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World Affairs Brief September 30th, 2022-JOEL SKOUSEN-NORDSTREAM, RUSSIA AND MORE!!!!

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    Nat Quinn
    PDF Version: World Affairs Brief September 30, 2022
    MP3 Audio Version available Friday afternoon
    World Affairs Brief, September 30, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
    Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel
    Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com).
    This Week’s Analysis
    Nordstream Pipeline Explosions—Who Did It and Why?
    Russia’s Annex of Eastern Ukraine
    The Covid Hype Doesn’t Die Easily
    FBI Targets Pro-Life Activists
    Two EU Nations Turn Against Globalism
    Dangers of the New Journalism Act
    More Government Spying
    News Shorts
    Preparedness Tip: Large-Capacity Solar Generators
    Several precisely laid explosions opened up a more than one gaping hole in each of the Nord
    Stream 1 and 2 pipelines carrying Russian natural gas from Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in
    northern Germany. Four separate gas pipeline ruptures have been reported near the Danish island
    of Bornholm. The Nordstream 2 pipeline had been completed but never put into operation
    because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the first pipeline has been running at half
    capacity due to Russia’s increased price and currency demands in response to the sanctions. Both
    were pressurized with gas, but only the Nordstream 1 pipeline was connected to natural gas
    storage tanks in Europe. Most, if not all, of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline reserves in those tanks
    have already leaked out into the Baltic Sea and lost forever. Seismic stations detected the four
    explosions this week, but no one has claimed responsibility for the sabotage. Due to the depth of
    the pipelines (200 meters) everyone suspects that the explosions could only have been placed by
    a nation with deep diving robotic submarines. Depth charges dropped by a ship at the surface
    would not be accurate enough and GPS-guided torpedoes don’t work at that depth. This week I’ll
    discuss which side had the greatest motive to disable these pipelines.
    The companies themselves would not have had a motive having invested billions in their
    construction, which are now largely lost given the huge loans taken out to finance the project.
    The Russian Gas company, Gazprom, owns the controlling interest in both pipelines with
    German, British, French and Dutch corporations making up the other 49%. So, both Russian and
    EU companies are equally at financial risk for the damage.
    The Russian government would have been foolish to sabotage the huge amount of energy
    leverage they have developed over European countries through the EU’s dependence on Russian
    gas supplies, not only for home heating but electrical power generation—something I warned
    against over a decade ago.
    Germany, slavishly following the anti-nuclear hype from the Green party, shut down all their
    nuclear power plants making them even more dependent on natural gas generating stations and
    “green energy” (solar and wind) which have turned out to be totally inadequate. Switzerland is
    determined to follow the same suicidal energy policies on their nuclear power plants.
    The US denies as “preposterous” the claim that it sabotaged the pipelines, even though Biden
    made some very provocative remarks about bringing an end to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In the
    video from February 7, 2022 Joe Biden can be seen pledging to “stop” Germany and Russia’s
    Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. But everyone interpreted that at the time
    as stopping the final approval process since the pipeline was not yet in operation. The US did put
    pressure on the EU to block approval, and it worked, at least temporarily. I don’t think you can
    infer that the Deep State would have taken “loose lips” Biden into their confidence about a plan
    to sabotage the pipelines.  That would have been foolish.
    But political pressure has been building in Germany and other European countries to undo the
    sanctions as the protests grew by citizens facing a long cold winter without sufficient natural gas
    supplies or electricity to make up the difference. The ever-larger crowds wanted to reduce or
    eliminate all sanctions on Russia to get the gas flowing again at reasonable rates.
    I think this is the most compelling motive to sabotage the pipelines and end the growing
    sentiment to undo the sanctions. With the sabotage of both pipelines (which will take at least a
    year to repair, if ever) there is no longer the lure of natural gas as a motivation to remove the
    sanctions on Russia and eliminates any future European compromise with Russia on energy. It
    eliminates the biggest leverage Russia had over the EU. I suspect the West wants a permanent
    cutoff of Russian natural gas supplies to Europe and that is why I think they took such drastic and
    destructive means to end Europe’s dependency on Russian gas.
    I doubt that most political leaders of the EU or any of the individual European nations would
    have agreed to the sabotage plan, had they even known about it, given the potential of this being
    regarded as an “act of war.” But that certainly wouldn’t have stopped the Deep State from using
    secret military resources from doing the job. Remember, the Deep State is not just a controlling
    factor in America. It is the enforcement arm of the globalist conspiracy and operates throughout
    Europe as well with willing corrupt partners in each Western country.
    There are half a dozen highly trained military undersea demolition units in the European area
    capable of this level of underwater attack, and even some private commercial oil rig outfits with
    robotic submersible submarines capable of deep undersea work if hired as mercenaries. We will
    probably never know who did this, any more than who was hired to load the World Trade Center
    with explosives because everyone involved will be sworn to secrecy and threatened with their
    lives—as a “matter of National Security.”
    And because the blame will not be able to be definitively pinned on the West, it is doubtful this
    will justify a war between Russia and the West—at least not to a more dangerous level than what
    is already going on in the proxy war between the West and Russia in Ukraine.
    How will the EU survive this energy crisis? The easiest solution would be to restart their nuclear
    power plants to replace the electricity lost as NG power plants go offline. Electricity can even
    compensate for loss of NG heating in homes. But that’s not likely to happen given the EU’s
    unjustified fear of nuclear power.
