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LIVE: Robin Pullen – how people have changed post-2020

Many psychologists are suggesting that not just because of the lockdown but, because of the experimental jab, the personalities of those people has materially changed. You might have seen this with friends and families. Tonight I discuss this with Robin Pullen how to focus your bain for a positive mindset.
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1 thought on “LIVE: Robin Pullen – how people have changed post-2020”

  1. It will be impossible to focus my bain but with a brain many things are possible and the positive mindset may be to forgive the loved ones for their naive behaviour trusting the bodies that are supposed to be looking after our wellfare. They did not follow what the Bible teaches that we should be on the watch to see satan making his moves and to take note of all the signs in heaven and warnings in the Bible. They would rather trust a girl like Soros’s family member, Gretha, when she teaches them about climate on the ‘trusted’ tv screen,…. than trusting scientists telling them that the earth is now 15% greener than in 2000 with all the positive life building CO2…..or they trust a billy the goat without a dr degree that taking juicy experimental money making injections, will save them from a lab created therapy called virus. It could be punishment for not reading enough and self study or turning your back on a dangerous animal trying to ignore it and thinking it will not do you any harm and the problem will go away.

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