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Food security will be the elephant in the room as we move towards 2030

While eating caviar and sipping on fine wine, wealthy elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos hobnobbed with an assortment of academics, government leaders, and environmental activists to discuss their plans for a global transition in agricultural production. They all agreed that the conventional practices now feeding the world need to be scrapped and replaced by organic-style farming, which they claimed would help fight climate change and make food systems more secure. Of course you and I, the useless eaters, will be eating grubs, worms and crickets while they have the finest grain fed beef in the world.

3 thoughts on “Food security will be the elephant in the room as we move towards 2030”

  1. Why would intelligent leaders with or without the freemason sticker on their backs, support the depopulation process…?Look at the bunkers mainly in the USA and other places (Australia, Europe Russia China etc..). and they are escape/protected massive underground havens and serves as a motivational force to take in cooperating humans. These bunkers are stocked with MASSIVE FOOD SUPPLIES and videos showing truckers going in and out. The earth’s core has just about stopped moving and thus our magnetosphere is stopping to work also and radiation will kill the surface humans and life. It may take 5 years or less to start moving again. This is why the mercy culling is happening now and where voluntary suicide fails, deaths will be boosted with wars and Haarp and bribing the starving with vaccinations of death or plainly forcing death vax into us. Yes secure some food but get yourself a bunker. 9 Billion people could not be accommodated so the elite claimed their survival. During the Tartarian era, the coming situation was already foreseen by the alien presence/advisors and the giants were taken out requiring massive space and food and sewage removal.

    1. That is why Billy and co. are buying up farmland and earth space, because coming out of the bunkers eventually will give them property rights and landlord status for a new beginning. King Billy will be the new king alongside Klaus etc. It serves a dual purpose where food is controlled now and so in the future. The co2 scam serves to show a reason for the radiation heat coming and so laws can be attached to kill more people. Why was Cern constructed…yes to help with the radiation problem in some way??. Our dna is changed now…why…maybe to survive more radiation??

      1. The interesting part is that the alien advisors will share these bunkers with the elite and if the food supply is used up down under, then guess where the food supply will come from eventually? Like Noah’s ark, the outside will be tested first before they venture out and maybe they need 8 years to say it is safe and then the food down there will become a serious case. The closed space farming may provide some food, but will it be enough?? Maybe Billy will be first on their menu?

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