    The US, of course, will be eager to use the crisis to justify increasing their shipments of
    compressed US natural gas into liquified natural gas (LNG) but that would also require building
    more European delivery and storage facilities. There may even be an emergency construction
    project to tap into the new Norway-Poland gas pipeline which might leave Poland short-handed.
    All of this (except the nuclear power option) will be expensive and time consuming but I can
    assure you that Europe is not going to collapse over it. There will be real hardship this winter but
    collapse doesn’t come as long as people have options.
    Several people emailed me thinking that this sabotage proved that the faked Rand report was
    proven right—that the US really is trying to destroy the German economy to save itself. But as I
    pointed out last week, it’s more than this general premise that is bogus in the report. The US
    doesn’t need or want a collapsed German economy, which wouldn’t solve its inflation or political
    problems anyway.
    Of course, the cut-off of Russian NG also facilitates policies that will advance the globalists’
    Great Reset agenda. There is nothing like a huge winter crisis to fuel more European subsidies
    and bailouts to individuals suffering this winter as well as move forward all plans to increase
    control and regulation of energy supplies.
    But remember, the Great Reset will take a long time to implement and get people used to its
    highly restrictive nature. No single crisis like this, short of war, is capable of justifying all the
    controls and restrictions the World Economic Forum (WEF) has in mind, let alone all the AI,
    transhumanist and robot ideas it envisions—which, frankly, I don’t think are possible with the
    growing turmoil in the world.
    There must be nearly perfect peace, stable electrical power, a solid supply chain and a compliant
    populace for all that high tech stuff to work. That’s not possible anymore. It’s now a race to see
    which disaster takes control first, the Great Reset or the Great War that will set back society in
    ways never imagined as a consequence for the growing moral corruption of the world’s people.
    Russia is set to make the formal announcement today after presenting the results of the sham
    election to the Russian parliament for its rubber stamp. In many parts of the Donbass, soldiers
    went house-to-house ordering people to the polls. That’s how you get the following impossible
    percentages of votes in Russia’s favor: 99% of Donetsk, 98% of Luhansk and 93% of
    Zaporizhzhia. The only area under tenuous Russian control that had less than total forced support
    was the Kherson Oblast where the Russian occupation is in real trouble—and even that
    supposedly came out 87% in favor.
    The US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, said, “The United States will never recognize
    Russia’s claim to purportedly annexed Ukrainian territory, and we will continue to stand with
    Ukraine for as long as it takes.”
    Remember, that besides the fear-induced “get out the vote” effort, most of those who still favor
    being under Ukraine have been driven out of the area or exported to Russia involuntarily where
    they have been confined to camps.
    This process is a predictable outcome based on Russia inserting Russian-speaking people into
    Ukraine’s borders decades ago (as it did with the Donbass and Crimea) or actually driving
    peasants out of Russia in neighboring countries as they did in the 3 Baltic states so as to provide
    a future pretext for invasion. As far back as 2014 Moscow established the “Putin Doctrine,” a
    blanket assertion that Putin had the right and obligation to protect Russians anywhere in the
    world. He specifically mentioned Ukraine, showing that he was intending to invade clear back
    then, but the threat will someday be used to invade the Baltics as well.
    Corrections to Tucker Carlson’s Ukraine War Analysis
    I like Tucker’s analysis when he stays on subjects he understands, which he usually does. But, he
    is weak on his understanding of free markets and has even allowed for socialist ideas at times.
    This week he also took a cue from a false analysis on Ukraine found in Foreign Affairs, a CFR
    publication and his commentary went downhill from there (video link):
    He should have known that the Foreign Affairs article he based all this on is part of the Council
    on Foreign Relations (CFR) the top globalist outfit in the US. The article claimed that all Russia
    wanted in secret negotiations with Ukraine was a promise not to join NATO, and that the Biden
    administration opposed it and wanted regime change in Russia against Putin, “apparently to
    avenge the election of Donald Trump which Russia was responsible for.” This is totally bogus.
    That’s not all that Putin wanted, as I’ll explain below.
    Tucker continues saying that the globalist sent “hapless cutout” Boris Johnson [true] to Ukraine
    last April with two messages, 1) that Putin is a war criminal [which is true, but so are the West’s
    globalist leaders] and 2) that if Ukraine is willing to sign some agreement with Putin the West is
    Tucker makes it appear that the Russian demand was very acceptable—even though he failed to
    acknowledge that this would be a denial of Ukraine’s sovereignty to say it can “never join
    NATO.” Besides, Putin’s defensive claim about not having NATO on his border has been bogus
    from the start. He’s already got NATO members in the Baltics on his border! But even worse,
    Tucker believes the CFR lie that the US wants “regime change” in Russia.
    “Regardless of what Ukraine wants, America and NATO want total war with Russia, regime
    change war.” From that point on he says, it became a war to topple V. Putin just like
    Saddam Hussein. And that is why we are the closest we have ever been to nuclear conflict”
    This plays into Putin’s hand claiming he’s “under attack by NATO.” All this shows a lack of
    understanding of the long-standing globalist goal of getting the US into WWIII so they can talk
    Americans into joining a militarized global government. They need lifetime dictators like Putin
    and Xi to get there. They don’t want regime change at all.
    Then he says that V. Zelensky’s response to Putin’s nuclear threats will force a nuclear war.
