impossible to prove since Trump had no detailed
    inventory of the thousands of documents he had.
    It’s clear this judge is working against Trump. Once again Trump failed to detect someone who
    is part of the Deep State until he’s betrayed and it becomes obvious.
    Actually, there never was a pandemic sufficiently deadly to justify all the personal and economic
    restrictions and deadly hospital protocols that denied people easy remedies while pushing
    Remdesivir and ventilators. Politically, Biden knows that people are tired and fed up with the
    continued use of the Covid threat to push masks and vaccine boosters, now that more and more
    people recognize the uselessness of masks and the dangers of the Covid vaccines. In short, he
    wants to take credit for overcoming the pandemic and proudly announce that it is now over.
    But the PTB still want the emergency powers that the phony pandemic was used to justify. As I
    have long predicted, those emergency powers are never going away. Fox News summarized how
    a few mainstream sources are criticizing Biden for declaring victory while still retaining
    emergency powers—power that allows the lavish-spending side of government (the democrats)
    to continue controlling hospitals, schools, and state governments with “emergency” handouts.
    The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called out President Biden’s declaration that the
    COVID-19 pandemic is over, saying he was trying to have it “both ways” by continuing to
    exercise emergency powers.
    “President Biden finally dared to say it on Sunday, declaring in an interview on CBS’s “60
    Minutes” that the ‘pandemic is over.’ Various public-health eminences are saying he’s wrong,
    but his comments recognize the reality of the disease at this stage [hardly a threat] and the
    public mood,” the board wrote.
    “The trouble is that his Administration still hasn’t lifted its official finding of a Covid
    public-health emergency,” the board added.
    The board went on to note that COVID-19 had become “significantly less lethal” following a
    significant number of infections and vaccinations that brought immunity to those who were
    once vulnerable. [Vaccines provided no immunity, only long term damage to people]
    “Why hasn’t the President also declared an end to the public-health and national
    emergencies? If the pandemic is over, then so is the emergency,” the piece argued. The board
    argued the reason is that money talks, and doling out billions in aid to Americans is a path
    the government does not want to stray from.
    “This [money] includes more generous food stamps and a restriction on state work
    requirements. It also limits states from removing from their Medicaid rolls individuals who
    are otherwise no longer financially eligible. The Foundation for Government Accountability
    estimates these ineligibles cost nearly $16 billion a month.”
    The argument circled back to Biden’s controversial student loan handout as well, pointing to
    the $500 billion canceled under the guise of COVID-19 emergency powers.
    “Mr. Biden seems to want it both ways. He wants to reassure Americans tired of restrictions
    on their way of life that the pandemic is over, and they can get on with their lives. But he
    wants to retain the official emergency so he can continue to expand the welfare state and
    force states to comply,” the board wrote. Covid can’t be an emergency only when it’s
    politically useful.”
    But that is exactly why it was conjured into a worldwide pandemic—to get people used to living
    under emergency powers that have no constitutional basis in any state or nation.
    Covid Vaccines are Damaging Women’s Reproductive Systems: Dr. Naomi Wolf documents
    the research showing the heavy damage women around the world are experiencing after taking
    the Covid vaccine.
    A group of medical and scientific experts who have selflessly stepped up to analyze the tens
    of thousands of formerly internal Pfizer documents released under court order subsequent to
    a lawsuit by Aaron Siri’s firm, Siri & Glimstad, and a FOIA by Public Health and Medical
    Professionals for Transparency — have now fully demonstrated that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines
    target human reproduction in comprehensive, likely irreversible ways.
    39 fully cited reports to date, have documented evidence of what I’ve been calling “360
    degrees of harm” to reproduction. The Pfizer documents reveal monstrous damage to
    menstruation, harm to the testes and epididymis, harms to the penis, horrible harm to the ova
    and ovaries, mechanisms for compromising the placenta, contamination of amniotic fluid,
    and damage to newborns. They reveal that four women’s breast milk turned blue-green. They
    reveal injuries to at least one newborn that extend to death from ingesting tainted breast
    milk. They reveal horrific levels of miscarriages. They reveal that Pfizer defined “exposure”
    to the vaccine as including sexual intercourse, especially at conception. They reveal a weird
    focus on mammalian sexual and reproductive issues.
    All of these horrors make extended appearances in the Pfizer documents, which were never
    expected to see the light of day. You can read the details in the above link.
