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2 thoughts on “The covid scam once again raises its ugly head in Australia”

  1. But wait a second please. Surely the majority of the sheep have all been vaccinated and boosted up to their eyeballs ? So why worry. You must be immune. No way you can catch covid. Yeah Right ! Surely it is only the unvaccinated who are vulnerable. That is according to Mr Science himself, Fauchi Ouchie.

  2. Michael Lawson

    Its like a victim getting robbed or mugged or raped a second time to make them feel better from the first time. I wonder how many will fall for it .

    I also have a suspicion that its a psychological operation to create a resistance against the wearing of masks so that they can introduce a truly lethal strain of something to kill most people. Presently the people have a doubt about masks and know they cant stop anything and as such will serve well to be the recipients of the forthcoming lethal strain of something. Its all planned and they have spoken many times already of future diseases for which they are developing vaxes for. Future diseases?????????????If they know that much then it is already a confirmation from their side that they are going to do it . When and what it will be is the question. Probably before 2025.

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