    Zelensky told the UK Guardian that “if Russia even thinks about nuking the West, the West
    ought to say there will be swift retaliatory strikes on Russian launch sites.”
    Tucker says that both Putin and Ukraine are making explicit nuclear threats, but Ukraine has no
    nukes to threaten Russia, and Zelensky doesn’t make or even influence the West’s nuclear policy.
    Zelensky is an amateur politician and his defensive reaction to Putin’s threats to the Guardian has
    no effect on US policy. Besides, as I’ve explained before in the WAB, Putin is bluffing, and we
    are NOT on the brink of nuclear war. Nevertheless, Tucker comes to his dramatic demand:
    “So, it’s time to shut down the war and force a negotiated peace, right now.”
    He claims the US should make Ukraine go to the table—promise not to join NATO and Russia
    will leave—everything will be fine. But this is not so. Russia has always demanded the Donbass,
    and later there would be more attacks because Russia has to have Ukraine with its industrial and
    agricultural might back in the fold before war starts with the West. If Tucker thinks that you can
    satisfy someone like Putin, by giving in to him, he’s terribly naive. Russia is still a Communist
    nation that is preparing to strike the West—along with China.
    War in Ukraine Slowing to a Crawl
    As the fall rains approach in mid-October and the fields turn to mud (until they freeze over in
    December), most, if not all, large-scale military offensive movements will stop. It will be time
    for both Russian and Ukrainian forces to regroup, restock, and increase manpower to take up the
    offensive or counter-offensive again in the winter or early summer.
    But Russia is now in a slightly disadvantageous position. It is out of reserves, and needs most of
    its remaining forces to simply hold onto the occupied territory, so it can no longer mount broad
    offensives, especially now that Ukraine’s use of the HIMARS rocket artillery have decimated
    Russia’s munition stockpiles. Russia no longer has air superiority on the battlefield, and it’s had
    thousands of tanks destroyed or captured.
    At home Russia’s mobilization drive is not going well. Thousands of Russians are fleeing the
    country at any border crossing that doesn’t require a visa, and Russian forces are physically
    having to corral and capture men trying to evade the call-up. There have even been large protests
    around Russia with citizens trying to protect their men from being drafted. The war is clearly not
    popular with ordinary Russians.
    Most of the reservists that have been forced into service are not young and fit anymore and will
    take time to be drilled into shape before being assigned to units. Russia will use the fall and
    winter downtime to try and reconstitute its failing forces. Daniel Axe, Forbes’ military
    correspondent, has access to US military intel and provides excellent weekly summaries of how
    the war is going.
    Meanwhile, the Ukrainian manpower numbers have been improving and more equipment from
    the West is pouring in every month. Here’s the Ukraine aid packaged promised by the US:
    The weapons and equipment in the latest aid package will be bought directly from industry
    on Ukraine’s behalf under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), meaning they
    are not yet built and could take some time to reach the battlefield. Most of the equipment
    already donated to Ukraine by the U.S. came from existing Defense Department stocks
    through Presidential Drawdown Authority, or PDA.
    Items in the $1.1 billion package include:
    -18 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and associated ammunition
    -150 Armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs)
    -150 Tactical Vehicles to tow weapons
    -40 trucks and 80 trailers to transport heavy equipment
    -Two radars for Unmanned Aerial Systems
    -20 multi-mission radars
    -Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems [drones]
    -Tactical secure communications systems, surveillance systems, and optics
    -Explosive ordnance disposal equipment
    -Body armor and other field equipment
    -Funding for training, maintenance, and sustainment
    The 18 new HIMARS rocket systems will bring to 34 the number Ukraine has, which have been
    largely responsible for turning the war around for Ukraine by being able to hit Russia’s supply
    depots while still staying out of range of Russian artillery.
    In addition, Ukraine has shown great resourcefulness in bringing tens of old fighter bomber
    aircraft out of their “boneyard” storage areas and making them airworthy. The Ukrainian Air
    Force is back in the sky in larger numbers than Russian aircraft (which continued to be hampered
    by US supplied hand-held anti-aircraft missiles).
    NATO continues to supply older Soviet era tanks and armored vehicles from Eastern European
    nations, which Ukraine upgrades and then puts to good use. The US also is putting several
    thousand Army trainers into Eastern Europe to train NATO forces in Romania, Poland and in the
    Baltics, shoring up the Eastern Front for what looks like an inevitable future conflict with Russia.
    Given the ongoing proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and its weakening effect on Russia’s
    conventional military, it guarantees that Russia will have to wait until China is ready to join it in
    a nuclear pre-emptive strike on Western military forces—the only way Russia and China can
    level the playing field at the start of WWIII. That war is coming but still not imminent, despite
    Putin’s saber rattling. And, even the US Department of State is rattling its sabers telling all
    Americans in Moscow to leave Russia while they can. Perhaps they fear Putin’s retaliation for
    the pipeline sabotage.
    The reason the nuclear option is Russia and China’s only real option is largely because of US air
    superiority—our aircraft would control the skies in any conventional war battle. Here’s a short
    description of the F-35’s capability versus any other aircraft from the military blog Quora.com.:
    I had a friend in the US Air Force tell me that four F-35 Lightning’s could literally control
    the Ukrainian skies and keep it free from Russian jets and drones. How is this possible?