    More Data on Young Athlete’s Cardiac Deaths: Good Sciencing compares the death data for
    young athletes in the years before the Covid shot and afterward.
    It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or
    to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and
    deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to
    people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious
    In response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list
    of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022 after receiving one or
    more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people
    were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting
    them. They started happening and ramping up after the first COVID vaccinations. The
    mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that
    soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a sudden cardiac
    arrest. Many of those die – more than 50% (of those who collapse on the field).
    We also note that many posts in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, forums and news stories are
    being removed… None of the clubs want to reveal this information. None of their sponsors
    want to reveal it. The players have been told not to reveal it. Most of their relatives will not
    mention it. None of the media are asking this question.
    Prior Year Data: The International Olympic Committee studied documents from
    international data banks from 1966 to 2004. Those documents indicate 1,101 sudden deaths
    in athletes under 35 years of age, an average of 29 athletes per year, the sports with the
    highest incidence being soccer and basketball. A study by Maron on sudden death in US
    athletes, from 1980 to 2006 in thirty-eight sports identified 1,866 deaths of athletes with
    cardiac disease, with a prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
    The above shows that in prior years, there were 66 deaths per year, but there have been 89
    reported in January 2022, so far.
    That’s for one month alone. At that rate there would be 1068 per year—16 times higher than
    normal. And, there are always the dramatic exceptions we’ve seen on video of people collapsing
    or having tremors right after receiving the shot. In Saskatoon Canada, there is the recent case of a
    woman dying while still in the drug store after receiving her Covid booster shot.
    A woman reportedly collapsed and died just moments after receiving a Covid booster at a local
    drug store in Saskatoon, Canada. reports:
    According to social media posts by the woman’s daughter, her mother Carol Pearce, who
    was described as “perfectly healthy” and as having “no medical issues at all,” died inside
    Shoppers Drug Mart on Wednesday, Sept 14 within minutes of texting her daughter she’d
    received the jab.
    ‘Irrefutable Proof’ that mRNA Vaccines Cause Vascular and Organ Damage: The study,
    conducted by microbiologists Dr. Michael Palmer and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, was mostly based on
    the findings of German pathologists Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Dr. Walter Lang. Now, with these
    pathology slides and the specific types of immunochemistry staining, Bhakti and Palmer
    show—unequivocally—that the spike protein is quickly disseminated to every organ they
    examined,” Here is a summary of the findings as published in the Epoch Times:
    -mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site; they instead travel throughout the body and
    accumulate in various organs.
    -mRNA-based COVID vaccines induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike
    protein in many organs.
    -Vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation.
    -Vaccine-induced inflammation can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels,
    sometimes with deadly outcomes.
    “This study, by the type of dyes they use, shows irrefutable proof that the spike protein goes
    everywhere—heart, ovary, liver, spleen—and to a lesser extent, testes.”
    “This is what leads to multi-organ system failure. This is what leads to infertility in women.”
    US Marines Suspend Retaliation and Separation of Unvaxxed Marines: A court order has
    finally brought one branch of the military not to ignore religious exemption requests. [Epoch
    Another Doctor Tracks Health History of Vaccinated Kids: Dr. Paul Thomas hired an outside
    firm to do the health record tracking. The results dramatically show that children who receive the
    long list of childhood vaccines have far more health problems than the unvaxxed including 3x as
    much eczema, 4x the neurological damage, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc, 30x as
    much allergies (Monson Study–peer reviewed). He has long explained the aluminum damage, but
    he says the main problem is too many vaccines too soon which damages the immune system and
    make children highly susceptible to other diseases. How was his research received? The Oregon
    board took away his license to practice!
    Novavax Used to End Vaccine Exemptions: Children’s Health Defense reports that, “A
    Wisconsin hospital this week said it is withdrawing medical and religious exemptions for some
    employees from the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, giving those employees until Sept.
    21 to get the Novavax vaccine.” The well documented article also explains the numerous side
    effects of the claimed traditional vaccine that the FDA approved prematurely. Novavax still uses
    the spike protein which is also likely causing all the damage in the other Covid vaccines.
    Deaths Soar in One of the World’s Most Vaccinated Areas: Alex Berenson reports that
    “Deaths in the Australian state of Victoria, where 95 percent of adults have received Covid
    vaccines and most are boosted with mRNA shots, soared to their highest level in at least 13 years
    in August – far above the five-year average.”
