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5 thoughts on “WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: On the early morning of Saturday 24th December a LPG truck blew up causing devastation in Boksburg, South Africa”

    It becomes more and more clear day by day that SA does not have the means to act when disasters struck.
    WHAT !!! Injured people got shown away from a hospital???
    Don’t these people plan the routes which they are going to travel?
    Did the truck driver ever send out a distress call [ like 911] to his company in time? OR even to an emergency department who could have acted more swiftly?
    Too many questions – not enough answers.
    I am too shocked to say anything further.
    This MUST BE the worse accident SA had in many years.
    All I can do is pray for the victims of this tragedy.

    1. Viking Boer – the problem is that the OR Tambo hospital itself was badly damaged, with the ER’s roof having been ripped off. Hospital is situated only 100 m from where the main blast happened. 9 nurses were killed inside the hospital.

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