    Answer: I have long stated an element of F-22 Raptors could take on the Chinese People’s
    Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and only be limited by gas and ammo. Twenty four
    J-11s (Su-27) and/or J-16s (Su-27UB) go up and twenty four jets go down in flames. Next
    element gets on station and repeats the process as long as the AMRAAMs hold out. At least
    the Chinese stuff can fly but even that wouldn’t save them. They would be totally outclassed.
    The F-35A could do the exact same thing in Ukranian skies just [by] removing 16 targets out
    of the sky at a time… the Russians can’t even keep their own weapons from downing their
    own fighters! A squadron of F-35As could clear Ukranian airspace of anything wearing a
    red star and keep it that way as long as we kept up a steady supply of AMRAAMs and the
    occasional AIM-9X.
    Your friend is absolutely correct. The Ukranian War did more to destroy the [reputation of]
    Russian arms industry than anything in history. We now know just how bad Russian
    hardware actually is. And reinforces why we’ve seen a trend of nations who operated
    Russian hardware replacing it with Western equipment at first opportunity. No one except
    India and China are buying Russian gear and, even then, only because they’ve had licenses
    or ability to build them locally on their own.
    Today no one in their right mind buys Sukhoi or MiG. It is Lockheed, Boeing, Eurofighter,
    Dassault or Saab all the way. Flying Russian nowadays is just a way to collect expensive
    targets for Lightnings and Raptors.
    One of the reasons the F35 is so valuable despite all its growing pains is that its electronic
    sensors are so powerful that it can track tens of aircraft at a time and relay that information to all
    other F35s in the area so that all attacks can be coordinated. No other aircraft anywhere in the
    world can do that. Combine that with its low stealth signature, and it’s a game changer in
    conventional warfare. That is why Russia and China will use nukes against US military bases at
    the beginning of WWIII.
    Incredibly, even though the Covid threat is almost totally gone, many people are still wearing the
    stupid and useless masks. Yesmanship to authority dies hard, even when the threat is gone. Even
    tyrannical Canada is giving up its mask mandates today, but the government is still telling people
    they should keep wearing them. And, as I pointed out last week, every state and nation in the
    Western world is still retaining their evil emergency powers, awaiting the next man-made
    pandemic—a sure sign that there will be more.
    Part of the reason why the establishment is giving up on pushing Covid and the vaccine mandates
    is that embarrassing studies are coming forth in quantity now proving that the vaccine is causing
    all these side effects and excess deaths. Here’s the data on a “rechallenge study,” covered by the
    Epoch Times:
    Researchers said that the phenomenon of rechallenge— when adverse events reoccur or
    worsen following additional vaccine doses —proves that some of the events were caused by
    the vaccine.
    A positive rechallenge was reported in 10 percent of the women who complained of
    menstrual issues, according to the researchers, who also identified cases of rechallenge for
    other adverse events. Rechallenge changes a causal link “from possible to definitive,” Dr.
    Mati Berkovitch, head of the research team and a pediatric specialist, said at the meeting.
    Rechallenge “helps us to establish the causal relationship,” added Sasha Zhurat, the main
    presenter at the meeting. The advantage of the surveillance system and the analysis “is not
    only to identify the symptoms but also to link them to the vaccine,” she said.
    Still the UK Ministry of Health refuses to admit vaccine causality:
    About two months after the meeting, the MoH published a public report on the results of the
    data analysis. “The report presents all the cases that were reported in close proximity to the
    receipt of the coronavirus vaccine, and does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship
    between receiving the vaccine and the reported phenomenon,” MoH said in the report.
    I don’t suppose the medical conspiracy will ever admit to the massive errors with these vaccines.
    The payola and control of Big Pharma is too great. Meanwhile, an email from 2013 has shown
    that the Vice-Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a Communist Party official, proving
    that the Wuhan lab is not private.
    In 1994 the Democrat-controlled Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances
    Act, more commonly referred to as the FACE Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton. It was meant
    to deter anti-abortion activists from blocking women’s access to abortion. There’s been an
    ongoing battle ever since into what constitutes “blocking” the entrance. Pro-abortion activists
    view any conversation with anti-abortion persons trying to convince young women not to abort
    as “blocking” but the courts have not agreed.
    On several occasions last year Mark Houck went to an abortion clinic to perform sidewalk
    counseling. He took his eldest son, who was only 12 at the time. For “weeks and weeks,” a
    pro-abortion protester would confront the boy saying crude, inappropriate and disgusting things
    that are too vulgar to convey.
    Repeatedly, Mark would tell this pro-abortion man that he did not have permission to speak to
    his son and please refrain from doing so. And “he kept doing it and was too close to his son,
    obscenely ridiculing his father, prompting Mark to shove him away from his child, and the guy
    fell back.”
    This was clearly a case of the Pro-abortion activist harrassing the son, but instead the abortion
    activist with the help of the many legal firms defending abortion filed suit against Houck, but the
    case was rightly dismissed since the other party was the aggressor.
    Then the FBI showed up in SWAT style to arrest Mark and rough him up in front of his family.
    Ryan-Marie Houck told LifeSiteNews.com,
    Sources tell the Todd Starnes Radio Show that dozens of agents surrounded the home of
    Mark Houck with weapons drawn — terrifying the man’s wife and seven children. “They had
    big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the
    house,”. “The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic.”
