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New globalist President in Brazil, Lula, announces COVID shot will be mandatory for children

Convicted criminal President Lula announced that the COVID shot will be mandatory for children if parents wish to continue receiving government assistance. Lula said, The children have to be vaccinated. “Suppose they don’t have a vaccination certificate. In that case, the mother will lose the benefit.” Lula said the government vaccine mandate is for the greater good, even if it means citizens take 10 or 50 vaccines. The announcement marks a major policy reversal since former President Bolsonaro, who stepped down after a contentious election in November, rejected the COVID vaccine mandate.

3 thoughts on “New globalist President in Brazil, Lula, announces COVID shot will be mandatory for children”

  1. For the greater good of all he is willing to starve the children if the parents don’t have the needle pushed into their own children—the needle would kill the kids in any case or sterilize them taking their future away. Parents will not kill their own children so the fuure is clear, there will be a revolt and the Lulala will crush it with all his might (and the globalist might).
    We have the same situation here….the social grants will be taken away and parents will have to kill their own children or starve them to death. The globalist communists will make it seem that the parents are the guilty ones killing their own children and in the meantime the governments are the real killers. Maybe Brazil will explode now because Bolsonaro advised all a few years ago to buy arms as protection against this tyranny.

    1. It seems that most key point leaders were chosen because something with them is amiss like they are criminals or queer or not sexually alighned the natural way or they did something wrong like being a rape island visitor with Epstein or they were blackmailed in some or other way or they are true free masons that don’t see women as worthy God creations but as equal to animals. Many past American presidents were married to disguised men and so the system kept the bloodline and agendas alive for ages already and old cities were designed around symbols of Satan or cults with secrecy. They actually signed contracts with aliens as well documented with the history of Eisenhower and the industrial complex. Previous civilizations and tech were steered by these hidden aliens.

  2. Interesting that todays’s news shows Ramaphosa pushing the Grants scheme saying that the money is for free and never has to be paid back…he is obviously trying to pull as many as possible suckers and desperate people as to do the same as Lula, and obviously instructions coming from his globalist masters ruling SA and the globe. He will say the same that parents must slow kill their own children or starve them to death with or without taking the jabs.

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