Specialist medical group call for recall of covid jab after comprehensive investigation of vax vials

The German Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis has made its ‘Summary of Preliminary Findings’ publicly available. In a wide-ranging report, the Group described the toxic substances found in all Covid “vaccine” samples analysed and the marked changes seen in blood samples taken from vaccinated people. The Group also found that the greater the stability of the envelope of lipid nanoparticles, the more frequent the vaccine side effects.

“In order to avert a direct and imminent danger to human life and public safety, we ask that the Covid-19 vaccination programmes be discontinued immediately,” the Group’s report stated.

According to WG Vaccines Education, this report was sent to all members of the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament in Germany) and then to authorities and media – a total of over 4000 people.

5 thoughts on “Specialist medical group call for recall of covid jab after comprehensive investigation of vax vials”

  1. FYI: Hi Scott can you maby ask or get info from Solidariteit Beweging in South Africa, why Dirk Human advise and encourage “the volk” to take the jab because it’s safe. He said it himself on his advertisement. (it’s on their page and was in the rapport news paper) You probably can still find that add and what he got out of the deal. This is not the first time Solidariteit make such MOVEMENTS, then if the true comes out, the scrap it under the carpet. I smell a rat

    1. The same type of invitation was in the Kerkbode, the official newspaper of the Dutch Reformed Church and basically it is trying to commit murder from the pulpit as thousands of old traditional God loving persons will believe that the invitation is sincere and that it MUST BE SAFE then. Nothing is said about that it is experimental but that it is for the sake of the loved ones close to you. The only way to get the message across to them is to invite everybody to break with a church or religious group that is advocating murder of their own people. If it hurts their pockets or kill their income, then they may change their tune. Solidariteit also, hurt them in their pockets and withdraw any funds coming from the vulnerable public if this is true. They must be bribed with safe havens in Bunkers when shtf or heaps of the devil’s money by the you know who.

    2. Solidarity was against the mandatory jab in 2022 (“At the conference, Solidarity also announced its plans to file several other court cases regarding mandatory vaccinations in the workplace. According to Solidarity, its first case against Small Enterprise Employers of South Africa (SEESA) will be heard in the Labour Court in Johannesburg on 27 January 2022.) So if this is true from Dirk then it must be his personal opinion. We need more proof on this message.

    3. I remember now about the court case that was a complete sham and other lawyers condemned them for their slackness as if they were set up to pretend to defend the workers but lost the case as typical controlled opposition. You could be right, they are not really for the people and with a bit of research we may find the evidence against Human and present it here.

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