    So, why, exactly did Attorney General Merrick Garland send a small army to arrest a
    prominent member of the pro-life community [and put him in shackles]? In a press release,
    the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said that Houck is being
    charged with a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, more commonly
    referred to as the FACE Act.
    The federal indictment says that Houck twice assaulted a 72-year-old man who was a patient
    escort at a Planned Parenthood clinic at 1144 Locust St. in Philadelphia on Oct. 13, 2021.
    First, Houck shoved the escort, identified only with the initials B.L., to the ground as B.L was
    attempting to escort two patients.
    But that wasn’t true at all. It was B.L. that verbally assaulted the youth after his patients had long
    gone in. The Biden Administration needs to explain why they are sending armored squads of
    agents to bully and harass pro-lifers. I don’t think this will prevail in court, based upon recent
    As the following recent Thomas Moore legal case shows, there has been a long-running battle
    between abortionists and pro-life counselors with abortionists trying to ban them from counseling
    abortion seeking women in front of abortion clinics:
    The Allentown Women’s Center abortion clinic had accused Mark Bogunovich and other
    sidewalk counselors of physically obstructing access to the clinic as well as “threatening,
    harassing, and insulting employees” in a lawsuit filed in 2019 in Pennsylvania.
    “The complaint was driven by the Allentown Women’s Center’s desire to cleanse its
    entrances of pro-life speech by asking the court to impose a 25-foot buffer zone on each side
    of the clinic’s entrances… The complaint is a rather brazen attempt to use the FACE Act to
    abridge First Amendment rights.”
    “The clinic’s theory is that even the momentary presence of a vehicle in the driveway
    voluntarily stopping to listen to pro-life speech is a ‘physical obstruction’ prohibited by
    FACE. The court properly rejected this, recognizing that Mark Bogunovich has a First
    Amendment right to be in the public right of way, and cars have a right to stop if they wish to
    receive literature and engage in speech with him.
    “The evidence showed that Bogunovich did not stand in front of vehicles nor kept them from
    proceeding forward. No unreasonably difficult or hazardous condition was created by his
    actions, meaning there was no basis to enjoin it or impose a buffer zone to keep him off the
    clinic entryway.”
    Federal Judge Chad F. Kenney ruled from the bench on June 27, 2019 that the charges were
    unsubstantiated and that the abortion facility did not show a reasonable likelihood of
    proving that life advocate Mark Bogunovich violated the federal law that prohibits
    preventing clinic access. The suit is the latest in a long-running series of legal actions by the
    abortion center against pro-life advocates,
    The FBI is also targeting organizations opposed to sex change operations from being promoted
    and funded by state governments:
    Earlier this year, the Biden Justice Department sued the state of Alabama over the law
    against sex-change surgery and other medical treatment for minors. In August, the
    department subpoenaed documents from Eagle Forum of Alabama—which isn’t a party to
    the court case—regarding its interactions with lawmakers and other advocacy.
    After decades of Maxist leaders (Italy) and/or globalist leaders (Sweden) both nations have
    elected what appear to be Right-wing anti-globalist leaders. The most dramatic change took place
    in Italy with the election of Georgia Meloni as the first woman PM of Italy, and it appears she is
    decidedly pro-conservative, pro-family and pro-religion. The Gateway Pundit reports:
    Europe’s unelected authoritarian ruler, Ursula von der Leyen, is not going to be happy:
    according to early exit polls out of Italy, the right-wing bloc of Giorgia Meloni – which the
    ultra-left wing press just can’t stop comparing to Mussolini – is set for a historic, if largely
    expected, victory and a clear majority (if, however, not a super-majority) which will propel
    Meloni to the top of the Italian government as the country’s next prime minister, ushering in
    a historic right-wing shift for a country that – like Sweden until two weeks ago – has
    traditionally been very left-wing.
    Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party won the biggest share of the vote in Sunday’s parliamentary
    elections, according to an exit poll released by Italian national broadcaster Rai. She would
    require approval from junior partners in her coalition to assume the role.
    The new leader of Italy is a conservative woman who loves God, her family, and her country.
    She shared her thoughts in early 2020 at an event in Rome.In the 15-minute speech [in the
    link above], Giorgia Meloni shares her remarks at the God, Honor, Country: President
    Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations – A National Conservatism
    Conference in Rome, Italy – February 3, 2020.
    She said, “Our main enemy today is the globalist drift of those who view identity and all its
    forms to be an evil to overcome. And constantly ask to shift real power away from the people
    to supernational entities headed by supposedly enlightened elites.
    Let us be clear in our mind, because we did not fight against and defeat communism in order
    to replace it with a new international regime, but to permit independent nation states once
    again to defend the freedom, identity and sovereignty of their peoples…
    …As a serious alternative to the bureaucratic super state ..and although that someone in
    Brussels or Frankfort, Davos or the City of London, lacks democratic legitimacy, every day it
    commissions the economic choices and political decisions of those who have invested in that
    legitimacy by their popular vote.
    Meloni goes on to talk highly of Ronald Reagan and President Trump. Watch the entire
    speech in the link above which Meloni gives in English.
    Now there is a bigger question: Is she too good to be true? Dr. Robert Malone properly debunks
    the mainstream criticism of Meloni as a female Mussolini in this post, but he also allows her
    critics on the conservative right to give their evidence of her prior collaboration with the Covid
    tyrants and globalists at the Aspen Institute:
    In many ways, her positions are very consistent with the many Catholics who are not aligned
    with the current Pope. As many have noted, her only political freedom to differentiate herself
    and her party from other Italian political parties involves the cultural positions which she
    takes. Italy is completely financially dependent on Brussels now, which in large part
    demonstrates the consequences of a nation state losing control of its own currency.
