LIVE: More allegations of corruption involving ABSA Bank, FNB and property in Sandton, South Africa

We are getting an increasing number of contacts from people who are alleging fraud and organised crime by ABSA and other South African banks. Tonight we talk to a man (RS) who allegedly has had his family home in Sandton stolen from his family.

More on this scandal:

Richard;s facebook page Richard’s contact number +27828950436.

2 thoughts on “LIVE: More allegations of corruption involving ABSA Bank, FNB and property in Sandton, South Africa”

  1. The danger with corruption in banks is that an international rule will close these banks and they will fail and another SA rule stipulates that only R100000 is guaranteed to be paid out so the globalists who invested in these banks won’t lose anything as they keep the money that is left in the system. This is a planned attack on the banks and Roodt may actually be part of it. Bank runs are going to happen now and people will be lucky to get one million out before it is stopped. This is part of control keeping all poor and 100000 will only allow us to survive for 5 months. Chaos and famine for SA (and Brazil). The Brix countries will be taken down first.

    1. It will actually be worse because to claim your loss will take months or years and in the meantime the banks fade into non existance and people sit with nothing and with riots and chaos and murder and looting. Thanks to all those who did not believe in the warnings in the Bible or what was warned about the nwo and crooked politicians and vaccines and that democracy was a simple way to introduce communism and tyranny. Thanks to the power of the freemasons and co. and their good organization and capturing of all global key positions…thanks to jewtube and co. we will lose our earth to satanists.

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