    China Expanding Overseas Secret Police Stations, Including One in NYC: Newsmax reports
    that, “The communist Chinese government has expanded its network of worldwide ‘unofficial’
    police stations to monitor its citizens, The Telegraph reports, with new stations in the U.K.
    operating out of Chinese restaurants or convenience stores.The Chinese Communist Party
    operates 54 such stations around the world, according to the report, with 36 of them in Europe.”
    Three More Stories of Women who Regretted Transgender “Therapy”: The Daily Signal
    reports on a new documentary about three woman who followed the advice to undergo hormone
    therapy and transgender surgery, but instead of resolution they only found much deeper
    problems. “All three women interviewed suffered from suicidal ideation and depression. Each
    believed that changing her name, pronouns, appearance, and hormones would solve her
    problems, yet each found her emotional state dramatically worsened as a result.”
    Steele Dossier Source Confirms He Was Paid by FBI for Years A key source for the
    anti-Donald Trump dossier paid for by Democrats has confirmed that he was on the FBI’s payroll
    for years. Igor Danchenko, who provided information to the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele,
    “was a vital source of information to the U.S. government during the course of his cooperation
    and was relied upon to build other cases and open other investigations.” [Epoch Times] Of
    course, now the damage to Trump has already been done, so the news is a bit late.
    Interest Rate Hikes Only Stop a Portion of Inflation: The Federal Reserve on Wednesday
    raised its policy rate 0.75 points to 3.25%, the highest since 2008. US central bank also projected
    rates will hit 4.4% this year and 4.6% in 2023 – higher than expected. The Fed is attempting to
    cool down the economy to battle soaring inflation, which officially stands at 8.3% [Daily Mail]
    Real inflation is double that.  And raising interest rates impacts the construction industry as well
    as business loans, which will damage employment construction industry and business growth.
    Walmart and Target Downsize Inventory, Cancel Billions in Orders: Michael Snyder, the
    perennial predictor of economic collapse, thinks this is because they know a collapse is coming,
    or at least a major recession. “These retailers are obviously scared that they will end up stuck
    with massive amounts of inventory that they cannot sell. Do they believe that economic activity
    during the months ahead will be much lower than they originally anticipated? One corporate
    executive that is actually publicly admitting that he believes that a recession is coming is FedEx
    CEO Raj Subramaniam…”
    Actually, this is simply the result of stagflation—people cutting back on items they can no longer
    afford, especially big ticket items, which big box stores have overstocked on as explained in this
    article by
    5TH Circuit Appeals Court Rules against Big Tech Censorship: A federal appeals court in
    New Orleans has ruled in favor of a Texas law that seeks to rein in the power of social media
    companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor free speech. The decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit
    Court on Sept. 16, upholds the constitutionality of a Texas law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last
    year and delivers a victory to Republicans in their fight against big tech censorship of
    conservative viewpoints. “Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First
    Amendment right to censor what people say,” U.S. Circuit Court Judge Andrew Oldham wrote in
    the opinion. [Epoch Times]
    The dreaded Black Plague that killed almost one-third of Europeans in the 14th Century , is
    caused by the bacteria, Yarsenia pestis, that is typically harbored by small animals and spread by
    fleas both to other animals and sometimes to humans. There are three forms to the disease:
    bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic. Bubonic is the most common and characterized by swollen
    and painful lymph nodes and high fever. This form is typically only passed between people
    through fleas. Pneumonic plague is a complication of the bubonic plague when the bacteria
    spreads to the lungs and results in pneumonia, which is much more deadly and infectious since it
    can spread by coughing and sneezing. Septicemic is where it infects the bloodstream, also a
    complication of bubonic and quite deadly, but not as contagious. Most bubonic plague is still
    spread by fleas, so elimination of the source of fleas and other sanitary improvements have been
    the key to eradicating the disease. Antibiotics are also used against the bacteria, particularly
    The Black Plague subsided after rats were driven out from households, and other sanitary
    conditions were improved, but it continued in the animal population and was carried to America
    by rats on ships where it produced some limited outbreaks, the last of which occurred in Los
    Angeles in 1925. This bacteria is still around in the US and elsewhere, carried by squirrels and
    other small animals in dry, desert areas like the US Southwest where a few human cases are
    documented each year—usually when the host animal dies and the fleas jump to pets or humans.