    A more realistic and nuanced, less stereotyped analysis of the political reality within which
    Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy operate can be found in this article by Thomas
    Fazi, published in the UK-based online journal “UnHerd”, entitled Giorgia Meloni is no
    radical: Italian voters know she won’t change anything. Bottom line: if there is Fascism
    going on here, it is based in Brussels with the EU leadership, not in Rome with Meloni and
    the Brothers of Italy.
    EU president Ursula Von der Leyen confirmed that Meloni won’t get away with changing much
    when she responded earlier in the year to a reporter asking what would happen if Italy’s voters
    elected Meloni? She said, “We have ways to deal with that.” I’ll bet they do. But most
    concerning is this note at the end of Malone’s piece:
    A close friend of mine who lives in Rome (which is Meloni’s base) and is very embedded in
    current Italian politics has a different, more jaded point of view which is more aligned with
    Thomas Fazi’s reporting in UnHerd: “Meloni has been in the political game for so long –
    she’s voted for all Covid mandates And [not only] for green pass and mandates but as
    elections approached she erased all of her tweets/posts and started promoting “ free choice”
    – she is not [to be] trusted. She was part of the ASPEN INSTITUTE.”
    So enjoy the growing anti-globalist feelings while they last. The Daily Signal (Heritage
    Foundation) says the world is waking up to the globalist threat. I’m sure it is, in part, but it’s still
    far from a majority. Remember too that the globalists have ways of co-opting the opposition as
    they have done for years in France and Austria. The Aspen institute is one of the most powerful
    globalist leadership organizations, so we will be keeping an eye on Meloni to see if she follows
    through with her excellent rhetoric.
    Restrictions on “fair use” of other internet material is set to get a lot worse with the proposed
    “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act,” as Public Knowledge Forum explains from a
    leftist point of view:
    The bill proposes creating a “safe harbor” from antitrust law, allowing news companies to
    band together to negotiate compensation terms for their content with the largest digital
    platforms. The bill also allows publishers to restrict Google and Facebook [and other lesser
    internet sites] from linking to their news stories [free of charge], ultimately limiting the
    public’s access to credible [or not so credible] information online.
    That means it will undermine the fair use clause which allows limited quotes of mainstream news
    articles with attribution as long as you comment about it. Even worse, internet sites like mine
    won’t even be able to link to an article without paying a fee.
    “While the JCPA has undergone extensive rewrites, it is still an antitrust exemption,…
    Allowing the largest media conglomerates – like Alden Global Capital, Gannett, Sinclair
    Broadcast Group, and News Corp – to collude on the terms of access and value of their
    content will hurt competition and make our news landscape worse, not better.It also
    introduces a precedent of payment for simply linking to information on the internet.
    But there’s some bait in the bill for conservatives, which the author (a leftist who approves of
    Facebook censorship) doesn’t like:
    “This bill is also a threat to content moderation. The JCPA allows publishers to sue
    Facebook or Google for taking down content that the platforms find offensive or contrary to
    their community standards.And with the most recent amendment, proposed by Sen. Cruz
    (R-Texas), harmful misinformation, networked disinformation, and hate speech will be even
    harder to police under this bill.
    That would be a good thing—but not at the price of losing “fair use” and paying to link.
    Russia Today warns that,
    Multiple branches of the US military have bought access to “petabytes” of American
    citizens’ private online data via a tool called Augury, giving them access to an almost
    omniscient set of data points, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) claimed in a letter to the
    Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Wednesday.
    The alleged data trove includes an individual’s email communications, browsing history, and
    other behavioral information, all on demand and without a warrant… The senator asked the
    OIG to investigate the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department’s
    purchase and use of any such records. He cited a report his office received from a military
    whistleblower regarding the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) buying and using
    netflow data from data broker Team Cymru.
    Netflow data includes proprietary information normally available only to internet service
    providers, and is likely being provided without the informed consent of those providers – let
    alone judicial authorization.
    An investigation by Motherboard found they paid a total of $3.5 million to use Team Cymru’s
    tool Augury, which allegedly can access 93% of internet traffic.
    A spokesman from the Navy Office of Information told Motherboard that “The use of net flow
    data by NCIS does not require a warrant,” claiming the agency had not used netflow for
    criminal investigation purposes – only for “various counterintelligence purposes.”
    -As if that justifies unwanted searches. It probably does under secret provisions of the evil
    Even the Postal Service is Spying, but Not on the Mail: American Military News reported
    “A redacted bulletin obtained through the Freedom of Information Act also detailed how
    postal inspectors tracked “peaceful armed protests” by demonstrators at a Second
    Amendment rally in Virginia last year.
    ‘The gathering lasted approximately two hours, with members identifying themselves as
    affiliates of the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois and Last Sons of Liberty,’ the USPS’ bulletin
    said. ‘Counter-protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement also attended. With heavy
    law enforcement presence the demonstrations stayed peaceful in nature.’
    Some of the USPS bulletins included disclaimers that they are not trying to infringe on
    Americans’ constitutional rights and that the purpose of the surveillance was to support law
    When asked about why the USPS is surveilling Americans, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service
    said its inspectors are federal law enforcement officers who work to protect USPS
    employees, infrastructure and customers.”
