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LIVE: Dr Peter Hammond: Resistance to Revolutionary Reset

Dr Hammond talks about the active steps his mission is taking in fighting back against satanic forces in the world today. (NOTE: this video was removed by Youtube during the live stream for breaking community standards over “medical misinformation”).

10 thoughts on “LIVE: Dr Peter Hammond: Resistance to Revolutionary Reset”

  1. Medical Misinformation? Really.
    20 Million dead from the vaccine/ mRNA Gene therapy/Bioweapon/Tea
    2 Billion with very serious life threatening adverse reactions to the Bioweapon
    MSM still will not report it and if they do it is fake news in favour of big Pharma and that in it self is medical misinformation.
    You can no longer trust or have any faith or confidence in your government, Police, Military, Doctors, Nurses or MSM.
    20 Million dead from the Jab, it is worse than the Holocaust now.

  2. Donald S McAlvany.
    I have heard of him. He has travelled to SA many times.
    He did a report on SA and Rhodesia and it is shocking but true.
    He also had a video about South Africa on You Tube but it’s probably been removed.

  3. Again, I have said many times that my respect for Dr. Petter is top-level. This episode let me think that our Loving Life Forum will play a much bigger part in things still to come. We need more support for our Forums and to show appreciation for what NAT is doing there daily with all the updates and stuff to keep us further informed on what is going on.
    Secondly, our Facebook page is a wealth of information that can be shared worldwide.
    Thirdly, our Telegram platform is growing by the day and people should go and join the Loving Life group and show their support also on that media platform.
    Salute and Shalom

  4. We sit with a global narrative war and jewtube is one of the warriors attacking freedom and hiding the truth. The reset game played during the Tartarian era (civilization) not so long ago, can be seen as a trial run for the big reset now. Look at the topic Tartaria mudfloods and giants and see thousands of old images of the civilization and tech they removed. With forced jabs and social score cards, they will remove our drivers licenses eventually and so remove cars or freedom to travel. The digital currency will be switch controlled virtual money used as a weapon to demand obedience. China has thousands of death/penalty camps and the wef see China as their leading example how to run a slave system. Smart cities, will be smart prisons.

  5. -The Cape secession idea is starting to make sense, because at the rate of energy depletion now, the Gauteng region will not have any industry running successfully and then the western cape region will have just as much energy available as the Gauteng region….that is next to zero…. At least the W-Cape will have independance as to be able to put up a fight against the SA-Globalist terrorists and the rest of free loving South Africans will flee to this area and will have to shape an army as to protect the Koeberg power station from the destroyers as to use the only energy source left in SA. If the grid is destroyed then not even Koeberg will be of any use. The ancs really did a good job destroying SA for the nwo agenda.

  6. The racist globalists are clever people with well planned strategies and lock step actions, planned over a long period of time, with laws planted that seemed not so serious then, but implemented now is a death trap for us…like the world energy/climate summit and treaties signed. We will be fined for using our coal. The boiling the frog slowly method, is working well for them and the depopulation program makes sense for them where in a few years time, not much energy will be required because most will be dead. So they are simply steering society to be satisfied with what is there now and no new energy solutions will be forth coming. The lack of energy will actually contribute towards the culling process. The digital world and cars etc. can simply be switched off where we are not compliant.

  7. Accuse others of what you are guilty of yourself………..So is the Community violation accuzations of jewtube and others. They are violating our rights to be free and to express ourselves.

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