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3 thoughts on “The cultural divide white vs black farmer”

  1. just like my family who left rhodesia .then the terrorists starved .farmers in 1960s left the drc went south. nation of can not think even a month ahead. s a had 98k farms functioning around 1988. by 5 years ago around 8k farms .anc dirty filthy murdering terrorists are not going to feed s a or develop anything in way of jobs . the sh8t is going to hit the fan more so. if your a farmer look over the border to work and have a future. even going to Zambia is better .less than 2 days drive from Limpopo area .

  2. This is only to be expected from creatures that have an IQ of less than zero and who worship dead rotting corpses called ancestors..

  3. Michael Lawson

    That house is a perfect example of SA before 94 and now. Unliveable.

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