    -Another lame excuse to pursue a loophole in the law.
    China Has Been Embedding Scientists At Los Alamos For Decades
    Zerohedge.com reports that,
    At least 154 Chinese scientists who worked on government-sponsored research at Los
    Alamos National Laboratory have been recruited by China to perform scientific work over
    the past two decades – including helping advance China’s military technology that now
    threatens America’s national security, according to a new private intelligence report
    obtained by NBC News.
    The report, by Strider Technologies, describes what it calls a systemic effort by the
    government of China to place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where
    nuclear weapons were first developed. Many of the scientists were later lured back to China
    to help make advances in such technologies as deep-earth-penetrating warheads, hypersonic
    missiles, quiet submarines and drones, according to the report. -NBC News
    You can’t tell me that the US government didn’t know this. The government has in past decades
    facilitated Chinese spying, not only at Los Alamos but at various military contractors, helping to
    build a future enemy for globalist conflict purposes.
    More Green Extremism in California: Just like they banned gas powered vehicles in the
    future, the state of California is banning the sale of natural gas furnaces and water heaters by the
    year 2030 in the name of its anti-fossil fuel green energy agenda [Newswars.com]. With nuclear
    power shut down and California’s chronic electricity shortages how do CA residents intend to
    heat their homes?
    Was there a Coup in China against XI? Rumors are floating around that China’s president for
    life, Xi Jinping, has been overthrown, but no hard evidence so far. Newsweek writes,
    Chinese President Xi Jinping became one of the top trending topics on Twitter amid
    unsubstantiated reports he is under house arrest and that China is in the midst of a military
    coup. Xi and the phrase #ChinaCoup trended on social media after tens of thousands of
    users spread unconfirmed rumors that the president was detained and overthrown by the
    China’s People’s Liberation Army.
    This speculation, which has not been discussed by any reputable sources, arrived as there
    are hardly any commercial flights flying over the capital of Beijing on Saturday, with
    unverified reports claiming all trains and buses are also being canceled out of Beijing. There
    has also been reports the fights were canceled amid a planned military exercise.
    In a series of tweets, Drew Thompson, a former Department of Defense official for China,
    Taiwan and Mongolia, describe the rumors as a “complete falsehood.” “The rumor that Xi
    Jinping has been arrested has legs because it is such a sensitive political moment in China,
    and the recent trials (and convictions) of long-serving senior officials creates a hothouse
    atmosphere,” Thompson wrote.
    US Treasury Bills Take a Beating. Bonds are in the midst of the worst crash since 1949, and
    are set to unravel some of the market’s most crowded trades [Business Insider]. Bonds are often
    used as an intermediate place to park stock trading money between trades, but that ability is being
    undermined by instability in Bonds. Treasury Bonds marketed in prior years at formerly low
    artificial interest rates are nearly worthless in the age of high inflation and still heading
    downward. And the FED’s cost of selling new bonds is going up dramatically, having to offer
    higher rates of interest, accelerating the interest costs that are moving the Fed toward the day
    when there are no longer enough tax revenues to pay the interest—which is technical insolvency.
    Soros-Backed Leftist Prosecutors Letting Criminals out on Bail: The soft criminal justice
    system in NYC is allowing sexual perverts to go free on bail to strike again. This is happening in
    all major cities with Leftist prosecutors whose lavish campaigns were funded by George Soros.
    This globalist financier is clearly trying to undermine the safety of our society [Blaze.com]. Soros
    is now trying to finance the campaigns of Secretaries of State to help manipulate election results.
    Fox News even tried to censor Newt Gingrich when he complained about Soros backing all these
    Leftist prosecutors. Gingrich correctly pointed out that George Soros threw an unprecedented
    amount of money into DA races all over the country to elect radicals and Fox News basically told
    him to shut up—saying “we won’t go there,” Surprised, he pushed the two women hosts saying,
    “What? I can’t mention that Soros financed their campaigns?” The hosts went into an awkward
    silence and then shut down the camera on him, even when he gave a few last words of protest.
    [see it on Twitter here].
    Jan. 6 Prisoner Beaten in DC Jail until He Lost an Eye: Ryan Samsel is being held in a
    Washington DC prison. On March 21, 2021, Ryan was awakened by correctional officers and his
    hands were zip-tied. Then they walked him to an unoccupied cell where he was brutally beaten
    by the officers. Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating. His face was smashed. The next day the
    guards beat him again. Later he was tied to a chair for 12 hours. The government now won’t
    allow him medical treatment. They Want Him Dead. [Gateway Pundit] The US justice system is
    becoming like the old Soviet Union if you are a dissident.
    Biden Quietly Backs down on most Student Loan Forgiveness: The Biden administration
    quietly announced a change in its student debt forgiveness program on Thursday that could
    exclude up to 4 million borrowers with loans owned or backed by private companies. The u-turn
    by the federal government comes after the first legal challenges were filed to the policy and
    following criticism of the huge costs to taxpayers. Critics also claimed the plan is an illegal use
    of President Joe Biden’s executive power. [Daily Mail]
    Paypal Bans use of their Service for Weapons and Ammunition. Paypal’s latest policy
    updates specify that “You may not use” their services for weapon or ammunition sales.
