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Neil de Beer speaks out about his health challenges

The cancer from a tumour on Neil’s colon has now spread to his liver. Neil de Beer, who heads the UIM political party, will be taking 90 days of chemo to try and defeat what is a highly aggressive attack. The thoughts and prayers of the Loving Life community will be with Neil.

4 thoughts on “Neil de Beer speaks out about his health challenges”

  1. Michael Lawson

    Dagga oil , GcMAF , dietary change to alkaline and no red meat or dairy or sugar and carbohydrates.
    Forget the medical radiation etc . It will kill you. If you go mans way it will kill you. What God has given us is meant for cure. Use it wisely.

  2. Our prayers and faith for complete healing and recovery over Neil’s life and health be restored in Jesus Name. Strongs to him and his family,…Shalom

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