    People in these areas are advised to avoid any dead animals.
    It is, perhaps, not so surprising that when Dr. John R. Christopher, an accomplished herbalist,
    was speaking to a group in Arizona that he was asked by multiple people for an herbal remedy
    for the plague. He was quite taken aback by such a dramatic request and said afterwards, “Here I
    am an herbalist, but I’m not that sharp, I can’t just out of the clear sky pull something like this –
    no time for meditation, no time at my desk to figure things out, and so I needed additional help
    so I said, Father please, and this formula flooded down to me and I gave it and they wrote it as
    fast as I could give it.” Dr. Christopher was especially noted for his ability to combine mutually
    beneficial herbs into synergistic formulas for better results. His inspired, but from-the-hip
    solution centered around the powerful antibiotic properties of garlic, and balanced it with helping
    herbs and soothing honey. Here is the recipe:
    32 oz or 8 parts apple cider vinegar
    20 oz or 5 parts vegetable glycerin
    20 oz or 5 parts raw honey
    8 oz or 2 parts garlic juice, fresh
    8 oz or 2 parts comfrey root concentrate (or slippery elm bark)
    4 oz or 1 part wormwood concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part lobelia leaf or seed concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part marshmallow root concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part oak bark concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part black walnut bark concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part mullein leaf concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part skullcap leaf concentrate
    4 oz or 1 part uva ursi, hydrangea or gravel root concentrate
    All of the dry herbs should be soaked overnight in 16 ounces of pure water and each of these
    gently simmered (not boiled) until they form a tea. Make a decoction of each tea by continuing to
    simmer them, uncovered, until they are reduced to a fourth of their original volume (around 30-60 minutes). This requires a lot of pans on the stovetop, since each herb is cooked separately, but
    you can make it in stages, as long as you refrigerate each decoction until the rest are ready. If
    refrigeration is not possible combine each ingredient with the vinegar, honey and glycerin to
    preserve it. Let the concentrates cool before adding to the rest of the mixture to keep the honey
    raw and the other enzymes intact. Here is a video of the process. It makes about a gallon of
    remedy, which is well worth the effort considering a pint costs almost $80 right now.
    Dr. Christopher said that he later heard that an outbreak of the plague did occur in that area
    (perhaps the spike in cases back in 1983). Regardless, Dr. Christopher’s listeners told him they
    had prepared his remedy and gave it to the affected people with excellent results. Like most
    herbal remedies, this story is not backed up by clinical trials, but after using this remedy for years
    in our house during cold and flu season, I can confirm it is a valuable immune-booster. A
    tablespoon per day seemed helpful at keeping illness away, or a tablespoon could be taken at the
    earliest signs of sickness and up to every hour during illness to help shorten its duration. Many
    other users think so too.
    Keep this recipe next to your fire cider recipe, which is also a powerful immune-booster made
    from cayenne, ginger, turmeric and garlic infused in vinegar. In fact, I think the two recipes could
    be easily combined into a super-potent immune potion, if you use fire cider instead of plain
    vinegar in the anti-plague recipe. The herbs and honey would buffer the strong cider nicely, and
    provide the same synergistic effects.
    The good news with regard to the bubonic plague is that although it is around, it is not infecting
    people seriously—thanks largely to our good sanitary conditions that keep rats and other rodents
    from proliferating near human living areas. The bad news is that when garbage service stops in
    hard times, varmints could quickly become a problem again. That means another outbreak of the
    bubonic plague could occur again helped by the loss of core sanitation infrastructure like water,
    power, and store-bought soap. But in every epidemic a percentage of the population survives,
    thanks to a superior immune function. This preparation can help boost your immunity when it
    matters most.
    Although the concern about a return of the plague inspired this recipe, it has much broader use
    for almost any situation where you need a stronger immune system. Dr. Christopher says Garlic
    fights viruses and all bad bacteria, while encouraging good bacteria and overall gut health. Garlic
    is excellent for lung issues and pneumonia, helping clear out congestion in both lungs and nasal
    passages. Some people have even reported it helping fight off cancer. Too much raw garlic
    causes a burning sensation in the gut, but this anti-plague remedy has soothing properties that
    allow you to take a tablespoon without discomfort. The flavor is strong, but not unpleasant. Add
    this to your natural medicine cabinet and you will find it will quickly become a valuable tonic for
    a variety of issues. [END]
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