    Solar generator technology is constantly improving and expanding until there are now dozens of
    competing models and brands with everything from small portable units up to large whole-house
    options. I rely on Ben Gillmore’s honest reviews of all the various solar generators out there to
    fully assess their pros and cons. I especially like his at-a-glance chart that summarizes all the key
    features to look for. Don’t buy a solar generator without seeing what he says about it.
    “Solar generator” is a slightly misleading term, because these boxes don’t actually generate
    power without a large solar panel array which is sold as an optional add-on. Typically a wall of
    equipment is needed to process the power from a solar array and turn it into the kind of power we
    like to use. There will be a charge controller that manages the power coming from the solar array
    to maximize it even in low-light conditions, a battery bank that stores the power, and an inverter
    that converts the power to true sine-wave AC—which is required for computers and consumer
    electronics. On top of this are many smaller features like battery management systems,
    controllers and electronic switches for various configurations. A solar generator simplifies all this
    by combining all these items inside one box so you just have to connect up the solar array or plug
    it in to a wall socket and charge it up. It has electrical outlets right on the box for plugging in
    your devices or running extension cords to your fridge and freezer.
    For a long time solar generators were small or medium-sized, ideal for weekend trips or short-term power failures. There are some very good units in this category including the Point Zero
    Titan, but competition has also driven innovation into larger and stronger solar generators that
    can handle nearly all of the loads in a typical house except heating, air conditioning and electric
    water heaters. Some of the more powerful solar generators can even be paired up to provide
    240V power.
    This, together with impressive battery expansion capacity brings them almost into competition
    with dedicated off-grid systems, and because all the complicated systems are already packaged
    up in plug-and-play boxes, the homeowner only has to figure out how to install the solar panels
    on the roof and connect the power into the house, to have home energy again for everyday
    electrical demands like fridge and freezers, washing machines, security systems, power tools and
    Currently the best high capacity solar generator is the Ecoflow Delta Pro. By itself, the Delta Pro
    rivals the Titan, which I have recommended previously, but beats it out because of its much
    larger battery capacity, a better Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePh) battery technology (which gives
    it almost twice the battery cycle life) and because two Delta Pro units can be paired together to
    generate 240 volts of power using an Ecoflow double voltage hub to energize both sides of a
    standard electrical panel and handle critical loads like your well pump. Don’t try to power high
    energy items like central air conditioners that require 50 amps and electric ranges and ovens that
    require between 30 and 50 amps. Look for single burner hotplates for electric cooking and gas
    ovens. Some of the mini-splits heating and cooling units can be powered by larger solar systems,
    but they also require between 15 and 45 amps, which is a lot for even these large solar
    Here is a complete review of the Delta Pro, which is currently available for $3,400. The main
    downside of the Delta Pro is it can only take in 1600 watts of solar input, which means the
    largest solar panel bank will only recharge it and one expansion battery every day, if it is drawn
    down fully. The Delta Pro can be paired with up to 3 expansion batteries. A kit with the
    maximum amount of solar panels is just under $7,000. Expansion batteries are $2500 each.
    A new high-capacity solar generator—the Hysolis Apollo—could soon eclipse the Delta Pro
    when it reaches markets in early November. The Apollo’s big advantage is its much larger 5,372
    watt-hour battery (also LiFePh technology) and it accepts a much larger 4000 watts of solar
    panel input. This means it can recharge the Apollo and 3 additional batteries every day. In his
    review, Ben explains how additional solar input can be wired into each expansion battery to
    recharge up to 8 additional batteries for a total of over 48000 watt-hours. Like the Delta Pro, two
    Apollo units can be paired up to produce 240V power, but this setup is limited to a slightly lower
    25amps. The Apollo inverter boasts an impressive 94% efficiency which means more of the
    power you generate in your solar panels will be usable. Each Apollo costs $4,695 on pre-order
    right now, and expansion batteries cost $3,500 each. The extra cost is well worth it for the larger
    battery capacities, which are important for depth of power, but I recommend people wait a few
    weeks before ordering until Ben’s hands-on evaluation is completed in early November. He will
    let us know right away if there is anything that doesn’t measure up. Otherwise this looks like it
    will soon be the most powerful and expandable solar generator out there.
    The simplest way to hook most single solar generators to your house is with a 30 amp RV
    extension cord that connects into your panel via a transfer switch. The two Delta Pro units that
    produce 240v connect with a NEMA L14-30 outlet locking generator plug that can power both
    sides of a panel through an interlock switch. When using solar generators for backup be sure to
    switch off the big double breakers that go to your air conditioning, electric water heater and
    electric range (if you have them), or they could come on and overwhelm your solar generator,
    engaging the overdraw protection. This usually won’t damage your generator but you will need to
    restart the generator to reset it. Take steps to protect your solar generator(s) from the effects of
    EMP with a welded wire Faraday cage around them, then run the wires up to the panel in metal
    flex conduit and install a surge protector at each wired input to your panel to help shunt to
    ground and voltage spikes caused by an EMP in your house wiring.
    In summary, if you are not yet able to afford a full capacity whole-house solar backup system,
    consider a high-capacity solar generator with the biggest solar array it will allow. Chances are it
    can provide up to 90% of your home’s energy needs. These plug-and-play units can be installed
    with little or no professional help and are fairly easy to take with you if you move. If, however,
    you find 25 or 30 amps is too low for your home, then a bigger, professionally-installed system
    might be worth it. [END]
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