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The covid vaxxed in Australia are victims of the biggest deception in medical history

Reports now confirm that Trump’s “Operation Warp speed” (the experimental jab) was rolled out in Australia by the US Department of Defense – not Australian authorities. The fake mainstream media were party to the deception through the “Trusted News Initiative”.

7 thoughts on “The covid vaxxed in Australia are victims of the biggest deception in medical history”

  1. scot been on your channel since 2019. when you said in january 2020 buy loads of food i did. 6 months worth and gas to cook. the virus raged outside and i stayed in my home 19 weeks alone. did not have to go out at all. thanks scot for the advise .plus im a non vax person now

  2. The most misleading word on their lips was “it is safe” to make the masses believe everything is OK. People dare not question that and those who do was blacklisted in many ways like stopping their social media platforms.
    Because I listen to Scott, I am still a pureblood. There were even people going around to register people to go for the injections by registering them on the internet on what day their turn will be to get the jab. They said that I will pay the price and get very sick and leave without registering me and my wife.
    I REFUSED !!!!

  3. Greg hunt is now the chancellor of the UK. Basically over riding sunak the pm and running the country as if he is the pm.

  4. The only time they will jab me is if I am dead. I am pure blooded and I will die that way. Scott we stand behind you all the way.

  5. I appreciate all your warnings through this time Scott and I adhered to it. Thank you so much.
    Unfortunately I could not save my loved ones. I am heartbroken.

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