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Reality of South African whites in 2023

The evidence that the mainstream media is captured by the new world order today is overwhelming. One area they will not touch is how racist employment policies brought in by the ANC have devastated the white population in South Africa. Here is the proof.

8 thoughts on “Reality of South African whites in 2023”

  1. They are so evil the ANC and anyone that excepts what they are doing. To see them go hungry and no other country cares about this and lies about it makes me sick.

  2. You don’t even hear about this in the UK and the MSM don’t even say a word and if they do it’s in favour of the ANC.
    If it does get reported the MSM will spin it in such a way to make out that the whites are still racist.
    In the UK there are thousands of migrants coming into the UK daily and these English do not like it and they are not happy with it.
    These English know that they are rapidly heady for another great war this time with the Russians. I will not make the same mistake my father and grandfather made and fight for them this time round. They have shown their true worth in my book.

  3. Never say “whites are still racist”. “Racist/racism” are antiwhite slurs, we don’t use them. It keeps us locked in someone elses narrative.
    Those cunning words were invented by a man of semiticness to take down and white guilt people.
    Using racist/racism keeps the flames of the antiwhite oligarchs happily flickering.
    No White Guilt.

  4. The government’s policies are antiwhite (we don’t say racist/racism as it keeps those concepts invented by a man of semiticness to white guilt people, flickering and alive).
    It is antiwhitism.

  5. same thing happened to jews in germany from 1933 . Refused work by laws and persecuted by Hitler..this is the rainbow story of ubuntu bee and terrorist government in s a since 94 total failure . hate laws by bantu anc criminals. the only winners are the ones who leave s a to live a normal life.

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