You can now be arrested for praying in the United Kingdom – Satan’s playground

A young woman is arrested outside an abortion clinic because she is praying – this happened in the United Kingdom at Bournemouth.

5 thoughts on “You can now be arrested for praying in the United Kingdom – Satan’s playground”

  1. I agree 100% with Scott’s title of this video – “United Kingdom – Satan’s playground”
    Back in the 70s with the outbreak of the punk movement, I drew a band on stage with a background poster stating “BRITIAN IS ROTTEN”. It happened that the frontman of the punk band “the Sex Pistols” at that state was Johnny Rotten.
    Look no further than the history of South Africa and the killing of women and children in the SA concentration camps that they set up and the burning of farms and the list goes on and on.
    My deepest sorrow is that they sold out Israel. Just read the history and also watch the many videos on my LLTV Forum section – ISREAL AWAKES.
    This is the start of the GREAT RESET everybody is talking about. Here I want to throw another spanner into the works. The Islam cult is very active in the UK and people, and especially Christians in the UK, should wake up. The UK will become an Islam Sharia Law state. The “Kingdom” in the name “UNITED KINGDOM” will soon disappear seeing that the Queen is now dead. Just look also who is the PM now.
    That by itself should raise a red flag.
    ISLAM IS A CULT and is allowed to do what they like in the Uk – even setting up their own “No-go Areas” and building mosques like it is going out of fashion.
    It has been proven over and over in debates with Muslims by Christians that the god of Islam is Satan which they call Allah. I have enough videos to expose Islam to prove this which I might share later.
    All I can say at this stage is that this video is 100% titled correctly.
    We as Christians should pray for the Muslims that they will come out of the cult that enslaves them.
    The evil is kicking in all over leading to the end times.
    That is all I dare to say for now.

  2. do you get the guillotine for waiting at the bus stop. these people need to leave that wild wood weed alone.

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