LIVE: Quinton Scholes from GREENSERV IMPACT Prime Power HYDROGEN generators for electricity

How does Hydrogen compare to coal, solar and diesel wshen it comes to generating electricity? Related websites to contact Green Serv Impact technology: : or

2 thoughts on “LIVE: Quinton Scholes from GREENSERV IMPACT Prime Power HYDROGEN generators for electricity”

  1. It is interesting that looking at the WEF circular multi level diagrams of the nwo planning, they have hydrogen as their energy source. They obviously want to control that market, as control is their end game and they want to make money from it. They plan on lowering the world population to 500 million and thus energy won’t be such a big issue as it is today and that is why they downplay the energy problem and they are running the world ‘on backburners’ until they have culled billions of us. The current energy crisis created by them through political games, may help them to starve us and help them to arrange energy wars that will kill some more of us. They will find other ways to control energy if greenserve can make us survive and they will with devious laws take greenserve out if they feel threatened that their evil agenda may fail.

    1. The tragedy playing out now is that it doesn’t matter how much energy you have at home or the office, if industry fails due to inadequate power supply, then the country will experience a shut down in any case as the economy is crushed and chaos and hunger will drive the masses to plunder and destroy. Your precious solar panels will be stolen of roofs and so your food in the fridge or energy systems. Many of our trains can’t run because overhead power lines and tracks were stolen. Our society with the drastic difference of rich and poor, is a nwo design concept specially for the purpose of dividing us and making the one group willing to disobey the law and to act against the rich group. SA was designed to FAIL unless the black power can rise in time to remove the globalists completely. BUT o dear… the feel of bundles of money stuffed in pockets you know where, will ensure SA to become ONE BIG POTHOLE…..(A ‘holy’ country of another kind)

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